Today is January 30th, 2014

Doesn’t that sound like a made up year?

And To be totally honest?

By now I expected to getting around by jetpacks

I blame Spy Kids, it gave me unrealistic expectations of the melenium 

But that’s besides the point

I can’t beleieve a year has passed

12 months

365 days 

8,765 Hours

525,949 minutes

31,536,000 seconds


Makes you think huh?

What did you spend all those hours doing

What did you create those weeks and months that left an impact

How did 2013 change you? How did you change the outcome of 2013

If you asked me last January what I thought this year had in store 

I would have told you that I’d be happy if I learned how to smile again

And how badly I wish I could turn to my younger self and assure her that time really does heal even the deepest of scars

We all make those resolutions

Get in shape

Fall in love

Get a promotion

Win the lottery

But in 2013 I set my goals much higher 

I pledged To be fearless

And I was

I am

I said yes

To everything

Well, nearly everything

And as I look back on 2013 I realize it is not defined by a single moment

Not by Friends gained or lost

Bank accounts or material items

It was the journey 

The rises and falls sewn together so perfectly

The seams effortlessly both beautiful and heartwrenching 

I had no idea what 2013 had in store for me

I watched my wildest dreams come true in the blink of an eye

As I sit here, 2014 upon me like a blank page

I no longer feel the gravity of resolutions and unfuffiled expectations

I see possibility

The chance to grow

To change

To embark on yet another journey

And I ask you to come with me

To take my hand, close your eyes, and dive headfirst into the unknown

To make a concious decision to live your life with intentions

Brimming with possibilities, problems and solutuions

I dare you

Make 2014 the first of many years

Let this be it. Your moment. Your year. Your life. 

Starting now.

This is the year it all happens.

I just know it.

101 quotes from Pokemon Jirachi: Wish Maker. Send one in as a starter or for my muses reaction. 

  1. “There are those that are born of our dreams.”
  2. “Not all intentions are pure.”
  3. “The funny thing about wishes is that sometimes they do come true.”
  4. “Last one there’s a slowpoke!”
  5. “Boy, I’m starving.”
  6. “How about we share a ride that’s built for two?”
  7. “This is the best job ever!”
  8. “How bad could it be?”
  9. “I’ve finally found a career for me!”
  10. “You’re too kind.”
  11. “Where are you?”
  12. “I wish you were here, with me.”
  13. “You have to get back to your seat.”
  14. “You must be in showbuisness, because you’re timing is impeccable.”
  15. “Yeah yeah and we’re not really clowns.”
  16. “They’re stuck in a dark place with impending doom and no way out; that sounds like my life.”
  17. “How are we supposed to get out?”
  18. “Do you think they’ll introduce me to that girl?”
  19. “Now THAT’S magic.”
  20. “And now on with the show.”
  21. “This is the best part of the show.”
  22. “I think it’s sleeping.”
  23. “It needs a freind?”
  24. “Now he’s made friends with a big rock.”
  25. “They say Jirachi has the power to grant wishes.”
  26. “You have exelent taste.”
  27. “That’s a wishing star.”
  28. “It’s getting cloudy.”
  29. “That’s a lullaby our mother always sang.”
  30. “The star is calling.”
  31. “It was true.”
  32. “I’ve waited forever for this day.”
  33. “Can you really grant wishes?”
  34. “I wish for lots of candy.”
  35. “It came true.”
  36. “I’m ruined I tell you ruined!”
  37. “Get rid of the problem!”
  38. “What are we going to do with all this candy?”
  39. “How’d you sleep?”
  40. “Are you ok?”
  41. “That’s the pokemon they say can grant wishes.”
  42. “Let’s go place some more!”
  43. “Bet you can’t catch me.”
  44. “Give me my glasses!”
  45. “Here I am.”
  46. “Think it hates clowns?”
  47. “A good magician always has a trapdoor standing by.”
  48. “What can you tell us?”
  49. “I am… so sleepy.”
  50. “Melenium comet, won’t you please make my wish come true?”
  51. “I know what I’m doing.”
  52. “I have a sinking feeling that something terrible is going to happen.”
  53. “I’ve worked so hard and waited so long for this day.”
  54. “Enough of your mumbo jumbo.”
  55. “This isn’t the last you’ll hear from me!”
  56. “Finally I’ll show them!”
  57. “I’m doing it for you.”
  58. “I’ve never wanted this!”
  59. “Now that I have this, we can finally have the last laugh!”
  60. “He wants revenge.”
  61. “Let him get revenge some other way.”
  62. “I thought you of all people would understand my feelings.”
  63. “It’s time.”
  64. “He always had a way of making me smile.”
  65. “It sounds like you guys had lots of fun.”
  66. “It’s all in the wrist.”
  67. “Yeah, I did it!”
  68. “What’s wrong?”
  69. “Sometimes friends have to go away.”
  70. “Do you like it?”
  71. “You have a big day ahead tomorrow.”
  72. “Hey check it out.”
  73. “I don’t want you to go!”
  74. “I wish you didn’t have to go, so we could stay together forever.”
  75. “You’re mad.”
  76. “Let’s do this just like we rehearsed it.”
  77. “Do you think I’m blind?”
  78. “I’m coming with you.”
  79. “Get rid of them!”
  80. “Stop that machine!”
  81. “Get on.”
  82. “Can you hear me?”
  83. “Say something!”
  84. “I was really worried about you!”
  85. “It can’t be.”
  86. “Please tell me you have a plan!”
  87. “They’re trapped inside!”
  88. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”
  89. “If this is the end, then I’m glad the last thing I see is you.”
  90. “I’m not sure I trust any plan of yours.”
  91. “Once I reverse this, it should be ready to go.”
  92. “Here goes nothing.”
  93. “You’re the best.”
  94. “Will grant me one final wish?”
  95. “I couldn’t have wished for anything better.”
  96. “I hope you have sweet dreams.”
  97. “My heart, that’s where you’ll be.”
  98. “Is this an illusion or am I just seeing things.”
  99. “If I could only have one wish it would be to always feel like this.”
  100. “I can’t tell, my lips are sealed.”
  101. “We all have to make our own dreams come true.”