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Imagine Steve has never felt anything romantic/sexual toward Bucky, but he finds out that Bucky's been in love with him for eighty years and... hm...

“Oh,” Steve says. He doesn’t know what else to say, so he manages to open and close his mouth a few times and say it again. “Oh.”

“I don’t even know why I told you.” Bucky’s actually smiling at him, to Steve’s surprise. He laughs a little like it’s really amusing to him that Steve doesn’t return his feelings. “Probably because I like it when your cheeks turn red like that.”

“My cheeks aren’t red,” Steve insists.

That just makes Bucky laugh even harder, “Well now they are!” He gets up and ruffles Steve’s hair. “Don’t worry about it, Pal. It’s just something I thought you should know.”

Steve wants to apologize since it feels like he should, but before he can Bucky’s up and out of the room.

It wasn’t that Steve was straight, or didn’t think Bucky was an attractive guy (his eyes have always worked well enough to see that). It’s just that he kept Bucky in a special compartment of his brain. One labeled: Best friend. Do not want.

Steve remembers what it was like to step out of the machine after getting the serum. Everything was brighter. The air felt lighter and every breath felt like it was a gasp. He started to notice colors he couldn’t see before, he started to hear new sounds. The world felt like it had exploded around him.

After Bucky told Steve that he had feelings for him well… it kind of felt a lot like that.

All of a sudden Steve noticed everything about his best friend. He noticed how Bucky’s eyes sparkled when he smiled. He noticed the line of Bucky’s neck when he threw his head back in laughter. He noticed how Bucky’s jeans clung to his long legs. He noticed how warm and nice it felt to have Bucky sit down next to him and press their sides together. The special compartment of his brain where Steve kept Bucky had been blown wide open and Steve realized that he was falling for Bucky- hard and fast- mere weeks after telling him his feelings were unrequited.

What was he supposed to do now?

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I can't stop thinking about Cinnamon Roll Goofball™ Melissa Benoist and Goth Nerd Goofball™ Katie McGrath giggling and messing together on set and how silly they'd be together and how they must make eachother laugh a lot when filming especially considering their easy-going nature and their relatively light-hearted scenes and-

te querer tem sido tão intergalático que acho que te possuir talvez fosse meio parecido com tentar pousar em júpiter: descobrir que o maior planeta do sistema solar é gasoso e vazio. 

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Steve finds out about Sam's embarrassing first encounter with Ant-Man, the one it was very important to Sam that Cap never know about.

“I hope you know how much we appreciate all that you did out there,” Steve tells Scott. He wishes he could dig deep and conjure up one of his awe-inspiring Captain America speeches, but he’s tired in every sense of the word and can’t seem to muster up more than that. He hopes it’s sufficient.

Scott gives him a soft look that seems just as tired as Steve feels. Then he says, “Well I’ve already beaten up one Avenger before. A few more added to the list was just exciting.”

“What? You beat up an Avenger before? Who?”

Scott smiles.

"Bird versus ant. Who will win?!” Steve calls out in his best announcer voice. “Superhero gets ass beat by tiny man!”

"Tiny man’s gonna be dead for telling you all this.”

Steve smiles and comes up behind Sam where he’s washing the dishes rather furiously. He leans against the adjacent counter and folds his arms. “I just can’t believe he really took you down like that.”

It’s been a few weeks since everything happened with The Accords. Steve sat on the knowledge that Sam got beat up by Ant-Man (he’s an ANT) on his own turf and then proceeded to hide it from Steve as best he could until he was sure that Sam would take it the right way. He’s laughing now, just a little under his breath. It makes Steve feel good. Seeing Sam laugh loosens something up inside him that’s been coiled up right.

“You saw how strong he was! He’s like a microscopic bodybuilder or something.”

"Wow,” Steve deadpans, “It’s almost like he has the strength to size ratio of… hmm… I can’t seem to think of the name of the bug. Do you remember?”

"Please stop talking to me. Forever.”

"Oh wait it’s on the tip of my tongue.”

“Don’t say it. Steve, don’t say it.”

“An ant!” Steve bursts out laughing at his own joke. It was funny. He’s pretty shameless about it.

Sam sighs, “I’m pretty sure that walking straight up to Ross and turning myself in would be more pleasant than this.”