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Most Anticipated Realease: June - December 2017 

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- Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau (June 6th)
- The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Macenzi Lee (June 27th)
- The Savage Dawn (The Girl at Midnight #3) by Melissa Grey (July 11th)
- Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody (July 25th) 
- The Undercurrent by Paula Weston (August)
- The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken (September 5th)
- Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass #6) by Sarah J Maas (September 5th)
- Godsgrave (Nevernight Chronicles #2) by Jay Kristoff (September 5th)
- They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera (September 5th)
- Warcross (Warcross #1) by Marie Lu (September 12th)
- There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins (September 26th)
- The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo (September 26th)
- 27 Hours (Nightside Saga #1) by Tristina Wright (October 3rd)
- The Ship of the Dead (Magnus Chase #3) by Rick Riordan (October 3rd)
- Dare Mighty Things by Heather Kaczynski (October 10th)
- A Darker Shade of Magic by V E Schwab *COLLECTORS EDITION* (Oct 31st) 
- Renegades by Marissa Meyer (November 7th)
- Unearthed (Unearthed #1) by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner (December)


I got these spoilers by someone who allegedly works at Warner Bros and knows the ending of the show. They say you won’t get all answers of past seasons in the finale but that’s what is basically going to happen.

- Uber A and Charlotte’s killer are both characters from season 1

- Uber A is Melissa Hastings but there is more to that. There is a huge twist in her reveal. Melissa isn’t Veronica’s biological daughter. She is also a Drake. Mary also had Melissa but couldn’t take care of her. Mary gave Spencer a hint in 7x01. Charlotte and Melissa met at Radley and worked together in season 3. 

- Charlotte’s killer is Mona. She killed her because Charlotte was going to start the game again and was planning to kill the liars including her. You will see a flashback of this

- Mary Drake is the evil twin, not Jessica. She is working with Melissa to find Charlotte’s killer and ultimately kill Alison.

- Charlotte and Melissa were planning to kill Alison ‘that night’ by using Bethany

- Charlotte was never treated at Welby. She never got well. 

- Charlotte lied in 6x10 about her story. She killed Marion Cavanaugh. Bethany witnessed the murder and Jessica covered it. 

- Mary killed Jessica (you will see a flashback of this)

- Noel’s motive will be discussed at the beginning of the season

- Jennas’s true motive will be revealed

- Melissa killed Sara Harsaravey (there’s no flashback)

- Wren and Bethany are related. He moved to Rosewood and started working at Radley to find her killer. He was Melissa’s boyfriend and doctor at the same time (this is the twist about him). This is why she got back and went with him to London 

- Jason will die saving Alison

- Executive Producer I. Marlene King will make a cameo 

- Jenna, Mary Drake and Melissa will also die in 7B

Flirt // Chandler Riggs Imagine

Chandler is more slightly more over-confident and cheeky in this one, instead of the aDORABLE CINNAMON ROLL he usually is.

Requested by: @fannyimagines

PROMPT: The reader has a part on twd as Carl’s love interest. Chandler flirts with her during a panel, only making the fans ship them more<3

Hope you enjoy my loves!



C H A N D L E R // 1 2 4 8

I nervously tugged at my top as I stood behind the stage with the rest of the cast. We were about to go on for a twd panel at ComicCon. I had done panels a million times before but this was the first time I was properly nervous.

The only reason I was so scared was because I noticed I had been getting more attention lately on social media, which worried me because I might be asked more questions than normal. My recent ‘fame’ It was due to the fact that I was beginning to get a bigger part in the show. I had been on The Walking Dead for years, playing Melissa Dixon, Daryl Dixon’s daughter. I had a decently important role, and I loved it.

Now, in season 6, I had lots more screentime due to the fact that I was becoming Carl’s love interest. Chandler was my best friend on set, so naturally, we were both super excited to have more time to work together. Well, I was probably more excited than him because let’s face it, Chandler’s pretty damn cute.

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“I’ve always felt the need to help people, and tonight I finally got that chance.” // “I want Inhumans taking action with S.H.I.E.L.D. to see that being different can mean making a difference.”

Other Pack

Requests: “Can you do #102 with Scott and its his sister who gets hurt” Prompt List (Credits to gif owners!)

Scott couldn’t believe the lump on the ground that was his sister. The same girl he grew up playing tag with. Drawing pictures, becoming the stubborn big brother who didn’t want to play anymore. Annoying her with Stiles. Having girls over and making a lot of noise in the other room to freak her out.

That same girl, one of the first girls he loved was now bleeding out. He didn’t want this life for her. The other pack knew they were overstepping boundaries. As they waited for the ambulance it felt like years. Scott held her close, whispering how she was going to be okay. But there was nothing to do for her. He couldn’t help but cry. She’d either turn into a werewolf like him or die. And he hated to think about both options.

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Four Unsolved Mass Murders

The Yogurt Shop Murders

A fire in a I Can’t Believe it’s Yoghurt! shop in Austin, Texas, turned out to be a way more tragic and gruesome scene the night of December 6, 1991. Inside the locked store, police found the bodies of Amy Ayers (13), Jennifer Harbison (17), her sister Sarah Harbison (15) and Eliza Thomas (17). Jennifer and Eliza worked there and the other two girls had gone to help them close so they could have a sleepover. Their bodies were naked and bound with their own clothes, at least one of them had been raped and they all had been shot in the head.

In 1999, four suspects were arrested: Forrest Wellborn and Maurice Pierce had the charges against them soon after. Robert Burns Springsteen and Michael Scott, who had allegedly confessed and implicated the other two, went to trial and were convicted. But in 2006, those convictions were overturned after a judge considered they didn’t have fair trials and that the confessions were coerced. New DNA testing couldn’t match them to the crime scene and they were eventually released, leaving the case unsolved.

The Bowling Alley Massacre

The morning of February 10, 1990, two men described as hispanic went in Las Cruces Bowl, in New Mexico, with the intention to rob the place. In one room they gathered the manager, Stephanie Senac (32), her daughter Melissa Respass (12), Melissa’s friend Amy Houser (13) and cook Ida Holguin while they took about $ 5,000 from the safe. Steve Teran (26), who was the alley’s mechanic, arrived with his two daughters, Valerie (2) and Paula (6) and ran into the scene. The robbers ended up shooting everyone several times. Only Stephanie, Melissa and Ida survived and the killers have never been identified.

Lane Bryant Shootings

On February 2, 2008, a Lane Bryant clothing outlet in Tinley Park, Illinois, came under attack. An unidentified man, described as black with cornrowed hair, came in to committ a robbery and ended up shooting and killing store manager Rhoda McFarland (42) and customers Jennifer Bishop (34), Carrie Chiuso (33), Sarah Szafranski (22) and Connie Woolfolk (37). A part time worker was the only survivor.

Burger Chef Murders

Around midnight of November 17, 1978, an employee of a Burger Chef restaurant in Speedway, Indiana, arrived to the venue and found it empty. The four young people working that night, Jayne Friedt (20), Mark Flemmonds (16), Ruth Shelton (18) and Daniel Davis (16), were gone, and so were $500 from the safe. Nothing seemed amiss, so at first police believed the foursome had taken the money to go partying.

Their bodies were found two days later by some hikers in the woods, 20 miles away from the restaurant. Ruth and Daniel had been shot, Jayne had been stabbed. Mark got the worst part, since he had been beaten with a blunt object, possibly a chain, and had ended up falling downhill and asphyxiated with his own blood. He had some bruises that suggested he had been beaten at least one hour before his death, so it’s possibly at one point he tried to escape or fight back.

Police’s theory has always been that at least two, possibly three or four, people committed the murders. There have been several suspects, but no real evidence that can close the case.

olgalangdon  asked:

Do you know if there was any Targaryen woman who didn't had the usual Targaryen appearance? Also who is your favorite Targaryen woman?

Yes, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, Rhaegar and Elia’s daughter, looked like a Martell (per GRRM). There were also several Targaryen-other marriages that produced girls where we don’t have any description of their appearances, but it’s possible they took after their non-Targaryen parent. These could include:

  • Aemma Arryn (daughter of Daella Targaryen),
  • Elaena Targaryen’s three Penrose daughters (note her daughter Jeyne Waters was half-Velaryon and so very probably had a Targ appearance),
  • the children of Daenerys Targaryen and Maron Martell (I’d say the Martell look was very probable there),
  • Aelora and Daenora Targaryen (daughters of Alys Arryn),
  • Vaella Targaryen (daughter of Kiera of Tyrosh), and
  • Shaera and Rhaelle Targaryen (daughters of Betha Blackwood). (I actually often wonder if Rhaelle had her mother’s black hair, reinforcing the Baratheon hair genes when she married into that family.)

Furthermore, Aegon the Unworthy had many bastards, and we have no idea what any of the girls looked like (except for Shiera Seastar, whose mother was of old Valyrian blood so it’s no wonder Shiera looked Targ). Most of Aegon’s bastards are unnamed, but we do have the names of the children of his mistresses at least, and here are the girls whose appearances are not described:

  • Alysanne, Lily, Willow, and Rosey, daughters of Megette (a common woman),
  • Bellanora and Narha, daughters of Bellegere Otherys (as Bellegere was half Summer Islander and very dark-skinned, it’s highly probable that her children took after her more than Aegon),
  • Mya and Gwenys Rivers, daughters of Melissa Blackwood. (I headcanon Gwenys looked Targ, but Mya certainly could have looked like her mother.)

Also, it was rumored that Jeyne Lothston was Aegon’s daughter by Falena Stokeworth (as well as his mistress, because Aegon the Unworthy was a sick fuck), and while I don’t think that rumor is true, it should be noted that Jeyne’s portrait in TWOIAF depicts her as a redhead, like her mother.

My favorite Targaryen woman is Good Queen Alysanne (she was the best), but the awesome Elaena Targaryen comes very close.