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“Love is the only water that can quench the heart’s thirst.”

Corey & George. <3

[ I’ve been longing to do a couples session underwater.. I stopped in Collinsville, CT on my way back home from Cape Cod. There is this beautiful water reservoir near my old condo I thought of for a quick underwater session. Well, the water was a lot dirtier then I expected, but we went with it anyways. You can only learn in difficult photographing situations. I can’t wait to take this concept to Florida in October and then Hawaii next year! ]


Got my scuba diving certification today!!! One step closer to my dream of doing underwater photography. I am already itching for my next dive, I feel so at home with the fish under the sea.

[I kinda gave up on the art historical reference for the rest of the week, I had no idea how intensive my two day scuba diving training was going to be! I will be going back to some more art historical references throughout my 366 project.]