melissa power of love

Things Holtzmann probably does

-press all the buttons on the soda machines in one go
-lick things for scientific analysis
-smell Erin’s hair
-speak gibberish to stop an awkward conversation
-chase pigeons
-kick doors open
-slant her head when confused
-says things with an opera voice
-chew on straws

Ghostbusters 2016

See it.

I went to a preview night for it last night, and I’m telling you… SEE IT! It’s a great homage to the originals, but it’s its own thing. When I was 6, I was in love with Harold Ramis/Egon Spengler. Not only did I want to marry him, but I wanted to be him.

Now, in 2016, after I have discovered the art of cosplay and am an actual scientist (albeit, not in physics), I can be someone better than Egon Spengler. I can be Jillian “Holtzie” Holtzmann. Kate McKinnon doesn’t know it yet, but I am in love with her. She’s my kind of weird, she’s brilliant, she’s talented, and she’s gorgeous. And she plays Holtzie. Holtzie is Spengler, but with some Venkman thrown in, and then her own personality on top of the chocolate (Venkman) and Vanilla (Spengler) foundation.

I nearly cried every time the girls said, “Power up,” or “Light ‘em up.” Because I would say those words when I was little, wanting to be a Ghostbuster–and here these talented ladies are, showing everyone everywhere that you don’t need a forced romance; you don’t need a damsel in distress. You just need sisterhood and a societal menace. This movie teaches young girls that there’s something more important than appearance, and it’s true friendship. It shows how four women who are dissimilar, become a family. It’s about acceptance; it’s about support; it’s about friendship; it’s about science; it’s about tech; it’s about ghosts; and it’s about women kicking ass, not because “the men did it first,” but because there was no one else. 

Go. See. This. Movie.

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