Ok you know what pisses me off the most about the Agents of SHIELD fandom?

People who are wishing for it to be canceled.

And look, I’ve said the same thing about Arrow and I ignore it when people say it about my favorite shows, but let me tell you a little something.

Agents of SHIELD is the most diverse cast I’ve ever seen. Who is the biggest badass? A middle aged Asian woman. Who was her ex husband? A black man. Who is the young protagonist? Another Asian woman. Who is the big strong mechanic? Another black man. Who are the two Inhumans they recruit? A Colombian who had to learn English and a gay Latino man who frequently spoke Spanish with her.

There’s a lot more, but I think you get my point.

And who’s the main love story? Two white people who aren’t even American. I mean, hell, even their white people are diverse.

And some of you are mad about what happened with Ward and Lincoln, and some of you don’t like where this story is going, but this show has done so much for diversity. I hated how shows like Arrow can be considered diverse just because of one black person. No. Give me my Asians and Hispanics and gays and privileged people and people from the streets and people of all ages and people in interracial relationships.

As a comic book fan who has read Secret Warriors, I love Agents of SHIELD. There were admittedly some things they did I wouldn’t have agreed on, but it’s an interpretation of the story (an actual interpretation and not just shitting on the source material).

If you don’t like the show, fine. Don’t watch it. But don’t you dare call for its cancellation. People on this site are always calling for diversity, and if a show like this is cancelled, they won’t look straight at the story. They’ll look at the people representing it.


Reasons to watch Agents of SHIELD
↳ “Female friendship is a sacred, beautiful, wonderful, supportive thing, and to be able to portray that, it just raises the stakes somehow if you really care for each other and you’d do anything to save them.” - Elizabeth Henstridge [x

Deleted scene from the next AOS episode:
  • Robbie:So Fitz-
  • Mack:-me and the guys were wondering-
  • Coulson:-we need advice on how to win over our respective ladies and since you're the only one in a committed relationship, we were hoping you could share some pointers.
  • Fitz:Wellllllllll-
  • Robbie, Coulson, and Mack:*take out their phones to take notes*
  • Fitz:First you need to wait ten years before you even think about asking her out.
  • Robbie:Uhhhh-
  • Fitz:Then, get betrayed by your brother figure, leading you into a situation where you have to sacrifice yourself for your girl. Then for the next few months, miscommunicate like your lives depended on it.
  • Mack:Fitz this isn't really-
  • Fitz:Then if all of this goes accordingly, she'll admit her feelings to you before you go into another life and death situation. But then she'll get sent off to some mythical death place where she'll fall for some random dude. Don't worry, it's temporary and has no true long term consequences.
  • Coulson:Fitz! We just needed some simple tips-
  • Fitz:Then, get into a heated argument with her, which should lead into the two of you passionately kissing. That step is one of my favorites. Afterwards, it should be smooth sailing once the random guy dies and you two reset your relationship because of all that shit I said earlier. Was that helpful?
  • Robbie:...
  • Coulson:...
  • Mack:...
The Ghost

🔸Ghost Rider is perfect. They have, so far, done a phenomenal job of encapsulating Robbie Reyes. I was soooo nervous, not gonna lie guys, but I really think they pulled it off.
🔸Daisy is a full on badass so that’s happening. Excuse me, I meant Quake. 😏
🔸 Jemma Simmons as a brilliant boss lady moving up in the ranks…i’m here for this.
🔸Who in the fuckety fuck is the Director now?
🔸 I never thought in all of my wildest Marvel Nerd dreams that I would get a fight scene in the very first episode between Daisy ‘Quake’ Johnson and Ghost Rider but that shit happened.
🔸A.I.D.A. CREEPS ME OUT but that means the actress is doing a kick ass job. 👍🏼
🔸Coulson is still the same lovable nerd. May is still the same lovable badass.
🔸Damn, Yo-Yo. Caliente 🔥 She has got it for Mack in a bad way😍😂.
🔸Fitz, please do not get into this shit. This fool is not a role model.

In summary… The episode was amazing and I am so pumped for this season. How am I supposed to wait a week for the next one?!