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Worst feeling is having to low key ship two people because the writers don’t give you much to work with. 

But the best feeling is when they surprise you with some good scenes or even getting together and you begin to find all the other people who shipped them too and you all ride the wave happiness together with smiles on your faces because your low key has now become high key.

Talking Dead After TWD “Chupacabra” 205
AKA - Michael Rooker talks about CARYL joining the “bush club”

Chris Hardwick, Aisha Tyler and Michael Rooker

Chris Hardwick: “Are Daryl and Carol gonna be a couple because they sure are acting pretty?”

Michael Rooker: “Oooh yeah, she gives him a little…”

Aisha Tyler: “I would like there to be more sex generally on this show! Who do I write a letter to…I would not be doing laundry!”

Chris Hardwick; “You have to write a letter to every mans penis to get into action when there are zombies attacking…You just don’t feel sexy…”

Michael Rooker: “I think Daryl has more things on his mind than sex! It’s interesting how he’s playing it and I dig what he’s doing!”

Aisha Tyler: "There’s a sweetness to it, which I love! Like I love…Daryl has a little low self-esteem thing that you saw that in that conversation with Merle. He’s telling him - you are not good enough, nobody cares about you…And then Carol comes in and she is kind, that moment (forehead kiss) was really wonderful…”

Chris Hardwick: "Guys like Daryl I think they are unpredictable cause you don’t know - he might not be able to handle that because he’s never had that, so he might not trust it! And the next time she’s nice to him, he might just punch her in the face!

Michael Rooker: “Or he possibly if they are walking down the lane he might ask her if she wanted to join the bush club (bump).
I think she might jump up and say ‘Yeah I’d Love That -Here Let Me Push You Now!”