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Requested by @zederz - Hello! I really appreciate the Bull fan-fiction you write. The fandom is so small! From the May prompts, could I request a Bull x Reader fic for #11 and #22?
Prompts – 11 – ‘The sun hasn’t even come up yet and you want me to do what?
                  22 – ‘Do you have any idea of what you’ve just done?’

Requested by Anon – Okay I’ve never done this before so my request might be shit but would you do a bull x reader where the reader brings him a donut and coffee before court to wish him luck? He is always having donuts and coffee before court and I love it 😍

Word Count – 530

Characters – Reader x Bull

You were lying in your bed when you heard your phone going off on your bed side table. You groaned and rolled over to reach it, you didn’t look at who was calling you.
‘Hello?’ You said trying to hide the yawn that was going to escape.
‘Y/N.’ You heard the deep voice on the end of it.
‘Jason.’ You said as you rolled onto your side, bringing the covers up around your neck.
‘Did I wake you?’ He asked. You chuckled.
‘J, it’s 4 in the morning, so yeah.’ You replied using his nickname, as you rolled onto your back.
‘Sorry, I need you to do something for me.’ He said and you sighed sitting up, knowing you weren’t going to get back to sleep now.
‘Could you do the good luck thing please?’ He asked over the phone, you opened your eyes wide and shook your head.
‘The sun hasn’t even come up yet and you want me to do what?’ You asked him.
‘Please bring the donuts and coffee.’ He pleaded, you rubbed your hand over your eyes and nodded your head.
‘I’ll try but I don’t know if anywhere will be open.’
‘Thank you so much, you’re the best.’ He said into the phone before you mumbled a goodbye and hung up.
‘Why do you work so awkward times?’ You asked he darkness of your rooms.

You had found a shop that was just opening by the time you made it downtown and you were so grateful, you tipped them a large amount which they were expecting. You walked out and placed your purse into your hoodie pocket and headed towards the offices. When you entered, you were shocked that the whole TAC team was still there, you were glad you got extra food and drinks.
‘Y/N thank you so much.’ Jason said as he walked out of his office, rubbing his eyes behind his glasses.
‘Do you have any idea of what you’ve just done?’ You asked Jason and he looked at you before pulling you in placing a gentle kiss to the top of your head.
‘Woke up the best girlfriend in the world.’ He said and you couldn’t help but smile.
‘Yes, but also gotten yourself into doing stuff for me now.’ You said as you fixed his shirt. He chuckled,
‘Of course, anything for my sweetheart.’ He said as he placed another kiss on your head.

Jason, lead you away from the rest of the team into his office where you both sat on the couch together.
‘Why do you need the good luck thing anyway?’ You asked him as you cuddled into his side.
‘The case starts at 6 tomorrow and I knew I wouldn’t see you until the following night, I didn’t want to chance it.’ He said. You smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek.
‘Well, good luck baby. You won’t need it but I’ll have everything crossed for you.’ You told him as he took a sip of the coffee and sighed.
‘You really are the best.’ He said into your hair. You smiled as his warmth, spread through your hoodie and smell of coffee surrounded you.

Worst feeling is having to low key ship two people because the writers don’t give you much to work with. 

But the best feeling is when they surprise you with some good scenes or even getting together and you begin to find all the other people who shipped them too and you all ride the wave happiness together with smiles on your faces because your low key has now become high key.


Requested by @taliajromanoff @shadowrosewwe - Bull proposing. Just imagine. Omg. Think you could write that? 😉

Word Count – 490

Characters -  Bull x reader

You walked struggled to open the door, the key getting stuck and trying to fight with your bags. You sighed when the ley finally clicked and the door creaked open slowly. You groaned as you dropped the bags onto the couch. Where was Bull he was meant to be finishing early.
‘Jason?’ You called, but stopped when you turned and saw the rose petals. You couldn’t help the smile that slipped onto your lips. You took of your shoes before following the trail of petals into the hallway. You looked up the stairs and saw that they went up them and there were small fairy lights decorating the banister. You walked up the stairs, picking up the whole flowers that were left behind. You smiled as you smelled them. As you made it to the top of the stairs, the lights continued into your shared room. You walked over to the door and opened it, you mouth dropped when you saw the room was laminated only by a few fairy lights, you smiled as you saw Jason sitting on the edge of the bed.
‘Jason?’ You questioned as you walked in, he turned quickly and smiled widely.
‘Your home.’ He said breathlessly. You nodded and walked in drawing the door over slightly.
‘What’s this for?’ You asked him as he walked over and placed a sweet kiss on your cheek.
‘Someone special.’ He said and you nodded, slowly. You looked around the room, and done a double take at Jason as he started going down on one knee, your hands went up to your mouth and you gasped.
‘Jason wh-‘ You started.
‘Y/N, I have known you for 6 years. You have improved me in every way, you make me strong, you always bring the best out in me.’ Jason said and the tears started falling.
‘I loved you from the moment you stepped into my life, I couldn’t get you out my mind from the first time I saw you in the court room. Your strong, intelligent and beautiful and I can’t wait to spend every second of every day with you.’ Jason continued as you quickly wiped your tears away.
‘Y/N Y/L/N, will you do me the honor of becoming my beautiful and amazing wife?’ He asked as he opened the revealing a small sliver ring with three small diamonds centred in the middle of the band.
‘Yes.’ You said and leapt forward, placing your lips on his and giving him a passionate kiss. He returned it but pulled back and grabbed your hand and placing the ring on your finger.
‘It’s beautiful.’ You said looking at the ring, shining in the dim light.
‘Not as beautiful with as you Mrs. Bull.’ He said and you captured his lips again. You pulled back and murmured against his lips.
‘That’s gonna take some time to get used to that.’ You sighed.
‘What? Mrs. Bull?’ He said and you nodded.

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Talking Dead After TWD “Chupacabra” 205
AKA - Michael Rooker talks about CARYL joining the “bush club”

Chris Hardwick, Aisha Tyler and Michael Rooker

Chris Hardwick: “Are Daryl and Carol gonna be a couple because they sure are acting pretty?”

Michael Rooker: “Oooh yeah, she gives him a little…”

Aisha Tyler: “I would like there to be more sex generally on this show! Who do I write a letter to…I would not be doing laundry!”

Chris Hardwick; “You have to write a letter to every mans penis to get into action when there are zombies attacking…You just don’t feel sexy…”

Michael Rooker: “I think Daryl has more things on his mind than sex! It’s interesting how he’s playing it and I dig what he’s doing!”

Aisha Tyler: "There’s a sweetness to it, which I love! Like I love…Daryl has a little low self-esteem thing that you saw that in that conversation with Merle. He’s telling him - you are not good enough, nobody cares about you…And then Carol comes in and she is kind, that moment (forehead kiss) was really wonderful…”

Chris Hardwick: "Guys like Daryl I think they are unpredictable cause you don’t know - he might not be able to handle that because he’s never had that, so he might not trust it! And the next time she’s nice to him, he might just punch her in the face!

Michael Rooker: “Or he possibly if they are walking down the lane he might ask her if she wanted to join the bush club (bump).
I think she might jump up and say ‘Yeah I’d Love That -Here Let Me Push You Now!”

Michael Traynor: “I think Melissa McBride is awesome, so I think there should be some Glenn…err, I am sorry, Nicholas and Carol action. If I was writing my own script…" 

Derrial Christon: "But you’d have to fight Daryl, you know we have that BIG debate on the show.." 

Joyce Ajouri: "I know…. 
Michael Traynor: "Whatever…ssshhh I got him…" 

Joyce Ajouri: : "I mean…" 

Derrial Christon: "You can toooooottaly take him…" 

Joyce Ajouri: "You and your tricycle…definitely beat him up" 

October 11, 2015 - Afterbuzz TV’s Walking Dead After Show - "First Time Again” Episode Discussion with Michael Traynor (aka Nicholas - Alexandria) 

*Look - non-shippers recognizing that Carol and Daryl are/could/should be a ‘thing’! 
 *Look - a cast members acknowledging that Daryl is invested in Carol not having 'another man’ in her life!

Carol (Dixon) Peletier - The Newest Member Of "The Dixon Sunshine Club"

TWD Season 1 “Guts” 102 

Merle Dixon: “I’ll tell you what You get me out of these cuffs and I’ll be all "Sammy Sunshine” positive for you.“ 


TWD Season 3 "Arrow on the Doorstep” 313 

Daryl Dixon: “You better watch your mouth, sunshine.


TWD Season 5 "Conquer” 516 

Carol (Dixon) Peletier: “You said you don’t want to take this place. And you don’t want to lie? Oh, sunshine, you don’t get both." 


 *Well Merle did say she was a "Late Bloomer”!

*It’s Official - Michael Cudlitz aka Abraham Ford, himself, Is a CARYL Shipper!!!

- After all it was he that spoiled the CARYL Reunion for us too!!!

*Just a little boost for the CARYL feels during the hiatus - keep the positivity going peeps!
Blast From the Past - Season 3 “This Sorrowful Life”

The Dixon Whisperer - Carol

Merle: “What happened here? We got any whiskey? Hell, I’d even drink vodka.”
Carol: “Go to hell, Merle….Are you with us?”
Merle: “Sure.”
Carol: “I’m not talking about occupying the same space. Are you with us?”
Merle: “I’m here for my brother.”
Carol: “Well, he’s here for us…It’s not time to do shots. It’s time to pick a damn side.”
Merle: “You ain’t like you was back in the camp— a little mouse running around, scared of her own shadow.”
Carol: “It wasn’t my shadow, it was my husband’s.”
Merle: “Well, you don’t seem scared of nothing anymore.”
Carol: “I’m not.”
Merle: “Hmm. You’re a late bloomer.”
Carol: “Maybe you are, too.”

Carol Peletier was not the same woman Merle Dixon knew back at the quarry, just like Daryl wasn’t the same brother Merle left behind in Atlanta BUT then again Merle too was different from the person he was before he joined the Governor group so once he arrived at the prison even the things he thought to be familiar became uncharted territory to man whose loyalty was only tied closely to the things he knew very well.

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