mella's art


Chami, Mella and I made a Switch Meme. Switch memes is when three artists trade off works in progress for the others to finish. We each began with making sketches and we traded them between each other to line. After that, we did it again except to color.

The common subject we chose to do was Chami’s AU Tsunas… in particular, the Wolf, the Vampire, and the Pirate.

See the full sized parts:

amie || chami || mella


a little bit late but here’s a Happy Birthday to the birthday boys, Gon Freecss (HxH) and Hibari Kyouya (KHR)! {5.5.2016}

@omeleting and I decided to do a collab in which we swapped their clothes for their birthday. it ended up…………….. interesting………………..

i drew Gon in Hibari’s clothes (on the left) and he drew Hibari in Gon’s (on the right)!!


Here’s Mella (her full name is Melanie), a rabbit, and her uncle Richard. Mella likes to run and she has a prosthetic leg because of an accident that happened when she was really young. She’s in a somewhat wealthy family, too. She hangs around with her uncle a lot, who’s really into robotics and technology. He laughs really loud and he loves hugs. Also he and his clothes tend to smell like oil because of his work. He’s a bit old, but he’s still active and stuff.

Mella inspired by @kinslee-the-normal-human’s old art.


so someone asked us what are favorite aus are so heres some of mine which i sort of sketched here

newsies au, bunnyburrow au, grease au, high school musical au, regency au (if u havent read @weatheredlaw‘s fanfic please do its one of my favs, and zistopia au by @nicolaswildes which is literally the beST