melissa griffith


Cosettes and Fantines backstage.

  1. Celinde Scheonmaker and Emilie Fleming (London)
  2. Sophia Ragavelas and Gina Beck (London)
  3. Lilian Marti (unsure on the Fantine, it should be Maya Hakvoort but it looks nothing like her to me.) (Germany)
  4. Joanna Ampil and Lydia Griffiths (London)
  5. Nikki Renee Daniels and Idara Victor (Broadway)
  6. Betsy Morgan and Siri Howard (Quinlan) (US Tour)
  7. Caissie Levy and Melissa Mitchell (Broadway)
  8. Sierra Boggess and Samantha Dorsey (London)
  9. Na-Young Jeon and Samantha Dorsey (London)