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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Actress Melissa Fumero Gets Real About Diversity In Hollywood

Fancover of the CatCo’s magazine, inspired in the episode 1x16 of Supergirl and the quote of Melissa Benoist in the Women’s March.

Today I felt inspired and I made this. If there is any mistake in the text, please tell me! I am Spanish and I am still learning.

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Here is the Spanish version


The first day of rehearsal, I was intimidated, because I’m a big SNL fan. It was like, Holy crap, I’m working with Andy Samberg. He turned out to be really nice, so then I thought, Oh, this is awesome. Now he’s my friend. He’s a nonstop idea machine; Andy’s brain is constantly going. I’d expected this zany, crazy, energetic type of guy, but he’s actually very laid-back and sweet.

There’s a certain sweetness and squareness to the way she plays comedy, and I mean that in the best possible way. There’s something very genuine about Melissa.

andy samberg and melissa fumero | good housekeeping magazine (january 2014)