Rec: Senator Ben Solo

And an assortment of Reys! This rec is for @lavete, who requested “some fics about Senator Ben/Kylo.” Here you go, doll! 😘 Will edit as more are found/written; suggestions welcome! 

+ - fic is mature/explicit

* - fic is incomplete 


*+ Forbidden Attachments by TearoomSaloon

+ Insensate by tinylittlebrain

*+ Mirrorbright by diasterisms

*+ Translucence by ssalemghostss


Protect Me From What I Want by villainous_surrender

+ Plaything by TearoomSaloon

Fortune Teller by apolla

Retrouvailles by OccasionallyCreative

Clandestine by LueurdeLaube

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit by La_Catrina

(Italian) + where worlds collide and days are dark by Melitina


can’t get over this olympic games…
can’t stop thinking about yana’s amazing emotional strength and maturity, and her beautiful ribbon routine.
can’t get over rita’s surprised reaction, she just didn’t believe it could happen.
can’t get over the amazing friendship and support of RIANA. rita was really sad for yana, and yana was really happy for rita.
can’t get over ganna winning the medal she waited four years for, and the happines of ireesha.
can’t get over the heartbreak of melitina.
can’t get over sali’s injurie, seeing the pain on her face during her amazing clubs routine, and then crying with her trainer.
can’t get over the beautiful international friendships.
it seems like it all was just a dream…

Rec: Matt the Radar Technician

Will edit as more are found/written. Feel free to make suggestions! I love this trope. 

+ - fic is mature/explicit

* - fic is incomplete 


Master of Disguise by ladyazura

Hacked by politicalmamaduck

It’s Better If We Just Pretend by Ellensama

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot by thewayofthetrashcompactor (BriarLily) 

One Month Vacation by kuresoto

Fervent Facade by RadicalThinker

Every Bit of Nonsense by cuddlesome

Undercover Adventures by orangelightsaber

+ variations on a theme of you by diasterisms


The You, Me, and the Lie Between Us series by GrotesqueEnchantment

+ The Undercover series by eruanna_took


+ Pass Me the Kerosene by t0bemadeofglass

throw a wrench in the works by kylo_bae

+ On My Radar by withmyradio

+ Doppler Effect by spacepint

Matt the ignorant radar technician by MissFieryHeart

Selfish Boy, Stubborn Girl by Somaybelikeno

The Many Names of Kylo Ren by maq_moon

Lovebite by TearoomSaloon

I Will Follow You Into the Light by elizabeth_darcy

Wired Up to Detonate by ClockworkCourier

Radar Love by ughwhyben (hakuen)

Circuit Theory by royal_chandler

The Scavenger and the Prince by pure1magination

(Italian) + louder than sirens (louder than bells) by Melitina 

+ Salix by orange-lightsaber

Matt, the Radar Technician, and Rey, Pilot Extraordinaire by indecisive_penguin

Every Bit of Nonsense by cuddlesome

1 - Very Unsatisfied by the-reylo-void (Anysia)

For the First Time by LarirenShadow

magicaleggplant  asked:

SORRY TO SUDDENLY BARGE INTO YOUR ASK WITH RANDOM QUESTIONS but i'm interested in watching rhythmic gymnastics in rio and was wondering where i could find a rundown on the gymnasts competing there? like, who to watch for and recommended routines, etc. i think i can figure out basic scoring stuff but i'd like to know more about the athletes! i've always thought RG was really cool but i know even less about it than AG, haha.

UPD: see preview for groups

I’m actually always excited about such questions! So here are the gymnasts of the 2016 Olympics (don’t know if you have time to watch all this, but RG routines are pretty short, so… =D):


Yana Kudryavtseva (Russia)

She’s the favourite to win gold. Basically, she’s been dominating the whole quad. Was not at her best this year after suffering a foot injury, but still managed to win almost everything when it mattered. Most known for her ball work (I, personally, like her clubs more though) and consistency. Also she’s quite a reserved gymnast, when it comes to expression.

Routines to watch (don’t know if you wanted to watch the ones from this year, since you’ll see them at the Olympics anyway, but I’ll put some just in case): ball 2013, clubs 2015, clubs 2016, ball 2016.

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Spins in combination - Rhythmic Gymnastics

1. Senyue Deng: Arabesque turn to Front Split Pivot with help

2. Ganna Rizatdinova: Penché to Pivot in passé

3. Melitina Staniouta: Cossack turn to Penché/Front Scale Pivot (*)

4. Evgenia Kanaeva: Penché to Ring Pivot without help (*)

5. Daria Dmitrieva: Attitude Turn to Ring Pivot with help

6. Evgenia Kanaeva: Pivot with leg at horizontal to Ring Pivot without help

7. Daria Dmitrieva: Attitude Turn to Pivot in passé

8. Anna Bessonova: Pivot with leg at horizontal to Pivot in passé

9. Son Yeon Jae: Attitude Turn to Penché

RG federations
  • Russia : never enough crystal on a leo, never enough kakalin remixes. We get all the golds and we revolutionized RG!! No! no doping, corruption, Gazprom money or BFF Putin, why do you ask ? 5 points penalty !!!
  • Ukraine : Why do you need apparatus difficulty when you have Deriugina legs™
  • Belarus : how many cossack pivot variations does it take to be acknowledged and rewarded ?
  • Azerbaijan : uumm that's a nice gymnast you have here, how much ? INQUIRY. Yeah I like to almost choke my gymnasts to death before they perform to remember them I'm a good coach
  • Israel : PARTy music, now you dance!! what do you mean the qualification rules for Rio changed ?
  • Spain : *still does 6 illusions in a row after 18 olympics* now show me your expressive fierce flamenco face
  • Korea : *owes Russia 100K*
  • Italy : We're coming for you medals next quad
  • Georgia : SALOME, you'll get heating in your gym when you achieve results *medals at european games and Grand Prix, top 5 in the world* WHaT now you want a physiotherapist ?
  • South Africa : No Grace, you didn't deserve to go to the Olympics