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‘Pay more attention to what the characters say than what you see.’

The PLL cast are actors. What they do depends both on script and the level of professionalism. Therefore, what an actor/actress does, may not signify too much when it comes to the plot. However, what the actor/actress may say is intentionally what the writers and directors want us, the viewers, to hear. While I think what we hear is most important, this does not mean that we ignore the clues we may see. Keep this in mind as I attempt to solve the biggest PLL mystery.

This show has many mysteries and mysteries within mysteries, but the biggest thus far would be the Dilaurentis/Hastings relations. It is my belief that if this mystery is solved, everything else will start to unravel.


The show has confirmed the existence of Jessica Dilaurentis’ twin, Mary Drake. Therefore, we can establish one pair of twins. List of confirmed children for Mary and Jessica combined:

·         Cece/Charlotte/Charles                age: 28

·         Jason Dilaurentis                              age: 28

·         Spencer Hastings                              age: 23

·         Alison Dilaurentis                             age: 23

When we list it we begin to see a pattern. Two pairs share same ages; 23 and 28, which would mean both twin sisters were pregnant around the same time. Not only are they identical twins, but their children’s ages mirror each other’s. Now let’s focus on fathers. So far we can only confirm that Peter Hastings is the father of Jason and Kenneth Dilaurentis is the father of Alison. See family tree below:

I see many people theorizing that Peter H. had an affair with both sisters but I do not think this is the case. Here’s what I think happened:


***Mary D. got married to Kenneth D. (she was not originally Mary at the time). Somewhere along her marriage she fell in love with Peter H. During her first affair with him, she got pregnant. At the same time, Jessica (not originally Jessica at the time) attempted to steal her life due to jealousy. Jessica got pregnant to the unsuspecting Kenneth D. Mary found out what her sister had done and got her sent back to Radley.

At this point both sisters are pregnant. Approximately 9 months later Jason and Charles/Cece is born.

5 years lately, the affair between Mary and Peter continued with Mary getting pregnant with baby Spencer. Jessica at this point, breaks out of Radley leaving Charles behind and successfully switches places, ultimately stealing Mary’s life.  Not too long after she gets pregnant for Kenneth D.

At this point both sisters are pregnant again.

Jessica gives birth to Alison. She then pretends that Jason is her biological son and adopts Charles to be closer to him. Meanwhile, Mary gives birth to Spencer who then gets adopted by Peter and Veronica H.

Charles begins to show psychological issues. Kenneth sends Charles back to Radley. ***

Now let’s analyze the evidence supporting this theory.

Keeping in mind that Charles (CeCe) acted as the information-gathering-know-all A.

Siblings Alison D. and Charles (Cece) :

  • They look remarkably similar.
  •  Charles named herself Cece DRAKE hence showing that she had some (if not a lot) of knowledge about her family maiden name. She acted as A and could therefore know that her real mother was Jessica and not Mary.
  • Charles refered to Jessica as her mother, this is very important. Charles is extremely intelligent.
  • Jessica went above and beyond for Charles. Even more than she would for Jason.
  • Charles obsession with Alison as her sister.

Siblings Spencer and Jason:

  • Jason once told one of the liars that he felt like he was in the wrong family
  • Jason once told Aria, “they lost the wrong child” – When Alison was pronounced dead.
  • Jason never felt like he fit in
  • Jason being neglected
  •  It’s already established that Jason and Spencer share the same father- Peter Hastings.

In the dollhouse, we see a video of what appears to be Jessica, two young boys (similar ages) and a newborn baby girl.

This may have been the last time Charles (Cece) got to spend with his family. She may have blames the birth of Alison for being sent back to Radley.

Now that we have established a family tree for the Dilaurentis-Hastings family, we can move on to figuring out A.D.

Previously, I posted a theory stating that A.D. is Spencer’s twin. If Mary gave birth to Spencer in Radley it is not unlikely that a twin followed unexpectedly that was not kept in any records.

Remember that scene in the Dollhouse where Spencer comes face to face with A in the soul room. Well, that person may not have been Cece. That may have been A.D. aka Spencer’s twin. Spencer stated that she felt a sense of familiarity with that person. Like a cousin/pen pal. Spencer was close but not exactly on point. That person may have been her twin. Every time I re-watch that episode it always felt as if there were more than one person acting/assisting A in that Dollhouse.

My guess is that twin being Bethany Young. When the liars found records of Bethany, they found something that made them say Jessica had an affair with Mr. Young. Mr. Young however may be Peter’s alias, and the person they think is Jessica may be Mary D.

However, I do think the Mary D we know now is the real Jessica and vice versa. This would explain the switch.

Here’s my mini theory:

***A.D. (A. Drake) grew up in Radley under the alias Bethany Young. Bethany Young found out about her mom Mary, and her cousin Charles (Cece). When she found out what her ‘Aunt Jess’ did to her mom and ultimately her family she began to hate Jessica.

Jessica found out about Bethany and attempted to befriend her to keep the secrets of her stolen life that Mary is afraid to call her on. Contrary to what Charles told the liars, Bethany and Charles were very good friend up until the end. Charles (Cece) lied to the liars to protect Bethany. They shared similar tragedies and found comfort in each other.

‘That Night’ both Charles (Cece) and Bethany broke out of Radley. Jason saw Cece and Bethany talking that night (not Melissa and Cece).

Sequence of events of That Night:

*Cece attacked Alison out of jealousy.

*Mary buried Alison to help Cece.

*Alison escapes and attacks Bethany

*Melissa buries Bethany

*Bethany goes missing.

1 year later.

*A body turns up in the grave and is believed to be Alison ensuring that Alison cannot simply return home.

*Season 3, Cece searches for answers. Mona and Cece works for Bethany to take down Alison and torture the liars for missing answers.

*Season 6, Cece gets murdered. Bethany takes role of Uber A and takes charge. Avenges her friend Cece’s death.

*Season 7B –episode 20 Bethany is revealed as Spencer’s twin/Original A(before pilot)/A.D. ***

I hope you all like my theory. Feel free to add anything you may find or give opinions.

Thanks for reading!