this photo looks like it’s from an action comedy about a rich country heiress who doesnt know how common folk dress played by melissa benoist who’s being threatened with kidnapping and is put under the protection of gay rough-and-tumble cop played by chyler leigh who has to keep her alive even though they butt heads all the time.

  • Lena: As president of the Kara Danvers fanclub, I decree that today we are all going to go around in a circle and say something we admire about Kara. Our Vice President has requested to go first.
  • Alex: [clears throat and pulls out list]

guess the lesbian

let’s play a game: guess which lesbian i’m talking about: a powerful brunette with a tragic backstory raised to be heartless (who is also secretly a sweetheart)is in love with a bisexual blonde from space who tries her best. also she’s from a show who won’t stop breaking up gay ships and her name is le_a