Consider - An au in which NYPD Captain Nick Fury and his team are in charge of solving the murder of Howard and Maria Stark. 

In his line of work, cases with high profile figures were always a mess. And in the case of this car accident, Fury was already getting a headache from the amount of paper work he was going to have to do. 

The media spent weeks broadcasting all their theories and stories. One day it was a tragic accident. An hour later, it would be a conspiracy by the government, meant to silence Howard Stark for his weapons work. Minute-by-minute, everyone in the country was talking about the case.

Then again, with the number of enemies the Starks had, Fury wouldn’t even be surprised if any of those theories turned out to be true.

And unfortunately, high profile cases meant working alongside the assholes FBI agents, who barged in the second the name ‘Stark’ was announced. Thankfully, Coulson was more than well versed at playing diplomacy, than the rest of Fury’s team combined. 

(May was almost ready to toss one of them out a window, and Hill almost had to physically restrain her.)

And on top of all the stress? Fury was saddled with dealing with the orphaned Anthony Stark. Director Carter would’ve been option number one, but unfortunately, she was across the pond stuck in negotiation meetings. 

Edwin Jarvis was still in the hospital recovering from protecting little Anthony from kidnapping attempts one and two, so child protective services would’ve been ideal option number three. But after being almost-kidnapped another two times, the commissioner thought the next best thing was to saddle Fury himself with the toddler.

(”I’ve got the rest of my agents spread thin,” argued Commissioner Pierce,“The best bet is to keep Anthony within the precinct. You and the rest of your team can take turns keeping an eye on him. I don’t care if you have work to do, so do the rest of us. Figure it out.”)

Which is how Fury ended up sitting in his converted break room, staring down at a gurgling two year old. 

He actually managed to hand the kid off to everyone else for the past week, always somehow managing to find something to do, and it became weirdly normal seeing the rest of the team pitch in to take care of the kid. 

Coulson took to making sure that all of Tony’s food was carefully measured and labeled in the fridge. Fitz and Simmons were always coming up with new games and toys for Anthony to play with. Skye even went out and bought a bunch of small blankets and books to read to him before his nap. 

So Fury would never admit it, but he honestly had no idea what to do now that he was faced with the small child. The toddler was surprisingly quiet but still liked to stick anything he could into his mouth.

”That’s because he’s teething,” replied May, who promptly scooped the crying toddler into her arms. Fury watched in astonishment as she rocked him from side to side, quieting the fussing child. “There you go Tony. That’s better hmm?”


She rolled her eyes at him. “That’s his name, according to the notes that Edwin Jarvis sent over. He cries when you call him Anthony.”

And before he could protest, she carefully placed Tony back into Fury’s arms. “Don’t drop him. And don’t forget to feed him.”

Fury froze as Tony snuggled closer into him with a sigh. May snorted.

“Don’t look so afraid. Just sit there and make sure he gets at least half an hour of sleep before you move.”

She left the room with a wave, and Fury reluctantly lowered himself into the rocking chair in the corner.

(Half an hour later, the rest of the team take turns sneaking in to snap pictures of their sleeping Captain, clutching little Tony to his chest.)

After that…it was surprising for the rest of the team to see how naturally Fury took to childminding.

(“Yes? Anything the matter officers?”

The rookie officers stared bug eyed at their commanding officer, as Fury stared them down, absentmindedly rocking the car seat with a napping Tony.

And before they could get a word in Fury narrowed his eyes at them. “Whisper. If you wake him up, you get the job of getting him to fall back asleep.)

Coulson paused as he enters the interrogation room from behind the one-way mirror. With the recent break and arrests in the case, he expected the interrogations to take a little longer than usual. 

Then again, only Fury could look even more intimidating as usual, even with Tony strapped to his chest.

(Coulson secretly snaps another photo, making sure to angle the camera so only Fury and Tony are in the frame. He mentally notes to print this one for the scrapbook. 

After all, their time with Tony might be short, but it’ll be nice to have a memory of it. He has a copy framed for Fury for Christmas.) 

Coulson: “So what happened when I was gone?”

Mack: “Fitz turned into The Doctor and programmed a robot to shoot me in the thigh and hold Jemma and Deke at gunpoint.”

Daisy: “I got my powers back against my will when Fitz forcefully operated on me without anesthesia and my consent which I’m still in physical and emotional pain from and trying to process.”

May: “My daughter who can see the future is here. Also, I love you.”

Deke: “FitzSimmons are my grandparents! And Jemma might be pregnant with my mom right now.”

Mack: “Jemma almost drank phosphoric acid to prove that she’s invincible. Elena thinks she can’t die because she saw her future self. They locked me in Fitz’s cell and flew out of the country.”

Piper: “I’ve been reading Wikihow articles for my medical training.”