bathorynordland replied to your post: And the next job/internsh…

*hugs* I hope that you’ll get a job that you like soon!

I don’t even mind what it is, just something. I need the money.

melkouas replied to your post: And the next job/internsh…

Don’t be so hard on yourself each time it doesn’t work out. You KNOW it will work out eventually.

Yes, of course it will, but unfortunately it is not so easy, I can’t just lean back and wait being all relaxed till I finally found something.

thelastbaroness replied to your post: And the next job/internsh…

Internships are hard to come by, keep trying!

It’s been an internship in only this case, as I mentioned, I do not even mind what it is. Just some paid, regular work.

Thanks to all three of you for your support, you are great.