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The Milo Archives (and not so)
The first was drawn 12/10/2015 to the song Shut up and Dance and the bottom one was drawn 10/01/2016 to Call it Whatever. Drawn in the stream.
Dan’s daughter wanted me to drawn Zack’s hair purple in the second one which sorta comes out that way with the highlights, but real purple hair won’t come until later on when I post more specific things I’ve drawn X)


Cliffhanger Endings in Milo Murphy’s Law*

*Note: the cliffhanger ending in the Doctor Zone Files was from the episode of the show within the episode Doctor Zone Files, and not the actual ending of the episode. It was likely used as a foreshadowing tool to clue us in on how Milo Murphy’s Law’s actual cliffhangers would work.


More from the Milo Archives XP ~ Feb 12th, 2016
These guys sat on my monitor for months. I have another one I want to finish, where Milo actually fell over the side of the screen, but gotta get other things done first.
Since I’ve been busy working and not really posting much, here’s some more Milo stuff I drew while working on Season 1.

Queen of the Murphy Universe

Song: Caravan Palace - ‘Wonderland’

…oh yeah