melissa claire egan


ARC-V 30 Days: Change

I always wondered what happened in the Synchro Dimension after our heroes left and the stupid council just abandoned them. The only answer we got is that everything is alright now apparently. So I guess they elected a new council? With members from the Commons and the Tops? So here’s my take on the new council members: Aki’s dad (who was already a senator in 5D’s and a decent enough person), Martha,Pearson (guess they would be Commons here) and Rex (yes him too, sue me). Let’s be honest anyone could do a better job than the old council and Roget, even Cup Ramen Man.


“I trusted her with everything. She was my best friend. She lived in my home. She tucked my son in at night knowing that she took his father from him. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but when I opened that drawer and I saw that ring…Only someone who was with Adam the night he died could have taken that ring off of his finger.”


Devon: I trust you, 100%. So order what you need and we will go into production.

Chelsea: Okay, what’s going on?

Devon: I’m giving you creative control.

Chelsea: A few weeks ago, I couldn’t order a button without getting your approval. Now, I have full carte blanche on the entire spring line? Something’s up, Devon. What is it?