There’s something about you
the way you move, the way you look at me
There’s something about the way you see things
its like a change of scenery
Everything about you, I just want more of
but don’t get any closer
if this will last a little longer
There’s a chance I’ll find myself saying (there’s)
nothing, nothing i can do
to keep my heart away from you
i can’t help it
i can’t tell you how much i try
…to get you off my mind
to help me move on and just live my life
I can’t help it
I can’t tell you how much I try
(‘cause) whenever you’re near
its love that i fear

love’s got a spectrum - a daisuga fanmix


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Melissa Polinar - Meant to Be (cover)
Charisse Trinidad
Melissa Polinar - Meant to Be (cover)

Melissa Polinar - Meant to Be (Cover by @charissenicole)

Just felt like making a small audio track of me singing this song. Excuse me if I sound nasally, I’m still recovering from a cold/cough. I don’t post my singing on social networking too often so sorry in advance if it’s not as good as other artists out there lulz. 

ps. If you’re wondering where the previous audio post went, I deleted it because I preferred this song over the first one I posted up.


for @siopaojose


~Broken Cloud by Melissa Polinar

I’m glad she’s back ;’) This is beautiful


This song is so accurate atm. I love it so much.
And she’s so talented (: