Things we need to see in season 5
  • Daisy becoming the director of SHIELD
  • FitzSimmons wedding (and Fitz’s mom is definitely there)
  • Daisy getting a girlfriend (boyfriends just don’t seem to work for her, do they?)
  • Philinda leaving SHIELD and just being together (seriously, these two had enough)
  • More MackElena

Robbie: See you around, Daisy.

Coulson: Please stay. Please please please stay.

Robbie: What?

Coulson: I know how capable and badass agent daughter is but you two clearly have thing and it makes me feel better knowing she had a guardian devil watching her back.

Mack: You mean agent Johnson.

Coulson: That’s what I said.

Fitzsimmons: Well….

Coulson: I know what I said!

Daisy: Thanks dad.

Coulson: Dad?!

May: Don’t act surprised Phil. I saw you ordering that custom “my daughter is a badass inhuman” bumper sticker.


Elena: Padre orgulloso.


I loved all the Doctor Strange references in the finale - the portal of course but also that teleporting battle. It was very cool - as cool as movies even on TV budget.

I also loved the Avengers-like food eating post final battle moment.

But the best part was Daisy convincing Fitz not to make the same mistake she did at the end of last season. Not to torture himself for things he had no control over. Not to leave the team for their own good when they want him to say. Not to take all the blame for everything that happened. They all tell him they are stronger together and that they want to face the future together.


Stop Erasing Women of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2K16