Customize Macbook Pro Desktop

by Aidan Melen

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Changing Applications Icon Instructions

1. open the image you would like to use.
2. highlight the image and copy (cmd-c or edit -> copy) it into clipboard
3. (right click) the icon you wish to change and select “Get Info”
4. select the small icon representation on the top left (edges should be blue)
5. paste you Icon image (cmd-v or edit -> paste)


6. open the Terminal application (If you don’t know what that is, try searching Spotlight)
7. paste this command “killall Dock” (no quotes) and press enter

or restart your computer…

this will reset the dock and apply your icon!  

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anonymous asked:

I'm going to spell your name with every letter of the alphabet. IN REVERSE ORDER; Zelen, Yelen, Xelen, Welen, Velen, Uelen, Telen, Selen, Relen, Qelen, Pelen, Oelen, Nelen, Melen, Lelen, Kelen, Jelen, Ielen, Helen, Gelen, Felen, Eelen, Delen, Celen, Belen, Aelen. Melen is my personal fav because it sounds like melon. Also lelen is kinda like lemon. TANGYYYYYY

sothie really. i’m not posting all the asks. This is the one I found most amusing

Thank Y'all:

The beauty of melenated peoples that I have seen on my dash on such a glorious day has brought tears to my eyes. BlackOut is such a wonderous thing; If only we could have this much love for one another in the real world, that would be something.

Arduino Motion Box

by Aidan Melen

Project Objective:

Turn on a house appliance with infrared motion!

Project Materials:

  • 18 gauge wire connecting high voltage to the relay - $1.00

Approximate Total Price: $20

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So instead of making a new inquisitor I made two. I’ve created Nayla another Elf and Melen a Qunari. If only you could have longer hair for them. *sigh*. But I have 4 inquistors now *squeaks*. Nelda, Nessa and Nayla my Elves and Melen my Qunari. Also, seeing as Nel, Nes and Nay are all from clan Lavellan (default dalish clan) I imagine the three being sisters, even though all 3 couldnt be the inquisitor but #yolo Nel the eldest, Nes the middle, and Nay youngest