“How does she shine without dimming my light?” the moon says,
I learned the power of waiting
Till her light burns through my jacket,
I will wait
In centuries of waiting, she has never asked me how bright she could shine
Never asked if her light bothered me .
So I wonder why humans ask permission to shine their light
If they reflect
The Sun"
- Priscilla Azaglo

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Beyonce: [In strong southern drawl] Fuck y’all. Men suck. I’m black. My baby black. I run the world. Bow down bitches.

Solange: I am a melenated empress that is often afflicted with the struggle and frustration of my people, and yet blessed to see them create works of wonder in spite of our collective burden.

Part Of Us (Legolas X Reader)

Originally posted by imaginelegolas

Requested by an anon, who wanted a one-shot where female!reader meets Legolas for the first time. This is in the LOTR universe.

You arrived in Rivendell after receiving word a few days ago from Lord Elrond to be there. There had been rumor that the dark lord had returned, and Elrond needed a few folks to accompany the young hobbits who were going on a mission to destroy the ring.

You were quite nervous about meeting the ones who would be joining you. The meeting in the council room was nothing short of awkward, but you befriended the one they called Legolas. He was the son of the elvenking Thranduil, and it turned out that many years ago, he had met Gimli’s father in Mirkwood.

It was nearly time to begin the meeting, and you found nowhere else to sit but beside of Legolas. He greeted you with a warm smile.

  “Good evening Y/N. I trust you found Rivendell to your liking?”

  “Indeed, very much so.” You replied in haste. “Is this your first mission Legolas?”

He shook his head. “No, it’s not. But it certainly will not be the last if the Valar permit.” He chuckles lightly. “What about you?”

  “Yes this is my first mission. I went on outings with my father many moons ago, but I have never been on foot on my own before.” You said nervously.

He nodded his head understandingly. You had heard tales that the wood-elves were cold and distant, but this one seemed oddly different. He was friendly and was everything that a prince was meant to be. His father certainly would be proud.

His gaze turned back to you. “I sense your nerves Y/N. Do not worry about the coming days. The ranger, Aragorn, will protect us and so will I. You are a part of us and nothing will hurt you as long as we are around.”

You thanked him and allowed your nerves to ease with the thought that you had many protectors on your side. You were surprised at the stubbornness of the hobbits and how tough they seemed, but you had a special bond with Legolas that evening.

  “Thank you Legolas. I hope that we can have a friendship during this journey.” You smiled at him.

  “I certainly hope so too. Friends are hard to come by in these times. Melen.”

Your eyes widened as he said that. “What did you just call me?”

He grinned slightly. “It means friend…in elvish.”

You blushed and accepted his new nickname for you. You’d have to use it more often. As he said, “You are a part of us…”

SEEDS | XMas Drabbles #11

Pairing: Thranduil/Reader
Based on this prompt by @little-red-83 & this imagine by imaginexhobbit.

Prompt: “Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!”,  “I love you for you, don’t you dare think otherwise!” & “You can’t leave me in the dark. You have to tell me these things.”

A/N: Fluff alert! Your heart will melt. (Hopefully)

Thranduil loved laying on the fields of the river valley, staring up at the stars. It was peaceful, at night, with no men from Dale or Esgaroth frequenting the shores for trade. And it was safe, with the kingdoms deterring any crime for fear of fatal punishments.

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Sim: Rikaya

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No Goodbyes.

     -{  It is late spring, the birds outside are flitting about their business, calling out in cheery tunes. Thranduil usually appreciated their songs, going so far as to pause in his tasks to listen. Not today. Today marks the fourth month of the thirty-three year rule of Bard, King of Dale. The once proud and, dare he say, boisterous man is confined to his bed today, as he has been for every day of the past seven months. His smiles are as broad as the Mirkwood is wide, and it pains Thranduil to see it. Even as Bard comes to realize that he can no longer hug his grandchildren without the assistance of four pillows stacked behind him, he smiles.

     Thranduil sits himself on the edge of the bed, sweeping a hand across the blankets to smooth them. They were beautifully embroidered and rich in their fabrics, a gift of two years past. He feels a knot form in the base of his throat, choking him as he remembers that it took them four long and foolish years to recognize and accept their feelings for one another. Thranduil wishes that with all his power, that he might change history. But today he is not powerful. Today he wears no crown, no lavish robes. Today is not for him.

      A hand, wrinkled and ravaged by time draws him out of his own mind. “Meleth nín.” His voice is quiet, choked by the grief that he refuses to acknowledge. Not yet. He is here to be a comfort, not a source of pain. He refuses to allow his tears to blur the vision of his lover’s last moments.

     “N'uir thiad dhîn ‘ell, Thranduil, Gilgalad nín.” His voice is so weary, the elvish on his tongue so heavy even after all these years. Bard laces their fingers together. He is weak, and just that movement takes so much from him. Thranduil can hear the frail beating of his heart, hears that it is slowed. His body is tired, though his spirit still breathes fire into Thranduil’s own. 

      How vehemently he curses the mortality of men.

      Bard’s breathing is almost non-existent now, and his children are kneeling, their heads bowed in prayer. Wherever Bard is going, Thranduil cannot follow. His spirit belongs in Valinor with the woman he pledged his soul to. Not only has he failed her, but he has lost again what he vowed to never lose to begin with.

      Thranduil lays himself next to Bard, pale hair fanning over the edge of the bed. He watches closely the last rises and falls of his beloved’s chest, the grip on Thranduil’s hand fading with his life, and as those beautiful clouded brown eyes shut for the last time, so do the doors to the heart of the Elvenking.  }-


Inside THR’s Tonys Actress Roundtable: Ruth Wilson, Chita Rivera, Kelli O’Hara, Carey Mulligan, Kristin Chenoweth & Helen Mirren.