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You know what actually confuses me about the Supergirl fandom?

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Can someone explain to me how exactly this girl is considered a blonde?

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I mean honestly homegirl has some pretty golden highlights

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But she is definitely a brunette.

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Thank you for your time.


Norman Reedus & Melissa McBride discussing Carol and Daryl’s bond
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It’s crazy because me, Norman, and Melissa are very close. We know each other really well. To do scenes like that, it can’t help but become personal. The first time we did that scene we started crying. Andy [Lincoln] and I have that too. We’ve seen each other go through these things for seven years. There are bonds that are real. She and I have that real connection. Steven [Yeun] and I had that connection.
—  Norman Reedus, Variety, February 19, 2017


• On the night of September 1, 2009 (night of Ali’s ”death”), Melissa enters furiously in Alison’s room and screams “Where is she?” But we have not found out who she was looking for, and she never revealed it. We see that scene in # 2x21.

• In # 3x04, Melissa reveals that MonA threatened her by telling her that if she didn’t go to masquerade ball to distract Jenna with some excuses, she would tell everyone that she pretend to be pregnant, so Melissa went to the masquerade ball under blackmail. When Melissa comes to the ball, however, she comes quietly and glances at Jenna, who looks at her. Jenna was pretending to be blind at that time, but Melissa glances at her.

• In # 4x04, Melissa reveals to Spencer that she climbed to the Halloween train because Wilden threatened her, and she didn’t’ know that he wanted to hurt Spencer and Aria, and she did not agree. But, in # 4x01, Mona show up with a video of Wilden and Melissa on the train, and Wilden begs Melissa to let Aria go, as if Melissa was in charge that night.

• In # 4x01 we understand that Wilden killed Garrett as he was about to reveal to Spencer ALL of his corrupt actions. The Marion’s murder to protect Charles, and the aggression against Ali to protect Charlotte, all under Jessica DiLaurentis’s money. Wilden says to Melissa “The plan has changed! Garrett is about to tell them everything! We can not let this happen!”, This means that Melissa also knew ALL about Wilden, and the existence of Charles = Charlotte.

• In # 3x16 we see a flashback of the night when Ali disappeared, and Melissa coming out of DiLaurentis home (while Ian, Garrett and Jenna were looking for NAT Club videos inside the house), and she told to the phone: “I have to call 911 To have your attention?” And the 911 was also the police, who was looking for Bethany and CHARLOTTE that night because they’re both escape from Radley.

• In # 3x19 we see a flashback of the night when Ali disappeared, and we see Jason saw Melissa and a blonde girl talking in DiLaurentis’s blackyard. Jason confuse the blonde for Ali, but when she look at him, we see Charlotte. From Charlotte’s # 6x10 stories, we know that she did not meet Melissa that night, and no one knew she was in Rosewood. But, when Emily in # 3x20 tells her “Jason says she saw you in is blackyard that night.” she does NOT mention Melissa, and despise this, Charlotte tells she met Melissa that night, but they talked about NAT Club movies.

• Charlotte in # 3x20 reveals that the photo of her, Wilden and Alison in Cape May was taking by Melissa Hastings. This means that Melissa and Charlotte knew each other (since Charlotte had already confirmed the meeting on September 1, 2009).

• In #3x23, Wren reveals that Cece was expelled from the university because of Alison’s lies, and decided to go find Mona at Radley for help her to recover from the bullying caused by Alison. It was all a lie. However, Wren reveals that was Melissa to tell Charlotte about Mona’s check in Radley.

• In # 3x24, Charlotte plans the meeting to the Lodge of Thornhill, to see if Ali could get out of, because she suspected that she was still alive. In # 4x04, Melissa too reveals that she had the suspect that Ali was stills alive, and sent Jenna and Shana to control the situation at Thornhill When Spencer asks Melissa “Why do you think Ali can be still alive?” Melissa doesn’t say a word. Also, Melissa tell to Jenna and Shana “Those bitches will be at the lodge at 9!”. This means that Melissa knew Charlotte’s plan, designed with Mona.

• In # 4x01 we find that Jenna and Shana were both afraid of Melissa Hastings and because of that they decided to work for her. In # 4x09, Shana reveals that Jenna was also afraid of another person: Cece Drake.

• In # 4x24, Charlotte reveals to the police station to know who killed Bethany.Melissa however confessed that she had killed Bethany ONLY in # 5x11 when she decided to making a video confession for Spencer. Also, when Melissa buried Bethany alive, Charlotte had already been brought back to Radley by detective Wilden. Charlotte knew that Melissa had killed Bethany, probably because Melissa tell her all.

• In # 4x24, Melissa comes home, to the Hastings, saying she has just come back from London right in that moment and in the police station shew says that she’s back because Toby came to her door telling her that Spencer needed her family. In # 5x02, Toby reveals that he never found Melissa, but Wren, who revealed that Melissa had already been away for several days. Also she pretend to be back from London in # 4x24, and it was the night when Jessica DiLaurentis was killed.

• In # 5x01 we find that there was an army created to destroy Alison. We see Melissa Hastings at the meeting and seems to be in charge of this ‘army’ because she says: “We do not have much time.”

• In # 5x08, Spencer and Emily find the Melissa’s hat for riding horse in the same horse riding where Jessica brought Bethany Young in the past. At the end of the episode, we see Charlotte break into Spencer’s room, and caresses Melissa’s hat.

• In # 5x10, Spencer finds out that 'A’, Charlotte, had stolen the recorder where Ali told the story of his fake  kidnapping in case the police asked questions. Spencer had hidden him in a safe place in his house, who did not want to reveal evewn to the liars. But Charlotte knew the hiding place. And at that time, Melissa lived at Hastings’s house. Also, in the same episode, Charlotte calls Spencer and takes her off to listen Ali’s recording of the fake kidnapping to make it known that she has stolen the recording. It was Melissa to switch ON the phone at Spencer to answer.

• In # 5x10, Spencer and Aria discover in a Hastings’backyard a  security footage where Melissa meets a man VERY much a like to Cyrus Petrillo, the fake Ali kidnapping, and tells him, “Do it, trust me, do it!” All a few nights before the Mona’s fake murder. And on that occasion, Cyrus allied with the 'A’ team to wrap Ali and take her out of town so she does not have an alibi for the moment when Mona would have been “killed.” And we find this in # 5x20.

• In # 5x21, Spencer arrives in London as she  has a university interview, but does not find his sister in the house, but only her roommate who tells her that she and Wren were invited in the countryside, but Melissa did not warn Spencer. Then, Spencer finds Mona’s blood in a test tube, in her bag, and the university interview is ruined, and after that, she gets a message from Charlotte: “Calm down, but beware of what you do. There’s still so much blood. ”… Charlotte was in Rosewood, so there was someone in London to chasing e spying on  Spencer.

• After Charlotte’s capture in the next five years, we see A Melissa and Hanna’s flashback in London, in #6x17, and Melissa reveals to Hanna that Charlotte will reveal to Wren that she killed Bethany Young. This confirms that Charlotte knew that thanks to Melissa because she already knew in # 4x24, Melissa recorded the confession in # 5x11, and that night Charlotte had already been brought back to Radley at the time of the fateful act.

• Melissa pretend to returns from London, in the episodes of 5 years later, TWO EPISODES AFTER Charlotte’s death, precisely in # 6x13 to help her mother with Senate elections. But Melissa returned to Rosewood a few weeks BEFORE Charlotte’s death, and remained in the shadows. Claeb find out that in #6x17. And don’t forget, in #7x01 , we find out that ALSO Mary Drake returned to Rosewood a few weeks BEFORE Charlotte’s death, and she stills in the shadows too, like Melissa.

• In # 6x13, Melissa breaks into the Hastings’burn and whe sees Caleb in there, she stops in a blink and says, “Oh, I forgot you were here” and she goes looking for clothes and exclaims: “I thought I had more clothes here. At the end of that episode, A.D. throw away the old black 'A'’s sweatshirts and search online "NEW UNIFORMS.”


Name Calling

For @leiascully xf writing challenge prompt: lists. It’s not a list, but it’s about a list. I hope that counts? I wrote this in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep, so…

Mulder’s chaos. That’s the only way to describe his filing system. Or lack thereof.

Scully wouldn’t have this problem if Mulder were here, or if he were at least answering his phone. The cell is probably either dead or he’s lost it again. He really needs a system, Scully thinks as she tries to understand the connection between haunted beach resorts and possessed guinea pigs. According to Mulder, there seems to be one.

Twenty minutes ago Skinner called their office to let them, or rather Scully, know that he needs the report on their latest case. Immediately. Utmost importance. And more words Scully didn’t hear, already frantically going through Mulder’s desk. She should not have let him write that report. Had she done it herself, she could already be on her way to Skinner’s office. But no. The one time she insists on him doing the paperwork, she regrets it.

So here she sits, among files, reports, several bills, a Playboy magazine from 94 and even more National Geographics. The report, however, is not here. Skinner will call again in five minutes, tops. Since Mulder is not here, she will get yelled at all by herself. Just what she needs today.

Lost in thought, Scully unfolds a piece of paper. At first she thinks it’s merely a scribbled note, nothing important. But it’s a list, a long one. She quickly scans the many names neatly categorized into girls and boys. Samantha and Melissa are at the top and they’re both crossed out. Too much history, she deciphers the scrawled words next to them. Scully reads through all of them; from Abigail and Adam to Xenia and Zachary. Some have comments right next to the entry; Mulder has terrible hand writing and some of it is no longer readable. Scully doesn’t notice her tears until one of them falls down right down at the end. Mulder?, it reads there in black ink, or would she prefer Scully? The names blur together, eventually.

Baby names.

Mulder made a list of baby names. For their child.

“Hey Scully, what’s up with Skinner? He just- Scully?” Mulder barges in, holding two large coffee cups and stops when he sees her slumped over the chaos on his desk.

Scully can’t stop the sob that escapes her and Mulder is by her side in two long strides. He puts the cups down on the desk and crouches in front of her. He gently tips the chair so that she’s facing him. His hands, warm and large, rest on her knees as his eyes finds hers.

“Scully, what happened? Is it because of Skinner?” She shakes her head, her tongue too thick, her throat too tight to talk. Instead she hands him the list.

“Oh.” His voice is as gentle as his hands as he takes the proffered piece of paper. He looks at it for a moment, the ghost of a smile passing over his face.

“I forgot about this.” Mulder’s index finger gently touches one of the names and suddenly nothing matters as much as this to Scully. She needs to know.

“What’s your favorite?” She asks, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Uhm, I had several favorites depending on, well…” He refuses to look at her, shy now, but she knows exactly what he was thinking about.



“No, I mean… their name, it would have been Mulder.” His eyes light up in surprise for a moment, soften, and he smiles up at her. Scully used to think, when there was still possibility to dream, that their baby would smile exactly like that. Same eyes, same beautiful mouth. The picture shatters in front of her once again, as it always will, but Mulder’s voice, warm and gentle, keeps her here, keeps her sane. It does now as it did then months ago, when their dream, her baby, wasn’t to be.

“Jake for a boy. Jake Mulder. I felt that… it felt like a good name, you know? Or William.” Scully raises her eyebrows and he nods, chuckles.

“I know, I know. Plenty of Williams in our families already.” Mulder stares at the list again, at their lost possibilities. There would be no Jake Mulder. No William Mulder either.

“And for a girl?” The question hurts as she presses it through her constricted throat. She needs to know, though. They never talked about it. Let’s move on, she’d told him the morning after breaking down in his arms. Back then it had seemed like it had been her loss; only hers.

“I thought maybe… Melinda. It’s not Melissa, but it’s close and I thought-” Scully’s painful sob tears through his words and makes him pause. The list slips from his hand as he opens his arms and she falls into them, easily.

Mulder holds her as tightly as possible and she lets him. She let him before when the IVF didn’t work. This, she realizes now, way too late, is their pain. It’s not just hers; he, too, lost something. The phone rings insistently, startling them both, returning them to the here and now.

Scully looks at Mulder and smiles thankfully as he wipes her tears away. His finger traces her lips and she kisses it, softly, like a butterfly’s flap.

With a sigh, and protesting knees, Mulder gets up to pick up the phone. Scully can hear Skinner’s angry booming voice.

“I’m just gonna… go and give Skinner that report before he completely flips out,” his grin is lopsided, “all right?” Scully merely nods and watches as Mulder opens a drawer and after a moment holds the right file in his hands. Mulder’s chaos, she thinks with a sigh. She can no longer feel angry about it.

“Mulder?” He’s already at the door and turns to face her, his eyebrows slightly raised.

“I’d like to keep this list. If it’s all right with you.”

“It’s your list, Scully. It’ll always be your list.”

WE CRACKED PLL (or how at least it could make sense)

Last night, my friends and I, were watching episode 7x14 and it really gave us some old-pll vibes so, as soon as it finished, we spent about 2 hours theorising! It had been a couple of years since we had done that!! If you wanna read our thoughts on the matter, keep on reading!!

THE OTHER KIDS OF MARY DRAKE (and some other family relationships)

Okay, let’s start to try and untangle the Drake-Hastings-DiLaurentis family tree a bit:

  • Jessica and Ken had Alison
  • Jessica and Peter had Jason
  • Peter and Veronica had Melissa
  • Peter and Mary had Spencer
  • Mary and Pastor Ted had Charlotte
  • according to the Radley’s doctor, Mary delivered more than 2 babies

who are these babies? Wren and Bethany

Let’s see the picture Wren draw when working at Radley (in the same episode we see him talking on the phone to A -coughcough, Charlotte, his sister, coughcough- to take care of their own ends):

This is the picture of the perfect family: Daddy playing with his son, and mommy and big sis laughing with them. but who are they? I like to think it’s just as simple as Mary, Charlotte (because Wren loves her and he wouldn’t want to draw her as a boy out of respect for her), Wren himself and his dad. 

We don’t have a confirmation of who the dad is but I have always believed it’s Scott Montgomery who we know had a history of mental illness and could have easily met Mary at Radley and voilà, Wren was born!

As we already know, Mary had had Charlotte once she was in Radley and they gave her to Jessica so the DiLaurentises could adopt her. Then, years later Wren was born, also in Radley, and Mary wasn’t doing that well at the time so she couldn’t take care of him, and neither could Scott, so he was put up for adoption and ended up with a nice British family and the sexiest accent ever.

Years passed and Mary was jealous of Jessica for having the perfect family, his little baby Charles and Alison on its way so she wanted to get back at her and had an affair with Peter. She got pregnant with twins, Spencer who was adopted by Peter and Bethany (aunt Jessica anyone?) who probably was checked into Radley after some time of living with the Youngs.  


Wren was born in Radley and put out for adoption. An English family adopted him but when he was about to go to college he decided to go to the US so he could find out more about his family. 

He then found the identity of his birthmother and started dating Melissa to be close to the DiLaurentises and find out more about his family. He then discovered the whole thing, started working at Radley so he could investigate more and bonded with Charlotte.


Bethany’s case is similar to Wren’s, she and Spencer were born in Radley and put out for adoption. Spencer went with the Hastings’ and Bethany ended up living with the Youngs. After some time, Bethany started showing signs of mental illness and ended back at Radley where she met her birthmother. She also met Charlotte there. As we have seen, she was angry at Mrs. D and wanted revenge so on labour day she escaped Radley and went to Rosewood.

That night, after Ali had already been dug up, she got mistaken for Ali and Mona hit her on the head. Then Melissa buried her. 

At this point, it would have been easy for the police to get her mistaken for Ali, nobody knew she was Mary’s offspring and after all, don’t they check DNA with the siblings? wouldn’t Jason and Bethany have the same DNA markers as siblings have, seeing they share the father and their moms are identical twins?


Charlotte and Wren. They are/were fighting for their family, hurting everybody who has ever hurted them. When Wren was working at Radley, he met Charlotte and they shared their life stories. They bonded and decided to take on Mona’s game to avenge their family. 

this marvelous edit was made by @wrenischarles. thanks!!

The game had already started, and the girls were making mistakes, so it was very easy for them to continue it. They started with opening their sister’s grave so the world knew it wasn’t Alison in there and continued fighting until Ali came back. Now it was time to prepare for their final act and they allied with Lucas (and probably some others such as Jenna, Noel, etc. to end the game once and for all). 

The girls were getting closer to them so they decided that Charlotte would confess and they made up Charlotte’s story from 6x10. They knew that because of her previous mental illness problems, she would be checked into another mental facility for some years and then, if she behaved well, would get out like nothing happened. 

Everything went according to plan except that Charlotte got killed just hours after being back home, so Wren got angry and started letting everything out on the Liars.


  • We now know Lucas and Charles (Charlotte) were friends, could they be using Lucas’ brains to develop their masterplan? it is clear Lucas hates Ali and he can’t be that happy with Hanna either… he’s been in love with the girl for ages now!
  • It gives Melissa some solid motive to bury Bethany: she knew about Spencer being adopted, so she probably knew about her having a twin sister and when she saw that her family’s secret could get out, she took the bull by its horns.
  • This could also explain why Aria has been the less atacked by A, she is Wren’s cousin.
  • Wren and Ezra definitely know each other. Come on! take a look at the art that was in the cabin Ezra took Aria to, and the way they look at each other on ep. 7x15′s promo. 

BONUS THEORY: what if Spencer is actually Bethany and the real Spencer is the body they found in Ali’s grave? We have never seen Bethany’s face, so that gives us room to play with her, doesn’t it? It would take the show FULL CIRCLE and also follow the book’s plot, maybe it is a little bit too twisted, but you never really know with this show, it’s PLL after all!

disclaimer: I haven’t read any theories lately due to lack of time so I don’t know if anybody has already said something along these lines. if so, I apologize!!