On the Phone - Jai Courtney (SMUT WARNING)

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Word count: 646
Inspiration: I’m horny for Jai. This literally took ten minutes to think of and write.

Being the girlfriend of a successful actor, like Jai, definitely had its ups and downs. Unfortunately you were experiencing a downside. Your boyfriend had finished filming his latest project a while ago and he had been home for a good amount of time, but now he was on the press tour. One of your least favourite things about dating Jai was how much you missed having him around when he was away for so long.

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anonymous asked:

Would would you have the biggest crush on out of jai's characters?

For sure Varro - surprise! haha. He is over all just a really good, caring, kind man. I dig that. At the same time he was really willing to fight for what he wanted and believed in. Another plus. 

Honourable Mention to Det. Jim Melic. Like Varro, Jim is a genuine good guy. He cares about others and he fights for what he believes. 

Iced Coffee

by primefairy

Ben just dropped out of school, and is trying to get his shit together by working at his local coffee shop/bookstore. And tbh I don’t know how someone like him will function in the real world but I guess you and I are going to figure it out ourselves. └(・-・)┘

Words: 622, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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