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• Robbie doesnt know why she sits in the quinnjet all the time and he’s not sure he wants to but one day he passes by it on the plane and she’s just sitting there staring at the pilots seat, eventually Fitz comes by and notices him staring at her and her staring at the seat and his heart literally breaks because he knows and everyone else knows but Robbie and he knows its not his place to tell him so he doesnt (instead he tells him to ask her, Fitz knows she’ll tell him, for some reason she has no problem with it) 

• When Robbie does get the courage to go and ask her why she stares at it all day long, the look he sees in her eyes is heart breaking because he can see it all the pain but mostly the love behind it, she does tell him. she tells him why she sits and stares all day long.The man she loved died and this was the last place she saw him (he hates himself for a while after it because now he really wishes he didnt know, so he could keep believing she was just some vigilante who hates shield) 

•  After she tells him she starts coming out of the area more, one day Coulson almost fainted because he saw them smiling and laughing in the cargo bay next to Lola, she was telling him about how it could fly and how her hair looked like a fricking birds nest after, Robbie had never laughed so much thinking about it

• Jemma likes him, she doesnt know why maybe its because he saved them both or because she hasnt seen daisy smile like she has in a while and he’s the reason, so when she catches up to him at the base one day they start talking she starts to see why, they started talking about science (Robbie is smarter than he’d like to admit the only reason he didnt go to college was for Gabe, he totally would’ve been a giant nerd and no one can tell me otherwise) and when Daisy walks past the lab and sees them geeking out her heart literally swells 

• Mack has a giant bro crush on him, he saw the way he drove at the prison and he busted a fricking nut, one day Robbie catches him staring at the hell charger with such adoration that he lets him sit in (no way in hell was letting him drive it) he wouldnt even give him a ride to go see yoyo at one point because in Gabes words “he doesnt give people rides” 

•  the passenger seat of the charger is pretty much reserved for daisy, sometimes she hangs out inside like she did in the SUV in season one, at one point Robbie catches her inside asleep in the most uncomfortable position and he just shakes his head and puts the computer in the drivers seat and tells mack where she is (he doesnt want to leave her there, but he doesnt want to over step his bounds and y’know mans gotta keep up appearances) 

• one night the plane had landed and the back was open (like in the first episode when they watched the ship launch) Daisy was sitting on the hood of the car with her laptop and beer just watching horizon and Robbie has this habit of just appearing out of nowhere and scares the absolute crap out of her when she looks to her right and sees him sitting there with a beer and not saying a word

• we know that coulson said robbie was growing on him but its really May that likes him the most, they both have that brooding thing going on and they both noticed it the first time they met, one day at the base daisy walks into the kitchen to get food for her and mack and she literally walks into a pillar because she saw May and Robbie in the kitchen with matching grumpy cat mugs (they were drinking out of them and talking she even saw them laugh at her and sHE ALMOST DIED because 1. robbie was laughing 2. robbie had a really nice laugh 3. may was laughing 4. she just walked into brick and is 70% sure she just broke her nose) 

• when Daisy meets Gabe again she almost dies again because she doesnt know what he told Robbie about her leaving so she kinda just “yikes” and steers clear for a while until Robbie notices that everytime he’s with Gabe she pretty much ignores him (he says he’s not hurt by it but the first time it happens he’s looking under the hood with mack and Gabes inside the charger and Daisy literally takes one look and turns away, mack literally bursts out laughing at the offence Robbie took to it) after she  was going to walk away for the 60th time he looks down at Gabe to see he is giving her the biggest death glare (their first impression was terrible and she doesnt want to make it worse so they never had time to fix it) after seeing the look he locks them in a room together and makes them hash it out.

• that was his biggest fucking mistake and regrets every second of it because the second they came out of the room all buddy buddy and saw the mischievous look in their eyes he literally DIED

• He learns later on that Gabe stashed a photo album in the trunk of the charger specifically for this purpose (he had hope one day his brother would get laid and he could show them how much he lil baby wiener hadnt changed +dont make me get into the nsfw shit ill be here for 6 years) anyways he sees Daisy and Gabe in the kitchen in the base with the whole gang surrounding them (they hadnt been there at first but coulson got one good look at baby reyes and texted the whole squad) he goes over to see what their looking at bc hey we’re all friends here but the second he gets close enough they literally scatter, daisy and gabe are the only ones who own up to it bc they wanna tease him for the rest of his life (daisy even said that to him and he’s kinda glad because he’s hoping that means she’s gonna be in his life a lot longer)



Haha sorry that my FF banner making game is too weak right now. Just trying to make this real quick. Nothing fancy. Yeah so I was supposed to do this on my birthday, which was on Halloween, because that week was goooooood. So many things happened, so lemme tell you all about it haha. 1) I was called in for a job interview. 2) Yaoicon tweeted me, telling me that I won something. [ Not that big of a prize tho. Just some luggage tags haha but STILL. It felt great xD ] 3) Celebrated Halloween/my birthday with some friends at a house party, Korean restaurant, and karaoke. [ If I get at least 5 messages that says “Post Halloween”, I’ll post 1 or 2 photos from that day hahaha like anyone would care if I post my selfies.4) Gained 1.8K+ followers! You guys are just freaking awesome! Seriously, I reached 1K like 2 months ago and 2 months later, BOOM haha. I love you guys (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ. “You are the source of my joy.”  And lastly, 5) Got hired from said job! I’m not a neet anymore haha *\(^o^)/*. Though, I might not have time to make graphics or even watch my shows on time anymore :’(  ANYWAYS, it was a really great week. So I was like hey, why not do another FF to celebrate those blessed moments and appreciate my followers at the same time? And now, here I am doing this :). (Also, the new tumblr width is probably fucking up the quality of the banner right now (¬_¬). I mean, I wouldn’t know. I’m currently using this extension that brings the width size back to the traditional 500px, so it looks ok now. *sigh~ I hate the new width). Also, whenever I put some punctuation mark to divide your names, it creates a div and just puts them in a new line for some reason. So I apologize if all your names look like they’re in one run-on paragraph “orz. That was the only way to avoid the listing format hehe. If any of you have another solution to this, let me know! I’d highly appreciate it ^^.

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Lisbeth Salander Solves the Mystery of Why Doughnuts Are Delicious

Me: I have a mystery for Lizbeth Salander. WHY ARE DOUGHNUTS SO DELICIOUS?

Melinds: Lisabeth Salander got up and put on a t-shirt with an angsty slogan. She started her iBook and browsed through people’s hard drives while she brewed a pot of coffee and ate a sandwich. She was looking for an answer to a question that Kalle Fucking Blomkvist had posed: Why are donuts so delicious?

She had thought about this during her time at Kronsplanberga when she danced with Miriam Wu and then went to Rutabegga where they both had beers. She then looked at Trotskopa’s hard drive with the file marked <Answer to Donut Question> which she found in two minutes.

She poured a cup of coffee and looked at her Krom and Ikvuahl bookshelves she had gotten from Ikea. As she sipped her coffee, she opened the Word document which said “It’s self evident, since they are fried and sugary and a combination of everything good.” Satisfied, she closed her iBook.

I’ll never tell that fucker Blomkvist.