melissa thompson esaia

Today I was standing at a gas station pumping my gas, not really paying much attention to anyone around me.  A beat up old car pulled up at the pump next to mine, and a young woman got out of the car.  In the back seat was a little girl, probably around two years old, and she saw me and smiled a huge smile.  I smiled back.  Then she waved.  And I waved.  Then she started blowing me kisses.  And I returned them.  It was one of the most beautiful, pure exchanges I’ve had with another human being.  And in that moment, I thought, “There it is.  That’s our true nature.”  We were born with that type of pure love for others, and although time and experience can seem to overshadow that purity, it is still in us because we ARE that.  It’s what makes us give money to a homeless person or donate to causes, it’s what makes us volunteer, it’s what makes us drive our friend to the airport at 5am, it’s what makes moms spoil their 37-year old daughters, it’s what makes our friends sit on the phone with us and just listen when we’re having a spiritual meltdown, it’s what makes us gather together to help strangers after a disaster, it’s what makes us fight for dolphins,  it’s what makes us do all things kind and good.  

Our nature is pure - love, compassion, kindness.  That little girl taught me this in a sweet and unexpected new way, and after a tough morning battling fear and doubt, she reminded me that the other way feels better.  And it’s the truth.  

And this evening, I ran across this article on Facebook - the title - 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year.  No accident.  I read it and smiled and thought of that little girl this morning, who had no idea the impact she had on me.  I hope she has a beautiful life.