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Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear

Possibility for 4x13.

Basically, Philinda has destroyed me.

“They say the mother was the one that made everyone crazy with her powers. Agent May took them all on.”

Melinda looked down at her hands–still shaking from the fight. She felt a deep sense of relief that she couldn’t explain, knowing that the precious little girl behind her was safe. But there was a weight in her gut, telling her that something was off. Something about this felt…surreal.

“The Cavalry went in after all.”

Melinda drew her eyebrows together at the word “Cavalry.” Her fist tightened unconsciously. What was going on? She felt like she was still fighting, though the battle in the warehouse was behind her now. Something was wrong. Something was missing. Like a puzzle piece that someone was trying to force into a space it didn’t belong.

Melinda picked up her phone and dialed a familiar number, hoping that talking to Andrew would settle her down.

“I did it, Andrew.” Melinda’s voice wobbled as she spoke, the raw emotion bringing a teary smile to her face. She looked back for confirmation. Yes, she was still there. She wasn’t dreaming. She saved her. She saved the girl.

“Thank you,” the girl whispered.

Melinda turned back and repeated the thought out loud. “I saved the girl.”

Saying it out loud brought fresh tears to her eyes. At first, she thought they were tears of joy–she had been so worried about the girl’s safety. But the tears kept coming. And they felt more like tears of loss and heartache than of relief.

Melinda took in a shaky breath and looked around. Her thoughts felt muddled. Something was wrong. Something was missing. Someone was missing.


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The Devil You Know Part 41

Beginning: The Devil You Know Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Mentions of Violence. Mentions of torture

The Devil You Know Part 41

Chapter 74

Everyone tried to stay strong as they watch the whip contacting with Melinda’s back. They took a deep breath in as Eric pulled the whip back. They let out a gasp when he throw his arm forward, making the whip crack again against Melinda’s flesh. 

Some of them couldn’t bare it the site they were seeing. They had to turn away when blood started to soak Melinda’s shirt. Even the wives couldn’t stand watching Negan’s punishments being carrying out. Amber started to cry as she huddle against one of the other wives.

Though the wives were protected by the rules and were above most that were set. They still fear to break them or even tempt to break them. Yes women, weren’t ever to be harm, specially Negan’s wives. 

But here, a woman that Negan constantly ask to be his wife. A woman whose child he claims as his own. A woman that he has done dark things for and cares for, was being whipped. They fear someone day, they would meet the end of Eric’s whips or worse, the end of Lucille.

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would you like fries with that?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.– would you like fries with that?– Melinda May, Leopold Fitz, Jemma Simmons (MayFitzSimmons, Fitzsimmons)

If Melinda May and late night chicken nuggets can’t help you solve your problems, you’re probably doomed.

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The Devil You Know Part 20

The Devil You Know Part 20

Warning: Cussing. Smut

Chapter 32

“Negan.” Melinda said, knocking on his bedroom. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah doll.” Negan said from the other side of the door. Melinda opened the door and walked inside, closing the door behind her. “Have a fucken seat doll. I just got to finish this fucken paperwork real quick.”

“Paperwork?” Melinda said, as she took a seat on his couch.

“Will more like a fucken list.” Negan said, looking up at her. “We had to use some of our hardware supplies to fix the fucken pipes that busted.” He looked back down and started writing again. “So I’m making a fucken list of what stuff we need to restock and other stuff we may fucken need.”

“Don’t forget the chain lock for my door and my pipes for the bombs.” Melinda said and Negan looked up at her. “What?” She smile at him as he rise an eyebrow at her. “What can I say? I’m a type of girl that likes to blow shit up.”

“Fuck yeah you are.” Negan said, smiling at her. “Like I said before doll, you are fucken scary. But I like that, cause it makes me all tinging inside.”

“Your a dork.” Melinda said, shaking her head.

“My dick a size of a fucken dork.” Negan said, sitting the paperwork down beside him. “Won’t you fucken come over here and sit on my fucken lap, so you can get a fucken feel.”

“Okay.” Melinda said stand up and making Negan’s face light up. “I’m going to go.”

“Come on doll.” Negan said, grabbing her hand. “I was just fucken joking, will kinda. But like I fucken said, I won’t fucken force you to do something you don’t want to do.”

“I”m curious about something Negan.” Melinda said as he let go of her hand. “What if a wife marries you but doesn’t want to have sex, like ever. Do you leave her?”

“I never had a fucken woman tell me no.” Negan said, smiling. “But if she fucken did.” His face became serious. “Then yeah, I’ll fucken leave her. I don’t want her in a fucken relationship she doesn’t fucken want to be in. All my wives have a fucken choice be with me or fucken go. If they want to go, I won’t fucken stop them. Unlike some fucken men, I know no means fucken no.”

“Will I guess it’s a good thing we won’t be getting married.” Melinda said walking over to the door. “Cause you’ll be divorce me right afterwards.”

“I fucken doubt that doll.” Negan said, standing up and taking off his jacket as Melinda turned back towards him. “I’m pretty fucken sure, once you fucken say yes to marry me.” He toss his jacket on the couch and walked over to her. “You’ll keep fucking saying yes.”

“Someone is full of himself.” Melinda said, smirking at him. “We should get going. Dinner is getting cold and Zoe is waiting with Joe.”

“They can fucken wait.” Negan said, pinning her against the door with his. “I want to fucken show you..” He place his hands on her hips. “That I can get any fucken woman.” He ran his finger tips up the side of her body, making her shiver. “Say yes. Even you doll.”

“Negan, I don’t…” Melinda was cut off when Negan ran his fingers tips to her back and up her spin. “I…”

“If you fucken want me to stop doll.” Negan said, lean down and kissing her neck. “All you just got to fucken say is…”  He pulled back and blow on the moist skin, making her shiver again. “Stop.”

Negan started rubbing her hipbones, making her hips grind against his. She let out a gasp, when she felt how hard Negan was. He rubbed her hips faster, making her grind against him more.

“Want me to fucken stop doll?” Negan said, kissing up to her ear. “Or do you fucken want me to make those fucken legs of yours shake for days?”

“Negan.” Melinda said, placing her hands on his shoulders, pulling him close so she could whisper in his ear. “Fuck me.”

He groan at her words and started kissing her neck as he pulled her off the door. He wrapped his arms around her as he started kissing up her neck and to her mouth. Soon as they kiss, a jolt went through their bodies and the kiss became more tense. They both moan into the kiss, as their hands started travling over each others bodies.

“Fuck doll.” Negan said, pulling back and taking off his shirt. “You fucken taste sweet.” He started kissing her again as he spun her around and lead her to his bed. “I fucken wonder what else taste fucken sweet.”

“Your about to find out.” Melinda said digging her nails into his shoulders and Negan let out a groan. She drag them over his shoulder and down his chest, making him hiss. “Told you, I’ll only do you dirty.”

“And like I fucken told you doll.” Negan said, taking off her shirt and tossing it on the ground. “It’s just the fucken way I like it.”

Negan took her lips again as he wrapped his arms around her. He lifted up with ease and they both feel onto the bed. Melinda wrapped her arms around his neck, but Negan grabbed both of her hands, pinning them to the bed.

“Time for a fucken taste.” Negan said as he started kissing down her neck. Then down her breast and kiss down her stomach. When he got to the top of her pants, he took a deep breath through his nose. “Fuck me, doll. Your smell even smells fucken sweet.”

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Negan started kissing her stomach again when they heard a knock. He let out a frustrated groan against her stomach.

“Negan.” Melinda said and he looked up at her, with hunger in his eyes. “Just ignore it Negan, ignore it.” Another knock was heard as he started kissing her stomach. “Just keep ignoring it, Negan.” He started to undo her pants. “Negan.”

He started to slide her pants and panties down as the knocking continue. But all Negan could hear, was Melinda saying his name over and over again. Then the knocking stopped and the door open up.

“Negan?” Melinda said, standing in the door way. “Sorry for coming in here but Simon said you should be in here. Negan?” Melinda stepped into the room and looked around, only to find it empty. “I guess he already left.”

Melinda turned around to leave when she stop when she heard a nose. She stood there and listen. Melinda could hear someone say her name. She listen more and heard her name being called, by Negan.

“Negan?” Melinda said, walking around his large room. She saw a door slightly opened and her name being called again. “Negan?”

She went to the door and push it open all the way, slowing. Melinda froze in place in the doorway. Her eyes widen when she saw Negan in the bathtub. He had his eyes closes and had his hand down his pants. He was moaning her name over and over again as he kept touching himself.

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Melinda finally snapped out of it and grabbed the door knob. She slowing close the door back up and stepped away from it. Melinda turned around on her heels and headed towards the door.

“Will dinner is going to be awkward.” Melinda said, putting the lock on the door and closing it behind her.

The Devil You Know Part 21 

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(If you're hurting) Lay it all on me

“Not now, Phil.” He heard her hard voice coming from the chair to his right. He could tell she was clenching her teeth; another sign she was trying to keep her emotions in check. She couldn’t fool him.

Also on AO3.

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