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My friends, I finally decided to make a masterpost for my Raúl Esparza and Broadway drawings. This post shows my development as an artis, since I came over here from the Fassbender fandom. It contains old and new ones, as well as good and bad. I thought of deleting the bad ones first, but then I realized, that they are also an important part of my journey, so I kept them. Yet there are a few I left out on purpose, but they weren’t important anyway. I hope you find joy in this post and I wanna thank all my friends in the Raúl Esparza fandom, who always support me and are there whenever I need them. I love to draw for each and everyone of you! :-*

PS: Please excuse any typos. I can’t believe I’ve made so many drawings by now!!


Okay it has been almost a whole week since Monday night with  with Raul Esparza and friends happened. I needed some time to process it and with the 400th episode this week, it has been a whirlwind! It was an amazing night and it was fun to hang out with other fellow Raul fans! I see you @mrschiltoncat @larkistin  @clowchan and Tina too! 

First off, Melissa Errico is an absolute sweetheart! She was the evening’s fairy godmother! She was so sweet to all of us and made sure we got a chance to chat with Raul at various times! 

Okay with that being said, the evening started with all of us waiting to get into the theatre. As we were hanging out Raul came out along with Melissa to get their pictures taken. Raul looked so amazing and handsome! Melissa looked beautiful! They posed for the cameras and got their pictures taken. As they were posing for the cameras, this voice from the crowd was yelling, “Raul Esparza!” I look over and it was Barbara Walsh! THE Barbara Walsh aka Joanne from Company! It was so cool to see Bobby and Joanne together again! And it was funny to see Barbara Walsh fangirl too! Anyways, after the pictures, our group was determined to get @larkistin to talk to Raul and show him her drawings. It took some coaxing, and a bit of dragging her by the hand on my part but it happened! It was such a sweet moment! I was so happy for her! He LOVED them so much! I love it when my friends get to meet their favs! It really makes me happy to see them happy like that.

Okay so for the musical portion of the evening! Raul and Melissa singing a song from Sunday in the Park with George was musical heaven! They were meant to duet together! One day I would love to see them together in a show again. They talked about the time they performed together a couple years ago at the State Department and they ran around touching things they shouldn’t have. It was funny and cute. Sounded like something I would do to be honest! Way to break the rules Esparza! HA!

Then at the end, Raul came back out alone for one more song. He told the story about when he first met Mary Mitchell Campbell at a Sondheim event. Then afterwards, Sondheim invited Raul and Mary Mitchell back to his place and she fell asleep on Sondheim himself. Ha! In her defense she had just come back from a trip overseas and was worn out. But then Raul started talking about working on Company with Mary Mitchell and he pointed out Barbara Walsh in the audience. This led into the most epic moment of the night, Raul singing Being Alive. While he forgot the lyrics at first and they had to start over, it was still the greatest thing ever! This song is everything to me! I have it tattoo’ed on my wrist. This song saved my life at a time when I wanted to give up. I wish I could explain how much this moment got to me. It’s just hard to put into words!

Well after the event, our little group got to talk to Melissa and Raul some more and it rocked! In keeping with the spirit of getting Raul to sign stuffed animals of mine, I got him to sign my little stuffed Charmander. I asked him who would his Pokemon starter and he admitted that he didn’t know Pokemon. He was too old. I wasn’t buying it. He isn’t old. But I brought up Mario Kart so we are good! I also asked him about how things were with his mom. He mentioned to me she was sick and had surgery when I saw him at the ASTEP concert. Good news, he told me she was doing a lot better! Yay! He looked relieved! I can imagine how stressful and scary it all must have been for him.

Last moment of the night was my picture with Raul. I was standing around with @mrschiltoncat talking when Melissa came up to us asking if we had a good time and if there was anything else we wanted or people to meet. I said well I want a picture with Raul but I don’t want to bug him anymore. She said to me, “You want a picture? Give me your phone. I’ll take it. Come on!” So she walked over to Raul and said, “Come on, Raul. She wants a picture with you!” So Melissa took our picture. A perfect end to a wonderful night!

Thank you Melissa and thank you Raul for taking the time to talk to all of us and for the pictures! Thank you friends for the good time! Here are some of my pictures from the night!


It has been quite a while since I posted an update on my Raúl Esparza collection. 110 drawings and counting!! (not all of them are in this collage though) I never realize how many they are until I put them together like this.

Tbh, I don’t think I would’ve been able to make that many without my wonderful friends and fans here in the fandom. Sometimes I think I’m not good or artistic enough and sometimes when I look at other people’s art on various plattforms, I feel insecure. But then I remember why I’m doing this. Not to compete with others, but to honor the man who inspires me so much and brightens even my darkest days. God gave me a gift. I might use it differently than others, but I use it the best way I can. And I use it to make other people happy. Everytime I get a message from someone, saying that my art makes their days, makes them smile, I feel like I’m doing the right thing. I tell you something. I’ve been the black sheep and an outsider my whole life. But your amazing response to my works makes me feel that I am someone special - for the very first time in my life. And now I met Raúl and he has my art. He has all of the ones above and I when I gave them to him, I gave him a piece of my heart. These drawings are ME. All my feelings, all my emotions, all my love, all my fears. And because I also made these drawings for YOU and because of you, he has a piece of you as well. We are a big family full of wonderful people, artists, writers, gif-makers, etc. and I love to draw for you and Raúl with all my heart. ❤

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 102 was a suggestion from Melissa Errico ❤ Loved these two in Sunday in the Park with George. Can’t wait to witness their reunion on Monday!! I am already so excited. My first time seeing Raúl live. Hope my poor heart can take it 😍❤💞
I hope so much to be able to provide you guys with lots of wonderful pics of my trip to NYC 😘

And when I come back I finish SVU 400 Barba! ❤

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