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Happy Galentine’s Day, from the ladies of SHIELD!
                      “Ladies celebrating ladies. It should be a national holiday.”


Imagine Getting Amnesia And Forgetting The Team

For Anon (prepare yourself my dear)

“(Y/N) you scared us! How do you feel?” a girl with light almost reddish hair asks. You blink and look around. You don’t recognize this place and you don’t know who this (Y/N) is.

“Where am I? Who are you? Who am I?” you question and sit up slowly. Your head hurts bad. The girl gapes and starts to splutter out words. You appear to be in a lab?

“Oh no. Oh this is bad. FITZ!” she screams. You flinch at the loudness. A curly haired man runs in wearing a plaid shot with a huge darker skinned man behind him.

“Who are you two?” you ask and they freeze.

“Oh my god” the curly haired one mumbles.

“This is bad” the huge one says.

“Will someone please tell me what’s going on?” you demand annoyed now.

“Someone call May she’ll want to know” the girl orders looking nervous. The name May makes your stomach flip.

“WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!” They all jump in surprise.

“I’m Jemma your best friend and doctor. You appear to have amnesia” the girl explains. “But I suppose you still have basic knowledge just not your identity or ours.”

“I’m Fitz your best gay friend and this is Mack my huge boyfriend” the curly haired one states and gestures to the larger man. You nod understanding and take a deep breath. Fitz goes to an intercom and mumbles a few words into it.

“Thank you.” In a minute more people are sprinting in breathing hard and demanding answer from Jemma. One tall gorgeous silent women just looks at you gritting her teeth. The look makes you a little disappointed for some reason.

“Is the amnesia temporary?” a middle aged man, who has an aura of power around him, asks.

“Only time will tell” Jemma replies and everyone groans.

“Please introduce yourselves and your imprudence to me I’m really fucking confused!” you growl.

“I’m Skye your best friend and your sister” a brunette with a frown on her face. “We’re twins. You seriously can’t remember?” Tears are gathering in her eyes and you shake your head.

“No I can’t” you admit. “But I do feel sad about it.” This doesn’t comfort Skye.

“I’m Bobbi we were friends as well” a blonde lady with curly hair remarks.

“I’m Lance your Tuesday night gossip buddy” a man with a light southern accent drawls.

“I’m Phil your and Skye’s adopted father” the older guy in charge introduces.

“I’m Melinda May you’re…” the strong gorgeous Asian women pauses. “Wife.” Your stomach drops as you stare. You’re married!? Suddenly you feel really sick. You forgot your own wife!?!

“Oh my god. I’m gonna be sick. How could I forget this?” you exclaim and hold your head. “You guys are like my family right?!?”

“Yes we are” Bobbi answers.

“I forgot my own family!!” you yell and punch the bed you’re lying in.

“Calm down” May orders and puts a soothing hand on your arm. Her touch feels familiar and homey. You’re instantly calm. But the you’re angry again when you see their hopeful heartbroken faces. You feel guilty even though losing your me sort isn’t your fault.

“Stop. Stop just stop. Stop looking at my like that” you hiss and push Mays hand away. You stand up abruptly and storm out of the room.

Over the next weeks May seems to disappear completely the only way you know she’s alive is because Skye occasionally mentions her. You find out a lot about yourself from each person still around but it does nothing to help you remember.

You miss May a lot. You don’t remember what you had but you still feel something. But you can’t remember.

Growling you concentrate hard on May. Your head starts to hurt and you start to groan but you keep concentrating. You keep digging. You concentrate so hard you black out.

When you wake up May is sitting over you looking extremely worried.

“I was so scared you’d died” she breathes out and just kisses you.

It all connects back into place when she does.


You watch from behind the table you’re hiding behind as the SHIELD agents get overwhelmed by the local warlords. The marketplace is destroyed, which is a shame.

Seeing the woman with short brown hair get knocked down once again, you stand up and run to the center of the dirt road. “Everybody get down!” You scream.

You don’t wait for anyone to follow through with your order. Raising your hands to the sky, huge thunder clouds form above, crackling with heat lightning, but no rain. There isn’t enough moisture in this godforsaken desert for you to create rain.

So, you’ll use lightning.

The wind picks up, and your headscarf blows off, exposing your face to the sand whipping around you in circles. Twisting your right wrist, three bolts of lightning strike the men on your right, and when you twist you’re left wrist, the men on your left fall.

After all of the men are unconscious, you lower your hands and fall to your knees. The last thing you see is the SHIELD agent you saved kneeling over you with an African-American man, asking if you’re all right. Then the world disappears and everything goes black.

You shoot awake, gasping for air, before you feel hand on your arm. Turning your head, you see the SHIELD agent from before. “Hey, you’re safe, you’re safe.”

Sitting up, you back away from her. “Where am I? Who are you?”

“My name is Skye and I’m with SHIELD. We’re at our base because you really exerted yourself back there. We wanted to make sure you were safe as a thank you for saving our lives.”

Relaxing a little bit, you lean back on the bed, looking around the all white room. “When can I go back?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.”


She winces. “The locals aren’t very happy a witch was living in their village.”

You close your eyes. “Perfect. That’s the fifth time this year.”

The two of you are silent for a moment before Skye asks, “So when did you get your powers?”

“I was born with them. Made my life hard from the beginning.”

She frowns and leans back in her chair. “So, you’re not Inhuman.”

“Most people prefer the term monster.”

She cracks a grin. “You know, even though you’re not Inhuman, you could stay here and work for SHIELD. Save lives.”

“Is that a job offer?”

“I guess. I’m forming a team for people like us, and you’d be a great person to have on it.”

You cock your head to the side. “Is there a catch?”

She shakes her head. “No.”

“Then I’ll think about it. Thank you, Skye.”

She shakes her head again. “No, thank you.” And then she’s walking out of the room, closing the door behind her.



 ■ jemma simmons as natasha romanoff protege;

 ■ leo fitz as clint barton protege;

“Даже у героев есть свои слабости. Герои не бессмертны. Рано или поздно их славе приходит конец, а их силы теряют свою мощь. Наталья Романова была из тех героев, которые проиграли битву…// Even heroes have their weaknesses. Heroes are not immortal. Sooner or later, their fame comes to an end, and their forces lose their power. Natalia Romanova was one of those heroes who lost the battle…”

the idea comes from this amazing one she deserves all the praise!


Tips for the AOS fandom at school:

• the SKYE is the limit
• stop GRANTing and move forWARD
• melinda MAY you do all your homework
• PHIL in all the blanks even if you don’t know the answer
• you don’t have to FITZ in to be cool
• JEMMA to rock music when you’re stressed


The world is full of evil and lies and pain and death, and you can’t hide from it. You can only face it. The question is, when you do, how do you respond? Who do you become?


while all skyward has to do is l o o k at each other and it’s like B A M.