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“Batman & Harley Quinn" 

 Animated Movie Sneak Peek 

Who’s involved?

Sam Liu will direct. 

Bruce Timm will serve as an executive produce as well as writing the script with Jim Krieg. 

Voice actors include: Kevin Conroy as Batman, Loren Lester as Nightwing, and Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch will step in to voice Harley Quinn.

Watch the 9 minute inside look below:

The classic style of the 4th season of Batman: The Animated Series (aka The New Batman Adventures) will be used in this original story featuring Batman & Nightwing, who reluctant team-up with Harley Quinn to try and stop a global catastrophe caused by Poison Ivy and the Plant-Master.

The film is set to be released this Summer

‘There’s no place like homecoming’- Jason imagine

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Y/n is dating Jason (but secretly) then for the welcome ball Toby invites her as he did with Emily (1st season) and it happens the same as when Emily was alone with him the chemistry room.

Words: 2226

A/N: It’s been ages so it probably doesn’t make sense. Also it wasn’t going to be this long, then I re-watched the episode and kept adding and adding…. Hope its ok xxxx

You gently intertwined your fingers with Jason’s, the two of you pressed up against each other on your bed. Sighing softly, you closed your eyes as his other hand found your waist, his mouth nibbling the exposed skin on your neck.

“Let me take you to homecoming” he mumbled. You moaned in response, too lost in the moment to acknowledge what Jason had said. You repositioned yourself so you could unbutton his shirt. “y/n?” he took your hands in his, moving them away from the buttons. Blinking at him obliviously, your mouth slightly parted, you wondered why he had stopped you, almost offended. “I’m serious.” He continued, sitting back against the headboard. You pulled yourself up to be level with him.

“Serious about what?” you asked, tilting your head a small degree, the crease in your forehead conveying your confusion.

“About taking you to homecoming.” Your eyes widened and you sat up straight, eyes directed at the floor. Jason’s hand settled on your thigh, his thumb massaging your bare skin soothingly.

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How much money do I have to pay to get the part of Fauna, Flora, and Merryweather as Ben’s godmothers ( because let’s face it they would have been Audrey’s?? ) out of the way so I can have Fairy Godmother as Ben’s godmother because let’s face it: 

  • She was there the day he was born. 
  • She still calls him Benjamin in private. 
  • She would protect that boy to death. 
  • She always trusts him and his ideas.
  • She knows when he isn’t himself. 
Creepypasta #1193: My Sister Didn't Want Anyone In Her Room

Length: Medium

My sister Melissa had always been a strange individual, even as a six year-old. That was the age in which she started dressing entirely in black and rarely showed any emotion beyond her default stoic expression. She didn’t often speak in more than three sentences at a time, and when she did, she would sometimes use very big words that I never expected someone her age, or hell, even my age, to understand. It sort of reminded me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. My parents theorized she had some form of autism, though she was never officially diagnosed.

Probably the weirdest thing about her was that her room became completely off-limits. She would allow neither me, nor my parents, to enter. Even when my mom or dad wanted to vacuum in there, she would tell them, “No one is allowed in here but me.”

By the time she was nine and I was thirteen, I was past the point where I was desperately curious to see what was in there. The only times the door ever opened was when she was entering or exiting, and from the few brief glances I had seen, it looked like your typical little girls’ room, with pink walls, a fancy bed, and a bunch of stuffed animals.

But whenever she was home, she would do everything in her power to prevent anyone from so much as making a peek. She seemed to have some sort of sixth sense that alerted her whenever someone touched her door, as no matter which part of the house she was currently in, she would always sprint downstairs and shout at me to step away if I tried turning the knob. Even if she was taking a bath, she would leave the bathroom and come down wearing nothing but a towel.

I asked my mom about it, and she told me it was normal for kids to want privacy and to not want their stuff touched, and that I should respect her personal boundaries. I asked Dad, and he said the same thing. I still couldn’t help but be curious.

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it wasn't my fault || stiles stilinski

word count: 3201

warnings: lots of angst. dealing with death.

prompt: “they said it wasn’t my fault.”

author’s note: posted before, but my blog was deleted, so here it is again! Y/D/N means Your Daughter’s Name.

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I'm getting better right pt.1

Request: an anonymous: 7 67 and 97 and can you make it really sad please?? With Brett

Paring: Brett Talbot • Reader 

Summary: Y/N goes to beacon hills and is dating Brett Talbot. She goes to a lacrosse game and she ends up having to be taken to the hospital.

A/N: enjoy the story!

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“You deserve better than me.” and “Maybe I can’t fix you but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try”

The sterile smell of a hospital room filled your nose as you ran through Beacon Hills Hospital.  Your sneakers squeaked loudly against the linoleum floor, alerting those in front of you to move out of your way without you having to say a word.  The night had been relatively slow until you had gotten a page from Melissa McCall with two words on it.  Peter.  Basement.

Slamming against the door to the basement you took the stairs two at a time.  For them to bring him here instead of to Deaton couldn’t be good.  The fear residing in your gut is what pushed you to run faster.  Melissa and Chris were already in the room in the basement that you reserved for ‘Pack Emergencies’, a severely burnt body laid on the hospital bed in front of them.

“Oh my God.”  Allowing yourself a minute to take in Peters injuries you surged forward to help Melissa work.  “What happened to him?”

“The kids found him in the woods.”  Melissa answered, stepping back enough to let you assess the damage.  A charred hand grasped onto your wrist, squeezing it even though you knew that would pain him.  

You deserve better than me.”  The statement was mumbled.  He couldn’t open his mouth too wide to talk without risking further injury.  As it was already pieces of burnt flesh was already ripping away from various parts of his body.

“Let me work, Peter.”  This was an argument for another day.  Not for when you were trying to find a way to sooth the massive burns to his skin.

“Stop letting me drag you into this.”  Exasperated, you glanced up at Peter’s face and scowled slightly.

“I’m doing my job.”

“You can’t help me with this.”  In the back part of your mind you knew that.  You knew that the only thing you could do was wait for his werewolf healing to kick in.  But last time that had taken months.  Years.  You didn’t have that kind of time now.  You wanted him to be better now.

Maybe I can’t fix you but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.  Now stop talking and let me help.”

Risen (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 1~

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           Time somehow managed to slow down the moment my body and hands collided with the hospital doors. My chest heaved up and down with each pant as my legs and lungs burned with worry. My heart pounded against my chest as I continued to push myself to keep going.

           I came to a stop at the end of the hallway, my body jolting with familiarity as I slowly turned my sights over to my boyfriend, who sat in the waiting room. Tears brimmed at his eyes as he kept his elbows pressed up against his knees, slouched over his clasped hands, and lips parted only slightly. My heart seemed to drop as I took in his condition. This wasn’t the Stiles I had fallen in love with and that tore me apart.

           His bloodshot eyes flickered up, his body rising as he finally caught sight of me. Without a moment of hesitation, I flung my body forward, running at full speed before throwing myself into Stiles. As soon as my arms wrapped around his neck, he seemed to hug back tightly before his body began to shake against my own as we collided.

           “It’s okay,” I whispered against his shoulder. “It’s okay. I’m here. I’m sorry. It’s gonna be okay. He’s gonna be okay.”

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hunger - chapter 18

Hunger master post. 

Six years ago

Everything burns. Peter Hale has no idea how he got out of the house. He was running on panic and instinct, and it pushed him far enough to make it to the creek that winds through the Preserve a little way from the house. The water is ice cold, but Peter still burns.

He lies there and waits to die.

It is night, and then day, and then night again.

Rescue doesn’t come. Neither does death.

He lies there, clothes and hair and skin burned from him. The cold water laps around him, and still he burns.

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t feel it at first: the alpha spark. It burns too, in a different way. It burns like a flame deep inside his core.

Laura, he thinks, because he saw Talia die, and the spark should have gone to Laura then. And now? Is there anyone left at all if it’s come to Peter? He can’t feel his pack, but how much of that is because he is in agony, unable to reach beyond his own pain?

He’s burning.

It’s the hunters who find him. The Argents. When Kate raises her gun to shoot him, Peter can’t even flinch.

His eyes flash red.


A mistake.

“Wait,” Gerard says, and puts his hand out to push Kate’s firearm down. His mouth twists into a grotesque smile. “An alpha.”

Peter very much wishes he died in that creek.


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Orbit | S. McCall

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Pairing ; Scott x Reader
Timeframe ; S5a (Finale)

Summary ; [A Continuation Of Mediator] The reader is Scott’s fixed point, in which he orbits around, and Scott is the same to her. Even Melissa knows it.

(Part 1)

Note ; Main ideas of this are loosely influenced by the short stories ‘Forget Me Not’ and ‘Singularity’, both written by Noelle (@hepburnettes) on Wattpad. Highly recommend you read it. (Singularity is a chapter featured in ‘Odds & Ends’, a novel under her account)

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Family is Forever-Part One

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Summary: (Y/N) and Scott are related sort of but something about him seems different…

Scott McCall x Melissa x Reader!Sister 

(Y/N)= Your Name
(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name

Request: Nope

Warning: Minimal amount of swearing.

Next up: One Year Part 3- Liam Dunbar!

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Decoded (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 10~

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I sat at the edge of the hospital bed, my leg shaking as I rested my elbows on my knees, hands clapped together. Scott still hadn’t bothered to tell me anything about Adelyn. I wondered if he had heard or seen anything. I hoped and prayed with everything that she hadn’t left yet and that more than anything that she was okay. I pressed my lips together as tonight’s events played out through my head. To summarize: Lydia’s grandmother left her a code, made specifically for her. The moment we cracked it, there was a whole new list of names we did not recognize except for Lydia’s grandmother. When we ran it through the system with the help of Parrish, it lead us to Eichen House. To cut things short, Brunski was behind the murders of the people on that list, including Lorraine Martin. He tried his hardest to cut us out of the equation once he figured out we knew. In turn, giving me a possible concussion and stabbing Lydia in the neck with an injection meant to kill her. Luckily for us, Parrish ran in on time and managed to shoot him down and free us both from the restraints Brunski had used on us. At first, we were convinced it was him, Brunski was the Benefactor. However, we were wrong.

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McCall Pack X Reader

Word Count: 845

Requested: Anon

Request: Can u do a teen wolf pack imagine where the reader has schizophrenia and the pack doesn’t find out until they’re all locked In somewhere and she realizes she’s Doesn’t have her pills and there Is no way for her to get to them.

Warning: Reader has Catatonic Schizophrenia, explanation of symptoms, Kidnapping

The Nogitsune had kidnapped and hidden you as a distraction, he needed more time and he knew that the pack would make you their priority. He’d only had you a few days but he brought you food and water made sure that you stayed healthy enough “You know it surprises me that they haven’t found you yet.”
“Please let me go.” You begged.
“And who do you suggest takes you place?” he asked crouched in front of you, you stayed silent and he nodded. You knew that you needed to get out of there, yes he kept you physically healthy but you needed you medication for you to be able to stay healthy but he didn’t know that and wouldn’t believe you if you told him, you just hoped that the pack would find you soon.

Days turned to weeks and you started to slowly show symptoms of your illness, the Nogitsune didn’t understand, he kept you feed and he gave you water now he was having to force feed you to make sure that you even eat anything. You were becoming more of a bother than he had anticipated.

Your mum had obviously noticed your absence and notified the Sheriff but now that it had been a week it was now the time that the Sheriff told the pack what they’d be dealing with once they found you. “We thought we should tell you…” The Sheriff started as looked over at Melissa who stepped up.
“(Y/N)’s mum told us that she’s been diagnosed with Catatonic Schizophrenia,” Melissa said and everyone frowned.
“That’s rare,” Lydia finally said.
“It is.” Melissa nodded.
“What’s Catatonic Schizophrenia?” Kira asked.
“It’s a rare type of Schizophrenia, in which the patient can go into a catatonic state, they sometimes lose to ability to talk in other cases they just refuse to do so, but then there’s the other side of it where they move in jerky irrational movements,” Melissa explained and they nodded. “(Y/N) has been off her meds for a while now so there is a good chance that when you find her she’ll display some of these symptoms… So be careful.”
“Is she dangerous?” Isaac asked.
“No I meant you be careful not to hurt her, she is not going to hurt you but you could every well hurt her,” Melissa answered.
“Right.” Isaac nodded.

The Nogitsune decided you weren’t worth the trouble and the state that you were in would buy him the time that he needed he figured you need some kind of professional help and that meant that the pack would spend their time getting it for you, leaving him to do what he needed to. He had dumped in Scott’s living room, arms still tied behind you and you were leant up against the sofa. Scott walked in running his hands through his hair and almost missing you, he sighed when he saw that you were dirty and your hair was matted but you weren’t underweight or dehydrated like his mum had said was possible during one of your episodes. “(Y/N)?” he asked gently. You didn’t answer. He pulled out his phone and called him mum informing her that you were there. He crouched in front of you didn’t move nor did it seem like you had acknowledged him, he moved his hand behind you to cut the ropes restraining your wrists you didn’t move your arms you stayed in the exact same position. He reached out and moved your hair away from your face and heard the small pick up in your heartbeat. “(Y/N) we’re gonna get you help.”
“Help.” You repeated nodding. Scott noticed your hand opening and closing as if you were trying to grab something, he reached out and gently took your hand and you grabbed onto it, holding on tight.
“Scott!” he heard his mum call.
“Mum!” he called back and she managed to find you both of you, Scott then stepped back and allowed the professionals to take care of you.

It was a couple of days later that they visited you in the hospital, it was after they had dealt with the Nogitsune and Stiles felt horrible, he was standing towards the back of the room while the other talked animatedly and introduced you to Malia who was officially a part of the pack now. Everyone started to leave but you called out to Stiles asking him to come over. “You okay?” You asked.
“I’m sorry.” He said.
“For what, you didn’t do anything.” You answered,
“He used-”
“Yeah he used your body but you were the one that did anything I don’t blame you so please don’t blame yourself plus I’m okay now.” You assured, “just means you gotta help me get back into the routine, I’m counting on you to make sure that I take these,” You smiled shaking the pills that you needed to take with you when you left later that week. He smiled and nodded kissing your forehead.
“You can count on me.” he said before leaving with the others.

Requests and general question!

Part 7: Unexpected Encounter

(Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 4), (Part 5), (Part 6)

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Y/N tries her best to avoid Theo after they encounter that night. However that proves to be difficult considering Theo won’t let you forget. There’s an attraction between the both of you, there’s no denying that. But you are set on the idea that what happened that night would never happen again, and this attraction towards Theo is dangerous. Can Theo convince you otherwise? Or will you be the one girl that Theo can’t have?

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Side Note: I finished this WAY earlier than expected. Hope you like it! :)

Sirens that’s all that could be heard this time of night, the ambulance that you were in was racing it’s way to Beacon Hills Hospital. Issac was riding along not wanting to leave your side, he was in panic mode, he was scared and unsure what to do. The ambulance had arrived in the emergency lane and you were lifted out of the ambulance and into the hospital.

“What do we have?” a doctor came running along with a nurse and Melissa McCall.

The paramedic replied “We have a collapse victim, vitals steady but she’s still unresponsive”.

The doctor wheeled you into a room and closed the door before Issac could follow, Melissa was with Issac trying to calm him down. “Issac you need to stay here, okay the doctors is going to do everything he can do”.

“She-She just fainted, and I couldn’t do anything….” Issac’s voice shook as his breathing became unsteady.

“Issac right now she would want you to remain calm, I’ll come out here if I have any information”. Melissa walked into the room and all Issac could do was stare inside the window where the doctors were hooking you up to several machines.

Just then Scott, Lydia, Stiles, Kira and Liam raced into the hospital, “What the hell happened”? asked Stiles.

“We were spending the day together and when we were about to head home she had some sort of dizzy spell, she insisted that it was nothing. And we got to her house and after a few minutes she just collapsed.” Issac explained to the worried Stiles and the rest of the group.

“Do the doctors know anything?” asked Lydia

“Melissa said she’ll come out when there was any new information. Everything just happened so fast.”

Stiles ran his fingers through his hair, Lydia sat down on the chair near the wall, Scott was starting in the room you were in and Liam was standing next to Issac. None of them knew how this could of happened, everything seemed fine and now you were laying in a hospital bed.

Just then someone slammed Issac up against the wall, “What did you do to her Lahey!” Theo growled at the boy who he had pinned up hard against the hospital wall. “What did I do? Nothing Theo! I would never hurt her, unlike you.” Issac shot back. With that remark Theo threw Issac to across the fall and proceed to take a punch, however Scott and Liam grabbed Theo and Stiles grabbed Issac.

“Enough!” Scott said, “Y/N is in here and the last thing anyone needs to do is place blame”.

Issac and Theo both glared at each other, Theo’s breathing slowed down and when Scott knew it was safe to let him go he did. Issac shrugged off Stiles and took a seat on the chair. Theo however stood beside the door looking into your room, if now was a moment to be terrified that’s what Theo was, he was beyond scared and the girl that he was in love with was on opposite ends of this door possibly fighting for your life.

“What was she doing with you anyway?” Theo turned to Issac.

“Why do you care Theo?”

“Because I care about her, and now I’m standing in a hospital while my girl is fighting for her life!”. Theo began walking towards Issac but Scott stood in his way.

“Your girl? She doesn’t want anything to do with you”. Issac said while standing up, possibly getting ready to fight Theo if need be.

“Keep telling yourself that Lahey”.

“Guys seriously, we have bigger issues going on here” Stiles said.

Ever since they came into the hospital Lydia hadn’t said a word and Scott noticed, he sat down next to her and placed his hand on her’s. “Are you okay”? he gently asked.

“My best friend is in there Scott and no one is saying what’s wrong with her, how can I be okay with that?”. Lydia responded back with faint tears in her eyes.

The door finally opened after what seemed like forever for everyone that was waiting. Melissa stepped out and carefully closed the door behind her. She took a moment and looked at everyone’s faces before finally giving them the information that was so desperately needed, “She’s not completely out of the woods just yet, the doctor is still going to need to run some tests but from what I could gather the incident with that werewolf on the roof a couple nights ago affected her and caused her body to shut down temporarily”.

“What does that mean? She only had a few cuts and bruises right?” asked a very concern Lydia

Scott interjected “Actually she hit her had pretty hard against the brick wall, whoever that werewolf was must have hurt her more than we thought”.

“Are you telling me that my best friend is laying in a hospital room because some random, wild werewolf decided to fling her across the roof and into a brick wall?”

Lydia said with a slight angry in her voice. Stiles grabbed Lydia’s hand and lead her aside to try and calm her down.

“Is there anything we can do?” asked Liam

“Not right now, she’s just going to have to wake up on her own”. And with that Melissa left Theo, Scott, Issac and Liam to decide what the next move shall be.
Theo started walking away, “Where are you going?” Scott asked.

“I’m not going to stand here and let the werewolf that attacked Y/N get away. His going to pay for what he did”. Theo said in a very outrage manner.

“And he will Theo, but you can’t kill him. Your angry and not thinking straight, we’ll come up with a plan”. Scott said

“No Scott you’ll come up with a plan, I already got my own. I’m tracking this werewolf done with or without your help.”

“Just give me an hour, we’ll all go back to my place and come up with a way to take this werewolf down without killing him. We still need to know why his in Beacon Hills.”

Just then Lydia and Stiles approached the conversation. “If were all going, then who’s going to stay here in case Y/N wakes up”. Stiles asked.

“My mum will, she’ll call if anything changes with Y/N. And if or when it does we will all be here.” Scott replied.

Scott turned back to Theo who still had the same angry look of his face from before, at this point he wasn’t thinking straight and if this was going to work everyone needed to have a clear mind, which at this point seemed easier said than done.

“Fine Scott, but if your plan doesn’t work were going with mine, and your not going to stop me”. Theo threatened.

Everyone began walking out the doors of the hospital. Issac turned back one last time to stare at your room door before joining the others.

Gathered around in Scott’s living room and kitchen each person was trying to come up with some sort of plan to find this werewolf. Stiles suggested to set a trap, Theo suggested to just track it down using bait, Issac and Liam opted for tracking it by sent, Lydia and Kira didn’t care how they found the werewolf as long as they did….now the decision was down to Scott.

All eyes were on Scott, he was the alpha of the pack and people relied on him to know what the next move would be. Scott cleared his throat and explained the plan and how things were going to go down, “Alright Y/N is in the hospital and I know everyone is worried about her but there isn’t much we can do, so the next best thing is to find this werewolf. Were going to do what we did a few nights ago, expect were all going to work as a team. Stiles, Lydia and Kira go to the school and set up the mountain ash barrier, Theo, Issac, Liam and I will go and track him down and then take him to the school.” Everyone nodded showing that they understood what they needed to do, Scott continued to talk, “But remember our goal is to capture it and find out what it’s doing here, no one is killing anyone…got it Theo?”.

Turning to Theo waiting for his response, “No promises Scott. Like I said before if your plan doesn’t work then I’m going with mine”. And with that Theo grabbed his jacket and headed out the door. Stiles gave Scott one of his looks and walked out closely behind Theo, while everyone else followed.

At the school library Lydia and Kira were moving any objects that could be potential dangerous for the werewolf to use, they didn’t want to give whoever this guy was the upper hand. While they were handling all that, Stiles was in charge of the mountain ash barrier since no supernatural creature could touch it, the job lay solely on his shoulders. Once everything was set in motion, Stiles sent a text to Scott that it was their turn to execute the other half of the plan.

Scott and Issac where standing on opposite sides behind a tree waiting for the other werewolf to make his move, while Theo and Liam were on the far side also waiting for the werewolf to take the bait that was laid out. “His not coming” whispered Issac, “He’ll take the bait, he has too” Scott replied.

“And what if he doesn’t” Liam asked

“Guys be quiet, I think I see someone coming” Theo interjected.

And just like that the werewolf from before appeared and headed straight for the bait. Now the plan was really in motion, everyone came out of their positions and surrounded the lone wolf. “Well, well, well I should of seen this coming” the stranger remarked.

Theo grabbed him by the shirt, “You have no idea what’s coming”.

“Theo! Put him down, stick to the plan” Scott said

The werewolf gave Theo a smirk before he was let go, Issac got out a taser and stunned the werewolf with it, sending him into a state of darkness.

Half were pacing and the other half waiting patiently for the werewolf to wake up from his slumber and hopefully start talking. Grunts and movement came from him and everyone turned their heads ready to get some answers. Scott stepped followed and wasted no time in getting to the question that was on everyone’s lips. “Who are you?”. The man looked at Scott before making himself comfortable on the nearby chair.

“I can be a friend or I can be a foe, that part is up to all of you”, he replied.

“I don’t think a friend would have attacked his friends”, Issac spoke up.

“Ah yes the roof top incident, that was quite an unfortunate turn of events. I’m noticing the other girl isn’t with you, I hope she’s okay?” He responded back
Theo growled and moving closer to the barrier, before being pulled back by Liam.

“Hit a nerve have I?” He said taunting Theo.

“Tell us who you are and what your doing here, and then we’ll let you go” Stiles stepped forward and stood side by side with Scott.

“We make a deal, I’ll tell you my name…as to what I’m doing here none of that concerns you”, he bargained with the group.

“You hurt a member of my pack it concerns me” Scott said.

“I wasn’t meant to hurt her, that wasn’t my intention. She’ll be fine by the way, possibly a few side effects”.

“What do you mean side effects?” It was Lydia’s turn to speak.

Everyone had a worried and confused look on their faces, but it seemed that Theo and Issac were more angry than worried.

“That you’ll find out on your own. I’m Logan and now it’s time for you to let me out”. He got up from his chair and stood as far as the barrier would allow him too, while maintaining eye contact with Scott the entire time.

“We said we would let you out once you told us what you’re doing in Beacon Hills”, Scott said.

“You will let me out, because than your friend laying in the hospital won’t make it. So I suggest you get rid of this barrier and let me be on my way”.

“We can’t let him out”, Kira said stepping forward.

Scott took a minute to think, he knew his options were limited. He knew letting him go wouldn’t be the best thing but he threatened the life of a member of his pack, and Scott wouldn’t stand for that. However at this point Scott knew he wasn’t holding all of the cards. “Okay I’ll let you go, but if you hurt anyone else…you will have me to deal with”

“WHAT!” Theo and Issac screamed at once.

Logan look amused and nodded towards Scott to show him he had made the right decision.

“Stiles break the barrier”, Scott walked away giving Stiles space. Stiles looked at the barrier and then to the werewolf standing on the other side of it, knowing that there wasn’t much he could do he broke the barrier allowing Logan to walk free. He stepped out from the barrier and walked towards the door, gaining a few stares from each member of Scott’s pack. Once he has gone, Issac spoke “What were you thinking! You let him go?”

“I had to okay, he wouldn’t tell us anything and he threatened Y/N’s life. I had no choice”

“We should of gone with my plan Scott” Theo said

“Murder? That’s your plan for everything” Stiles said in a sarcastic manner, Theo gave Stiles a look before walking towards the door. Just when Theo was about to leave, Scott’s phone beeped. He looked down and his eyes went wide, “What is it Scott”? Kira asked.

“It’s Y/N my mum want’s us to come down to the hospital right away”.

That was all the motivation anyone needed, with everyone running out the door and getting to the hospital as fast as they could.

Scott, Lydia, Stiles, Theo, Issac, Liam and Kira all rushed into the hospital not caring about the stares that were most likely coming their way. Turning a corner they stood outside your room, waiting for someone to come out and say something. Voices and the sound of machines was all that could be heard from your room, Melissa eventually came out and everyone gathered around her, just like they did that morning.

“The doctor doesn’t know what happened, her body had some sort of shock or reaction. But she’s okay. We don’t know when she’ll wake up, you can go in and see her. But just be quick okay.”

Slowly and quietly everyone entered your room, seeing you connected by cords to several machines was unbearable especially to Theo. Lydia grabbed your hand, while Theo just stared at you. No one said a word, it wasn’t necessary at this moment. All they wanted was for you to wake up…they wanted you to be alright. The machined beeped and everyone looked up, alarmed and not sure what to do. Melissa came running into the room and that’s when you opened you eyes.

You gasped and the only name that came from your lips was….


Requested by lukebebe : “Could you write a nick Robinson imagine where I (Louise if you do personals if not that’s fine) get a job playing Ryder’s girlfriend on Melissa and Joey and we start to like each other and after me talking to Melissa and him talking to Joey they set us up? Maybe some smut if you do that?”

here you go, darling. i’m not sure if this what you imagined but i’m having major writer’s block for nick imagines, i’m so sorry. hope you like it. xx sorry for the wait!


“Come on, Ryder.” I smiled, pulling at his sleeve, out the back door, off the set.

“Cut!” I heard the director shout so we could hear. “That was good guys. I’m going to take that as the final. You guys have two hours until next scene.”

I smiled at Nick, as he walked away. I turned and before I could take a step, Melissa was there. “Hi.”

“You like him.” Mel smiled, with this look on her face that I could barely stand lying to.

“No, I don’t.” I said, trying to right-step her but she blocked it. “He doesn’t like me, anyways.” I looked down, biting my lip.

“Oh, you don’t know that. I think he would be very interested in you.” She had this smirk on her face, I knew she had some plan.

She walked me into one of the dressing rooms and talked to me for a bit, until there was a sound at the door. Mel just looked over like she knew what was going on.

“Get in there, Nicholas, I swear.” Joey pushed a resistant Nick into the room with me.

“No, Joey. Please, she doesn’t like me. I’m sure. Stop ruining it.” Joey shut the door with Nick inside and leaned against it. I looked back to Mel but she was gone.

“You better make something work!” Joey screams from outside. “This entire set is full of sexual tension.”

“I knew you kind of liked me.” I laughed as Nick finally gave up on trying to open the door.

“You did, huh? I knew you liked me.” Nick restated my words, smirking. “Well, not exactly, but now I do.” He said, wiping that oblivious look off his face.

I walked over to him, trying to listen if Joey was still there. I knew Nick for a while now, we had been for a while. He looked down at me, I looked up slowly. He rested his hand on my cheek, and hesitated for a second but then leaned down and kissed me. It was exactly how I imagined, his arms slipped around my waist protectively and I snaked my arms around his neck. I smiled into the kiss, pulling away for second, catching my breath for a moment. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to do that?” He smiled, making me giggle.

I gently shoved him down onto the couch, straddling him, leaning my face down. “Well, you don’t have to wait anymore.” I smirked, as he laid his hands on my lower back.

Suddenly, there was an opening of the door with Mel and Joey there. Mel was just excited bouncing up and down, giving us thumbs up. Joe shook his head. “That’s not what I meant by make something work.”

“Well, it works.” Nick smiled, sitting up, and I blushed into his shoulder.

If it was even possible, my job had just got even better. Now not only did I get to kiss Ryder, I got to kiss Nick, as well.

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noddytheornithopod  asked:

shoot us some bradley headcanons, and if possible the basis for them

Oh boy here we go…

  1. His bitterness is actually a cover-up of something and he’s using it as a coping mechanism. I do believe that he was bullied as a kid or he comes from a family that didn’t make it clear that his feelings are important enough. Or both.
  2. Needs attention as a form of validation. Milo usually takes that attention away from Bradley and it’s not Milo’s fault but Bradley’s jealousy is completely justified.
  3. In the second episode he hears from a random stranger “YOU will be my leader” and it’s enough for him to feel a little bit valid (”He saw something in me.”). Which means he’s ready to seek validation from literally anybody and that can be really dangerous, someone help this poor kid.
  4. Incredibly low self-esteem. If something comes in his way he doesn’t know how to fight it and, again, uses his bitterness to cope. (He’s being interrupted a lot and doesn’t know how to get people’s attention back)
  5. He believes that everyone is (or can be turned) against him. Again, it can happen to you when you were bullied a lot. (Bradley: “In! Your! Face! Other people!” Mort: “I’m on your team!”). He has trust issues for sure.
  6. His crush on Melissa wasn’t the love on the first sight. It started slowly when he realized she doesn’t find him annoying. And then it developed more because she was being nice to him. (Bradley: “Oh, hey Melissa! Mind if I join you?” Melissa (with a smile and a welcoming gesture): “Sure, Bradley, have a seat.” Notice that she later doesn’t look weirded out when he freaks out, she’s ok with him being like that. I bet he’s appreciating that.)
  7. He doesn’t actually believe he has any chances with Melissa at all. (“So Melissa, what’s up with your boy [Milo]?”) Again, low self-esteem.
  8. He is afraid of his feelings for Melissa. (“You sure you don’t wanna join our team, Melissa? I named it "Team Melissa”. Not after you. Different Melissa.“ - after taking a step forward he immediately took a step back, he also may be afraid that he’s gonna ruin it.)
  9. He feels lonely af and his biggest fear is being rejected.

As you can see my headcanons are not the happy ones…

Random Melissa headcanons:

She currently doesn’t have any crushes and doesn’t seek for any romance. She considers Bradley as her friend and enjoys their friendly rivalry. She likes making bets with him. She did notice him acting strange occasionally and she wonders what’s up with that but doesn’t really feel like she’s the right person to ask.