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Ali carrying Em’s baby is possible

If you believe that Melissa Hastings is A.D. then Ali carrying Em’s baby is 100% possible and would make sense and I kinda think that it’s really happening.

I realized that in 6b (616) when A took Em’s eggs I was like “Another proof it’s Melissa” then I forgot about it because I basically forgot about the whole eggs storyline but now it’s back.
Wren and Archer are most likely connected. Wren and Melissa are too and we know that Melissa can’t have a baby. They all knew Charlotte and want/ed revenge for her. Melissa can’t have a baby as I mentioned so they took Em’s eggs, fertified them (hopefully not with Wren tho) and then used the fact Ali was in Welby, where she was because of Archer who’s probably Wren’s brother, they used it to put the egg into Alison which is something Wren as a doctor could do.
Archer could unknowingly or knowingly (if he was working with Wren and Melissa) give Ali hormones that are need for this process (like Em did before she donated her eggs) or A could give it Ali herself without Ali knowing it. Then they took her into the place in 602 where they did the process.

Ali would basically be a surrogate at this moment without her permission. I firstly hated that she was pregnant and when I saw the episode and saw how broken Ali was I hated it even more because she doesn’t deserve to have her abusers baby but if this theory is right then I think that even though it was without her permission, Alison won’t be that heartbroken and actually will be happy because she and Em are having their baby, maybe they did not plan it but it’s not gonna be Archer’s it’s Em’s, it’s theirs.

I really hope that if this is happening then that Ali and Em will already be dating when they find out and how they will find out? A.D. will tell them. How?

Remember the test A.D. did for Emily in 705? Em herself said that A doesn’t do things for free and I think that A.D. will text Em and Ali something about their baby being A.D.’s.

A.D. also sent Em messages about “I will use your eggs”, “OUR baby” & “Thank me later, ungrateful bitch.” (A still didn’t want anything from Em so maybe they’ll want the baby)

It is twisted, but this A is the worst, nothing will stop this A from getting what they want and if having a baby is part of it and Em and Ali gave them big opportunity then this is really possible and if Ali doesn’t do abortion (which I doubt) I kinda hope it is happening because then the baby isn’t Archer’s, it’s Em’s and some donor’s and Ali is carrying it, so it’s Emison’s baby and maybe they didn’t plan it so soon but they will be happy and love it and they won’t give their baby to A.!


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Representation is important.

There were so many artists I could have idolized at the time but Missy was the only one who looked like me. It is because of Melissa Elliott that I believed that a fat black girl from Chicago could dance until she felt pretty, could be sexy and cool, could be a woman playing a man’s game, and not be apologetic about any of it.