melissa watches merlin

OMG so much rage right now!!! I am seething. FU Gaius! FU! Morgana didn’t CHOOSE shit! She had all choice taken from her! You sir chose to hide her “gift” from her. You chose to keep her in the dark about her half sister. You chose your loyalty to a king who has persecuted and murdered your own people! You pushed Merlin into hiding. Merlin chose to trust your advice. Merlin chose his loyalty to Arthur over his own kind. Merlin pushed her toward the Druids and then later chose to trust that sadistic dragon over his friend who was willing to give her life for him many times. She trusted them all to help her and they did nothing.

Worst of all this last instance STILL wasn’t her choice. Morgause is the one who used her.

"You were right I should have never trusted Morgana."

*flips tables* Merlin! WTF?! You’re currently spewing your gratitude to a dragon who betrayed YOUR trust more than once. One who only saved you because you’re now it’s master who you can order around like a slave. Also wtf are you talking about? You never fully trusted Morgana. You never told her about your magic. You poisoned her because you didn’t have the courage to talk to her about what you suspected was happening.