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I can’t be the only one excited for Supergirl’s Season 2 Gag Reel, am I? Like, are you imagining the amount of bloopers we’re gonna get from Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist?? If you aren’t, I suggest you watch this video Larry Teng posted on instagram of Melissa goofing around, singing a line from Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights and mimicking her weird dance moves from the music video while Chris laughs in the background because this is almost like a sneak peek of some sort.

From all the songs they could’ve picked, they chose this really eccentric one written by an equally eccentric artist from the late 70s who was inspired by the book of the same name (Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte). SMH. I s2g, these theatre kids can’t be contained.


for too long, a toxic combination of anti-LGBTQ+ hate & easy access to guns has put LGBTQ+ people at disproportionate risk of violence & murder. on June 12, forty-nine innocent people, most of them Latinx, were killed at Pulse nightclub in Orlando simply because of who they were.

it’s on all of us to keep their memories alive, & I’m proud/humbled/honored to be part of Ryan Murphy’s tribute to their stories. i hope you’ll take a moment to watch & take action. join me & the Human Rights Campaign & urge your legislator to support legislation that will ensure LGBTQ+ people are safe and equal in every community.

get involved here: ‪#‎StopTheHate‬


Stop the Hate: 49 Celebrities Honor 49 Victims of Orlando Tragedy in Ryan Murphy-Produced Tribute


So this is waaaay out there but in the episode A Dark Ali, we saw someone crawling out of the bushes and Melissa gives them something. Whoever this is, is a little shorter than or equal to Melissa’s height. All of the guys on the show are around 6 ft tall. Melissa is 5'7. (Yes I checked.) A while back, Marlene posted this photo and said remember this pic, there will come a day. It looks like Ali with a boy haircut, beside some bushes. And behind her is a vehicle that looks like the one that Cyrus drives. Maybe? Maybe I’m looking into this way to much.

Here it is, the way-too-long, way-too-detailed, everything you could want to know about pll theory. It’s crazy long, but worth it!!

To understand what’s happening in PLL, we first need to figure out what happened on the night of Alison’s disappearance. Understanding who Bethany Young is and why she died will let us figure out who killed her and what role they currently play in Rosewood.

To start, we know that at some point before the night that Ali went missing and that Bethany was killed, someone gave Bethany the same clothes that Ali was going to be wearing that night. In Ali’s attic there is a letter from Bethany to Ali thanking her for the clothes, but this was later found to be planted by Mona and so we can’t use it as evidence.

What we do know, however, is that whoever lured Bethany to Rosewood that night had to have access to 2 pieces of information. 1.) They had to know that Alison would wear that shirt that night, long in advance 2.) They would have to know about Bethany.

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