melisser elliott

The Vegan Girl's Guide To Life by Melisser Elliott -- Suggested Reading, even if you're vegan

“‘OMG, you can’t eat that? Being vegan must be hard’

Well, actually, I can eat that; I just choose not to. Sometimes people can’t fathom their life without certain items, causing them to react strongly to your choice not to partake in something. I was one of those people who said I could never live without cheese, and look where I am now. Explain to them that you used to feel the same way, but now you find veganism easy. While some people have a tougher time going vegan, most find that once they get the hang of it, it’s not a difficult thing to do.”

(pg. 37)

“'Wouldn’t cows explode if we didn’t milk them?’

Do women’s breasts explode if they don’t breastfeed?”

(pg. 36)

“'I could never give up cheese!’ is a declaration vegans hear more times than we could ever count. In reality, you could give up cheese; you just prefer not to, and you may very well be addicted. Studies by the Wellcome Research Laboratories in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, have shown that casein, a milk protein found in cheese, can have an opiate-like effect, which is chemically addictive”

(pg. 27)

“'Why do vegans always want things that taste like meat? Why not just eat meat?’

Look–most vegans aren’t saying that meat tastes disgusting, and they have always hated it. The reality is that most of us haven’t been vegan since birth, and we have enjoyed a chicken wing or two in our past. It’s not harmful to make animal-free replicas of the dishes we enjoyed before going vegan. It’s often the texture you’re looking for, and it can be replicated without hurting any living creature.”

(pg. 35)

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