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Nick as “Ryder Scanlon” in Melissa and Joey, slaying the screen as usual.

(Episode: #22, of Season 3— “House Broken.”)

Seriously, the entire show of Big Bang Theory is feminist af. You have Penny, who the running joke is that she’s the dumb blonde, but it’s so much deeper than that. She may not have a doctorate, but she still isn’t helpless. She is tougher than nails, and actually the boys end up needing her strength more than she ever needs them, (i.e teaching them to fish, standing up to their bullies, killing the big spiders) plus she is unapologetically okay with her sexuality and flaunts the hell out of it.

Bernadette, proves that you don’t have to chose to be pretty or smart, but that you can balance both. She’s a bombshell and a damn microbiologist. She flaunts her brain just as much as she does her sexiness. She also plays against the stereotypes that women fall behind men in male dominated fields such as science. She’s tiny but mighty, and in several episodes they have proven that Bernadette is a force to be reckoned with, and most people are afraid of her because she’s efficient, confident, and no nonsense. She isn’t in a leadership position, but will be damned if she’s not a part of a tight ship.

Lastly their is Amy, who is no glam. Can be described as the wallflower, homely, plain Jane of the group. Writers have given her an excess of no sexuality, which helps drive one of their central themes: women are more than sexual,  glamified objects. Amy is all book smart, total brains before beauty, but that’s what makes her amazingly beautiful. She’s a character that proves, you never have to wax/pluck, keep up with fashion trends or primp excessively.

Amy also proves that you don’t need any of that to keep you happy or fulfilled, if that’s not your thing. Amy found fulfillment and happiness in her field, (fucking neurobiology, which the actor actually studied and PhD in) before ever meeting Sheldon Cooper. Amy proves that you don’t have to conform to societal beauty standards to find love, but that your brilliance can make you sexy in someone’s eyes.

This turned into a short analysis essay, but I will not apologize, because these are important tidbits. Especially since I’ve heard people call the show anti feminist, simply because Penny is ‘a hot blonde’. Seriously I love this show for these reasons, the nerd humour is just a giant bonus. You don’t have to like the show, but you do have to respect the writers for being respectful to the fact, that there is more than one type of woman in the world.

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Some Facts About American Actor Nick Robinson

• American actor Nick Robinson was born on March 22, 1995 in Seattle, Washington. He is currently 20 years old.

• He is the oldest of five children, though has two older half-siblings from his father’s previous marriage.

• Nick Robinson is most likely a smoker, seeing as there are numerous photos of him either smoking or holding a cigarette in his hands. Of course, this is all just conjecture, but it’s 85% truth that he may smoke. He occasionally smokes cigars as well, if rumor has it.

• Nick’s religious beliefs are unknown at this time. But judging from his hilarious party photos of drinking and smoking and sticking up the middle finger in the air, he’s probably not all that religious. His stance on gay rights is unknown, but hopefully he’s pro-gay.

• When Nick was around 9 years old, his parents enrolled him in a theater program titled “Broadway Bound”. After numerous plays and stage-shows, a theater friend recommended to Nick’s parents to Hollywood talent scout Matt Casella, who said of Nick: “He’s a real kid, with an extraordinary talent and gift, not to mention a smart, good natured, creative kid with a great smile. Nick is ready for LA.”

• After going to LA, a Writers Guild strike was in full swing, so he unfortunately had to go back to Seattle. But then he attended auditions and soon landed the role of Ryder Scanlon in the hit show Melissa and Joey on ABC family.

• HE IS FAIRLY SMART! Although he didn’t get higher than a 3.75 GPA in high school, as mentioned in a David Lettermen interview, he is still going to attend New York University’s Gallatin program in the Fall. The Gallatin program lets students have a more free-range, selecting their own courses.

• As far as anyone knows, he’s PROBABLY single, although nobody is certain.

• He was an actor in the Disney movie Frenemies and then played protagonist Joe Toy in “Kings of Summer”, a hilarious and heartfelt independent film that made it big.

• His most recent film is Jurassic World, where he plays Zach, the older brother to Gray, played by Ty Simpkins.

• He’ll be co-starring with Chloe Grace Moretz in “The 5th Wave”, which will come out sometime in January 2016. The 5th Wave follows protagonist Cassie (Chloe) as she navigates a world left devastated by 4 waves of brutal alien-type attacks, the 5th wave itself being set into motion. Nick will play Ben Parish, a survivor and up-and-coming soldier who is with Cassie’s younger brother Sam.

• He’s currently filming a movie called “Being Charlie”, where he plays Charlie, a drug-addicted 18 year old. It’s set to premiere sometime this year, 2015.

• Nick ain’t no goody-two-shoes, but that’s alright with us! He MAY, repeat, MAY, have smoked a little weed here and there, judging from some of his funny vines, but we don’t know.

• Nick does NOT, repeat, NOT have social media except for vine. He deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts, probably to avoid scrutiny from the public eye. Since he’s becoming a more popular and well-known star, he probably wants some privacy, which is perfectly understandable.

• Join the Nick Robinson fandom! We’re either called Robinsons or Robbers, but either are acceptable and work wholeheartedly.

• Well, that’s the end of this post. Hope you had fun reading it!