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Hi Lovlies. How do you think each of the Avengers would cope with going on a cruise ship?? The spies being hyper vigilant, tony providing great internet, steve and the motion of the waves etc.

“I don’t feel good,” Steve groans, his head sagging between his knees.

“Huh,” Tony says. “Who knew that the Super Soldier Serum didn’t take away motion sickness?” Steve hears him rummaging around in his bag for something before he finds it and gives a pleased hum.

“What are you even doing?” Rhodes asks from where he’s seated in the lounge chair. The three of them are in “Mission Command” aka Tony’s room since he only managed to score a luxury suite for himself.

“I’m trying to fix the wifi on this godforsaken boat so we can get our intel, get the bad guys and then get out.”

“I don’t know,” Rhodes says. He slurps his drink loudly. “I wouldn’t mind staying the entire cruise.”

“Ugh,” Steve groans.

Tony opens his mouth to reply but just then Clint comes falling out of the ceiling. Literally falling out of the ceiling.

“Hey guys,” Clint manages, coughing with the dust that’s surrounding him.

“Great,” Tony says. “Now I have to fix that too, or well, pay for it at least.”

“I’m okay!” Clint assures them.

“I’m not,” Steve groans.

“Hey guys! They have a- what the hell?” Sam questions as he enters the room. He flings the door shut when Natasha strides in behind him. They’re both dressed to the nines in tropical gear and holding fruity drinks. Steve’s stomach continues to churn.

“Clint we haven’t even been here four hours! We haven’t even entered international waters!” Natasha says. She’s trying to stifle a laugh. Sam is too. He’s mostly unsuccessful.

“Steve, buddy, you don’t look so good,” Sam’s telling him but Steve doesn’t hear because he’s too busy racing to the bathroom.

“What’s wrong with him?” He hears Sam ask.

“What’s more believable? He has a weakness for piña coladas or apparently gets very, very sea sick on cruise ships?” Tony answers.

Steve rests his cheek on the cool tile of the bathroom floor. Then he groans.


Melissa Stark, of the pureblood Stark family of North Dakota, can best be described as intimidating. Captain of the popular Quodpot team the Bemidji Boomers, she has lead her team to victory for the third year in a row. Best known for her ruthless, but lawful play she has been on the radar of Quodpot enthusiasts since her first game in 1997, and quickly rose in ranks. The Stark Attack, a formation perfected in the final against the Reno Ravens two years ago, was named after her. It involves the players flying in an hexagonal shape, warding of the opposite teams players as they head for the pot. Stark was last week awarded with the Sports Witch of the Year by the Annual American Broom Sports Awards.


Favourite Musical Theatre Character Portrayals: 
Laura Osnes as Bonnie Parker in B o n n i e  a n d  C l y d e

“Bonnie has to be up there because that was the first role that I created for the first time and I feel like that role was my baby. The role started to be created around me and who I was and what I was bringing to the role and I was a part of it for three years, with two out-of-town runs before coming to Broadway. I have this tremendous sense of ownership over it, which is so special and I’ve never felt that for any other show or any other role.”


Okay, I think i have it now and i appreciate it.

I’ve just made a bet against my Dad that if this post gets 2 million notes then i can get a Puppy. [like the one underneath]

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He’s convinced that this will never reach that number, and very confident about it so Let’s prove him wrong!! He thinks this will get about 25 notes beofre it’s left in the dust.

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I’m counting on you!!!

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