Whenever the scent in the breeze catches me, 

tells me that this is not always now. 

i come back to this place. 

not to regret, but to reminisce.

We can always come to feel again.

Superb drive.

The memory of pain masked with

The unrelenting progress of time.

This train will not stop.

The start may repeat, but on a shelf next to before.

Missing the reflection of logic

The shock is raw.

No explanation she breathes me

A familiar sensation.

The caress of living. Of exploration.

The gasp of collection, of interweaving.

Diffusing past the wall of common sight.

Through gates back to my own perspective,

Sliding over the crest. 

Before the crash.

The blink of neoteny.

A moment away from the world.

Sometimes we crack.

Thermal clot.

Is this heat rising or a chill creeping.

Are we melting

Or breathing the breaking point.