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Okay angstyy anon here. How about "please talk to me" with injured/hurt ladybug? Thank you!

(Thanks to @edendaphne @hchano and @midnightstarlightwrites for helping me brainstorm this one!) 

Ladybug cradled her arm to her chest and bit back a sob of pain.

It had been a mistake.

She should have been smart, she should have waited for Chat to arrive. He was the melee fighter, not her. As much as it killed her sometimes to watch him dive in head first, there was no denying that there was a logic to their partnership. He was designed to take the brunt of the damage while she was supposed to be the attacker.

She had never really put a lot of thought into how much protection the suit could give her. She had never needed to before.

She heard the hurried sound of footsteps darting into the alley behind her, but she didn’t know if she had it in her to run away.


She would know that voice anywhere. He was the reason she was cowering here in the first place.

“Ladybug are you ok?” Adrien said, his breath coming hard and fast from his sprint to chase after her.

She didn’t say anything, tears trailing down her cheeks as she continued to clutch at her injured arm.

She was a failure.

The footsteps stopped and she could feel him drop to the ground behind her.

“Ladybug?” Adrien said again, placing his hand hesitantly on her shoulder.

A choked sob of pain, and exhaustion, and shame forced its way out of her throat and she huddled down further. He shouldn’t see her like this. No one should ever see her like this. She was supposed to be a hero, not a sad, broken girl who literally almost let her infatuation get her killed.

She felt Adrien pull his hand back as if he had been burned, and then hear him shift around so that he was kneeling in front of her.

“Hey, it’s ok,” he said tenderly, “it’s going to be ok.” He reached up and gently brushed her bangs away from her face and she couldn’t resist the pull of his gaze. His smile was kind and calm, but his eyes shone with worry. “Please,” he begged softly, “talk to me.”

“Adrien,” she sobbed, sagging forward into his arms.

“It’s alright, I’ve got you,” he soothed, holding he;2r loosely so as not to jostle her injury. “How badly are you hurt, do you need to go to a hospital?”

She shook her head, seeking comfort in his embrace. “No, I can’t. The Akuma-”

“Can wait,” he interrupted. “What matters right now is are you ok?” He pulled away from her slightly, his hands coming to cradle her face.

“I’m… I’m ok, but I think my arm is broken.”

He nodded pulling off his overshirt and wrapping it around her to make a makeshift sling.

“Don’t drop your transformation, it will be worse for you if you do. Luckily it will all be good as new once you use your powers. It shouldn’t be too hard to get the akuma back to you.”

“I need to call Chat,” she said fumbling for her yo-yo, but Adrien grabbed her hand and held her still.

“He already knows, just relax. We need to get you somewhere safer than this.”

A fresh round of tears burned down her cheeks.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry,” she cried, burying her face into his tee-shirt.  

“What are you talking about? You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“I do I failed!”

“What are you talking about? You are a hero, you saved me.”

“And I was so caught up in trying to impress you that I almost got myself killed! Or worse! I could have lost my miraculous! And now I don’t even know if I can fight. I’m letting down everyone! You, Chat-”

“Hey,” he interrupted, “you haven’t let down anyone. Least of all me.”

She let out a small gasp as he wiped the tears away from her eyes. She felt herself flush under the weight of his smile, his thumbs reverently tracing along her cheeks.

“You… you were trying to impress me?” he asked breathlessly.

“I… well I…” the words died in her throat as he leaned closer, his eyes boring into hers, “yes,” she whispered.

“Why would you do that?” he murmured, his lips pausing just a hair’s breadth away from her own.

“Because.. Because I-” she leaned in the rest of the way. Everything faded except for the glorious sensation of his mouth moving against hers, his hands still cupping her face, holding her as if terrified that she would disappear. He tasted like chocolate and mint and cream, like a rich drink that you just want to savor as it warms you. He nibbled hesitantly on her lower lip and she deepened the kiss, losing herself in the feel of him. He pressed forward, one arm wrapping around her back and she broke away with a cry of pain, her arm trapped between them.

“Sorry! I’m sorry,” he stammered, awkwardly petting her upper arm. “This problem isn’t the right time for… well…” he coughed, his face going scarlet.

He stood and helped her to her feet as well. “We should get you someplace safe and deal with that akuma.” He began leading her out of the alley and back towards the main street towards a familiar cafe. He put an arm around her shoulder and she couldn’t resist leaning her head against him as he guided her into the small shop. It wasn’t until he was settling her down into a chair by the shops fire, the various staff and patrons whispering excitedly at her presence, that his words actually registered.

“I thought you said Chat was dealing with the akuma?” she asked, confused.

“He’s been a little preoccupied,” Adrien laughed nervously, “but I think it’s time he got to work on fetching a butterfly for you, don’t you think My Lady?”

“Adrien?” she gasped, eyes going wide as she stared at him.

He smiled- wide, and happy, and just a little sheepish. He brought her fingertips to his lips and gave them a delicate kiss.

“We’ll talk when I get back,” he said with a wink, the turned and hurried out.

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Since doing cartoon stuff uses up bits of the soul, and Henry presumably has his own, what would happen when/if it ran out? As a cartoon, does he have any unique abilities?

In general, he always feels a little queasy after doing that stuff. Odds are, he’d collapse into a Searcher if he pushed it too far. 

While he has the same basic capabilities as the other toons, it’s his way of approaching it that makes it unique; they do things based on instinct and emotion (i.e. what would be funniest) while he actively thinks about it from the perspective of an animator looking to save time and energy to get the most out of the product. This largely amounts to the same end result, the only big difference being that Henry’s been working at different animation studios so he knows tricks and cheats that Joey’s studio never got behind, like smears and limited animation.

In a world full of magic, destiny and struggle… four heroes emerge.

For a newly initiated plan to build energy towers that protect the Bright Empire from the recently accumulating attacks from a parallel shadow world it is crucial to track down the location of huge crystals that store magical power and such a crystal exactly is in the possession of the Shadani tribe, laying deeply guarded in the holy Temple of Mo…

Elco – The Scientist (Virgo, Aquarius, Aries)

Forward-thinking, pragmatic, quick-witted and responsible, Elco’s task is to provide the Bright Empire with his newest scientific research and inventions. Pretty much considered a genius, Elco caught Queen Lusica’s eye when he was only 14. Searching for new and effective ways to protect the kingdom, Elco was the youngest one ever assigned to be Royal Science Officer. Sadly, one of the experiments went terribly wrong whereupon Elco lost his left arm which got replaced by a mechanical one.

Elco is so much more than he may appear at first: Rational, inventive, ambitious and cynical, he shows a lot of sass when he knows he’s a step ahead of someone. Higher beliefs concerning things like fate or predestination are a lot of mumbo jumbo to him and he’s always relying on his experience and technological know-how. He’s very passionate about the wonders of science and deeply devoted to the few having gained his trust, respect and admiration – most notably his little wife Tilly who was the first-ever to be given an insight into Elco’s inner world.

Elco always keeps a cool head and thinks strategically, which manifests in his (mostly self-designed) energy blasters and short-range guns. He keeps his best innovations for himself to test as he does with his jetpack and armor. Simplicity and functionality create a great deal of a foremost classy working appearance because why not look sophisticated when entering the fray?

Buki – The Warrior (Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer)

Buki grew up without parents but was soon discovered to be skilled in hunting and fighting. Her natural talents were brought forward under the watchful eyes of her fellow tribe members. She is deeply connected to nature, the gods and the traditions of the Shadani tribe which is viewed as rather primitive by many. Although the Shadani are part of the Bright Empire, they’d rather be left in peace concerning royal business. And because of her strong will and eager spirit it is Buki who is sent to fiercely represent the Shadani in the matter of retaining their crystal.

Buki is the incarnation of a fighter spirit: Strong, honorable, deeply spiritual and set in her ways, it goes without saying for her to defend the lifestyle and traditions of her people. As the quartet grows together, Buki’s wise understanding of the world develops even further and she especially forms a tender friendship with Ailish towards whom she is even a litte protective. Buki would never give up her principles but still – she learns as much from others as she inspires others with her questioning way of thinking.

Due to Buki being a melee fighter, her armor protects from physical strikes. Her cat-like appearance and agility though make it hard for the opponent to hit. She uses traditional Shadani weapons that are forged metal claws, one on each hand.

Tal - The Soldier (Sagittarius, Taurus, Pisces)

Tal lost his mother and brother when he was only 14, but still his father Arlo, Commander of the Queen’s Elite Guard, blames him for not having been strong enough to prevent his family’s death. Tal had to learn to grow up on his own which he didn’t quite manage too magnificently for Tal is a real day dreamer, if there ever was one. Because of his by the Royal Household acknowledged skills Tal is assigned to accompany Elco, Queen Lusica’s royal scientist-in-charge, on his important mission…

Tal gives his best, no matter what. He has a strong moral compass and it goes without saying for him what is right and what’s wrong. He is just, focused and of a calming and reassuring aura. Courteous and eager to meet his father’s expectations, Tal is a hopeless idealist and first tries to see the good in a person. He comes across kind, reasonable but also rattled and dreamy and is driven by his determination to do good and to serve the right cause.

Tal is an excellent swordsman wielding the finest blades that are (depending on the kind of enchantment) weakening, cursing or poisoning tools of death. His armor represents the pride of the Bright Empire – shining golden and silver elements combined with maximum protection and practicability.

Ailish – The Princess (Libra, Gemini, Leo)

As a member of the Royal family and the daughter of Queen Lusica herself, Ailish’s duties actually lie with the Court in playing the role of the Royal heir and a lovely princess. Growing up as a talented mage but restricted by her royal status, Ailish could only watch the daily, quirky civil life (which looked a lot more fun and alive to her) from up above her tower window. Her mother wants her to behave herself as it befits a princess and doesn’t quite trust in Ailish’s abilities but she craves for adventure and foremost responsibility. As she sees a chance to prove herself, Ailish decides to follow the handsome soldier Tal – son to the General of the Royal Guard – on a mission…

Ailish is awesome. She’s so sweet, brave, stubborn, open-minded and fiery. She’ll stand up for her friends, cares deeply and possesses the ability to unfreeze people with her naïve and warm-hearted nature. Ailish tends to (re)act rashly but will always account for her decisions. Trusting and forgiving, she has no problem with approaching others and confront them with what she dislikes.

Ailish is a highly skilled witch, able to take it to action using a variety of magic staffs that differ in fire power and magic capabilities. Her armor’s of royal origin and therefore of a unique elegance, it provides maximum flexibility and features white, purple, blue and golden elements.

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Hippolyta once said Kory rivalled Wonder Woman in terms of combat skill. WW is currently considered the best melee fighter in the DC universe, but I think that was stated quite a while after that NTT issue. What sort of skill level do you think she was intended as being? Do you think she’d beat Dick in terms of pure skill (i.e if she got depowered to human levels)? If so, are we talking her being Nightwing/Batman/WW level still? Tbh it’s sad people seem to forget how much a ninja she actually is

For reference: 

[New Teen Titans v1 #13]

I believe that she was intended to be a highly skilled and adaptive warrior that could easily adapt to all forms of combat. As you can see above, Hippolyta tells Raven they’ll see how well Kory handles a battle staff and Kory proves that she’s incredibly skilled because she was instructed in the use of something similar on Okaara:

I absolutely think she could take Dick in a fight if she was de-powered and even though she tends to rely on her starbolts a lot, she’s still a highly skilled fighter. Here’s something that Vic said about her in New Titans:

[New Titans #63]

He says she, Kory, and Raven are the three most powerful Titans and I think this applies to everything about them, not just their power sets. And we can’t forget about the time she beat Donna in Tales:

[Tales of the Teen Titans #42]

Suffice to say, I believe that Kory could definitely be on par with the bigger names of DC Comics but that writers forget/ignore how powerful and skilled she actually is. Hopefully one day, Kory will be able to return to that same skill level with her background as a warrior more fully explored and implemented in her story. 

How much of Azazel is based on Azazel

I’m pretty much a big fan of Azazel (’real’ one) and way back in uni I’ve studied the fallen angels and Watchers a lot. So, I thought I’d just draw some comparisons here (I really don’t have anything better to do). Be mindful, I’m taking into consideration only the Enochian Azazel, not the desert spirit. Though they might be one and the same. And, yeah, it’s all debatable cause no one can scientifically prove anything anyway.

#1. The Fall

Now, that’s a bit of a conjecture, because we don’t know for sure (I didn’t play the game) but in this post is stated that he fell for a human woman. Which could be true because that’s really what happened. In the book of Enoch (grandfather of Noah) Azazel is one of the Watchers - angels tasked with watching (dah) the Earth for god knows what purpose. What they saw though was that daughters of Men were very beautiful and immediately desired them. Their leader Semiazaz gathered his comrades (200 in total, including Azazel) and ventured to Earth where they took them as wives. Their union produced the Nephilim - hybrids said to be literal giants, extremely powerful (also violent because they couldn’t handle well all that power, according to one theory). That was one grave transgression.

#2. Forbidden secrets

Second was, that the fallen angels taught humans secrets not meant for them. Like root-working, astrology, writing, etc. Azazel taught them metal-working and how to make weapons and fight with them (could have taught that together with another angel though). Well, we know that prick is a proficient fighter. Melee fighter, to be precise, as we witnessed many times. He does rely less on magic and more on his martial skill.

Another skill he taught was … cosmetics. I really don’t need to elaborate here lol. Creators of SnB took this part to heart apparently.

Anyway, all that secret knowledge corrupted humankind immeasurably, and it is said Azazel really outdid himself spreading that corruption everywhere. That was probably the inspiration behind his sadistic games with humans in the anime and generally his nasty attitude. I love it though… *blush* 

#3. Rebellion

Well, of course God was furious with insolent whelps and sent other angels to kill Nephilim (publicly, in front of their parents preferably) and punish the Fallen. Which, in turn, sparked the rebellion. Now, that’s where Azazel shined. He spear-headed that rebellion (probably because he was such a skillful warrior) and actually kicked some ass for a time. Alas, it ultimately failed. Obvious parallel with the current situation in anime. His people being subjugated, he secretly resists, eventually starting full-fledged rebellion, but I think we all agree that it’s not going to work. 

Now, in the story Raphael personally cut off his wings and imprisoned him beneath the desert mountain to await the Judgement day. I really don’t want it to end like that (though it would be a really dramatic turn of events). He has such beautiful wings… But we all heard what happened to Mugaro and all other captured demons. Horns and wings are the first things to go in the process of enslaving demons. I wouldn’t put it past Charioce to do just that.

Btw, Nephilim and the legacy of the fallen angels were washed away with the Flood, because God was fed up with their bullshit. Noah and his family survived because they were the only pure-blooded humans left on Earth. How is that for a familiar tale?

#4. Snakes

Truth be told, Azazel is not associated with snakes at all, unless you take into account the symbolism behind snakes in Christianity. Sin and corruption. Also, some attribute the seduction of Eve to Azazel, like, he was the Serpent (he wasn’t even the fallen back then…). But, honestly, let’s leave that to Satan.

#5. Association with Lucifer

Both Lucifer and Azazel has been classified as aspects of Satan in some sources. Which is not the case in this anime and actually is more accurate, as all three are completely different entities (initially) coming from different cultures and eras. Contrary to this anime though (and many other shows), Lucifer and Azazel have nothing to do with each other. There are debates whether there were two separate rebellions of fallen angels or just one, but who knows which one exactly, so really, let’s skip this confusing part.

Anyway, yes, they’re both fallen angels. But Lucifer fell much earlier for completely different reasons (’Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven’, right?). He is the strongest of the two (probably the strongest among demons) because technically Azazel was rank-and-file angel (albeit powerful one) and Lucifer was a cherub, the highest rank in their hierarchy, second only to god (in another angelic hierarchy it’s seraphim), and privy to most of his secrets. Cherubim have multiple sets of wings. Michael and Gabriel might be cherubim too, but honestly angelology is a mess to navigate…

I’m pretty sure they are being constantly thrown together cause they are the most popular in the fallen cadre. I mean, how two such awesome dudes could not know each other?! That being said… I WANT MORE LUCIFER! 

The matter of his current imprisonmnet is quite merky, because it doesn’t stop Azazel from spreading his influence as a demon. According to some demonology sources he is a very high-ranking demon, (apparenlty his abilities expanded vastly after the fall). And Hell Cocytus is such a fun place to make friends that I’m really not surprised Lucifer and Azazel became pals. 


I really love Azazel lol. His character is quite consistent with his prototype, but I hope he’ll have a happy ending instead. I’m really looking forward to learn more about his past (and Lucifer’s).

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what's your process for creating/designing your material? how do you get the images looking so nice and similar to the handbooks?

Thank you for the ask! I have a post on how I make my monsters, here. I use a somewhat similar process for magic items, and make my races using Musicus homebrew’s guide. 

Overall, it can be summed up in a process of coming up with an idea, figuring out what I want it to do and what other uses it should have, drafting a stat block, playtesting, and rinsing and repeating if I don’t get the desired results (though sometimes it is necessary to tweak the concept rather than the statistics). 

For example, with my Pyr Hag, my initial idea was for a desert-themed hag. I wanted it to be one of the tougher hags, like the two in Volo’s Guide, so I geared it towards a medium CR and gave it some powerful spellcasting. It didn’t exactly seem like a melee fighter (hags don’t seem to prefer hack-and-slash), so I left its close-range attacks pretty plain. It isn’t even supposed to be a creature that is fought, necessarily, because of the nature of hags. Originally, she also had the spell Earthquake and the ability to teleport. It was a bit much, so I later removed them.

As for formatting, I use the resources from this post, though I only have the background, borders, margins, and brushes. Because of this, I only use them to make monsters and races (though I make stat blocks in Genius Inc’s monster maker). 

This is what my monsters look like before I get them their own fancy pages:

My foraging guides and magic items are made with the Homebrewery and edited in photoshop afterwards. 

Hopefully this answered your questions! 

In the Sight of the Public, Always

In the meantime while @neko-puff is occupied, I’m going to share a little scene based on her CyberTube AU. I hope I did well!

Also spoilers warning: This story may hint or reveal some undisclosed information about CyberTube. Read at your own discretion! 

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Ollie's Character Builds: Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

(This is part of a series where I build characters under fifth edition rules for play in the Adventurer’s League.)

Taking a break from superheroes, I went with Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad from the Assassin’s Creed series. Unfortunately, I did not write down who suggested this to me but whoever you are, thank you, because this was a lot of fun to do. 


Level: 11

Race: Human (Variant)

Class: Paladin (Vengeance) 4 / Monk (Open Hand) 3 / Rogue (Assassin) 4

Stats: Str (13) | Dex (16) | Con (11) | Int (8) | Wis (16) | Cha (13)

Background: Acolyte

Most would probably argue that a monk, paladin, and rogue multiclass is terrible news but, while it did have its challenges, it is a very interesting class that was a lot of fun to create and play around with. 

The reason for the difficulty is stats. The first go around, I myself made a few missteps, but I was able to work it out (thanks to some help from my followers). When multiclassing, you must meet the prerequisites for all classes you are going both in and out of. This means you need Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, and Charisma to all be above 13. Now, while some stats may not be as high as they would if you could focus on two primary stats, this class can work.

Starting out with the following stats:
Str 13 | Dex 14 + 1 (racial) | Con 11 | Int 8 | Wis 14 + 1 (racial) | Cha 13

With one ability score bump (as the first bump was used to take the alert feat):
Str 13 | Dex 15 + 1 (bump) | Con 11 | Int 8 | Wis 15 + 1 (bump) | Cha 13

Now, the reasoning behind the classes is both about the powers and the flavor of the charater. With Paladins getting things like Divine Sense (a good analog for the Eagle Vision) and certain Vengeance powers, added to the fact that the Assassin’s Creed is very Paladin-seeming in their oath and devotion to the Order as well as being religion-centered. The Assassin Rogue was a given, no surprise there. Then the Open Hand Monk also seemed pretty straightforward by the fact that the Assassin’s use a lot of hand-to-hand combat and are ridiculously quick, getting in a ton of hits before the enemy even gets a single one.

Our Altaïr has, without any armor (which is what the character sheet is set as), an Armor Class of 16, which is nothing to scoff at. And that is without using the Defensive Duelist feat or the Monk’s Deflect Missiles ability.

An attack from stealth, using monk unarmed strike and a flurry of blows, and a divine smite could look like this (also note he would have advantage from sneak or Assassinate):

Shortsword: +7; Hit (1d6 + 2d8 [Smite] + 2d6 [Sneak Attack]) X 2 for all dice [Assassinate / Auto Crit]  + 5 [Dex + Dueling]
Unarmed Strike 1: 1d4 + 1d4 [Auto Crit] + 3
Unarmed Strike 2: 1d4 + 1d4 [Auto Crit] + 3

Feats: Defensive Duelist / Alert
Defensive Duelist is one of my favorite feats for a melee fighter and is certainly something any Assassin should have, especially with no armor. Alert gives a lot to initiative, ensures you aren’t surprised unless sleeping/unconscious, and that hidden creatures don’t get advantage on you.

Character Sheet: Click Here

Kallus vs Thrawn Fight

Okay. So I was, because reasons, rewatching the Kallus vs Thrawn fight from “Zero Hour” and also the Kallus vs Zeb fight from “Droids in Distress”, along with other bits and pieces like the fight at the start of “The Honorable Ones”, and I’m kind of thinking that it makes an awful lot of sense for Thrawn to have cleaned Kallus’ clock in close quarter combat?

And not even necessarily by being technically the better fighter, either, I know nothing about fighting so I couldn’t judge that at all, but because Thrawn was taking advantage of a clear set of habits Kallus has that Thrawn doesn’t. That comment Thrawn made, about Kallus being ‘limited by his training’ and 'predictable’? Just judging by several of the fights we see him in, that actually is true. Well. Not by training, necessarily, but definitely by his experience and usual choice of opponents.

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Tales of Zestiria the X Ep 24 Review

Alright, so last week left us with a dead Dezel, me downing 2 cups of green tea latte in pure rage (Velvet would have been so proud), and this week is the not-finale.  *sigh*  Damn it, ufotable.  Are we doing the drinking game again this week?  Of course we’re doing the drinking game again.  How else am I supposed to get through this week’s episode without it?  Besides, I have today and tomorrow off, so at least I can go on a proper murdering rampage in Berseria after this, lol.  Once more, the rules, and they are entirely subjective:

  • If it irritates me, I take a sip - usually it’s things like, Seraphim in the background.
  • If it pisses me off, I take a gulp - single voice arte call outs, Azure Assault Doesn’t Work That Way, you get the idea.
  • If it makes me table-flipping mad, I empty the cup - past things that have triggered this response: Sorey purifying a dragon, Alisha successfully armatizing, generally having Sorey’s dream be not properly represented (co-existence as Sorey wants it to be is more than just humans getting along while the Seraphim stand off to the side), Dezel’s sacrifice - you get the idea.

Join in if you’d like, I highly recommend doing this with a non-alcholic beverage, especially if you’re anywhere near as frustrated with the anime as I am.

TL;DR: Glass got emptied three times this time around (look, ufotable, your scriptwriter is terrible, I get it.  Can they just stop trying to outdo themselves?), and I’m pretty sure the first half of this episode could have been done in Pendrago.  Because all of that exposition needed to have happened sooner.  And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m even more pissed off than Velvet in the middle of her Break Soul, so I’m going to wander off to play Berseria to take it all out on the daemons over there.

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If she's built for fighting, she really doesn't have the attitude at all. She flies away from the flashback fight before Bismuth hits her while wearing a worried expression, and in Jailbreak she flies away from an upcoming confrontation before Jasper grabs her leg and pulls her down. Compared to holly blue , another blue aristocrat who isn't shy about 'doing it herself'. In general most of the fight gems like fighting, even rose(if we assume she's indeed a Quartz) so why wouldn't Lapis?

…Pardon my attitude, but, it isn’t as if Holly Blue is a close-quarters melee fighter, while Lapis seems to fight at medium to long range, so as a result we usually see Lapis fall back or try to escape when someone is getting really close to her, while she is much more confident about holding her own if she has the advantage of range, which is a good strategy that makes perfect sense for a longer-range fighter who is probably much less of a melee combatant.

Or, y’know, like we actively see Lapis repeatedly and aggressively applying tactics to the tune of “keep hostile entities The Hell Away From Self And Allies” such as intercepting the Roaming Eye in Barn Mates, or fighting from the top of the ocean tower in Ocean Gem.

Lapis tried to evade Bismuth and Jasper, both of whom were practically right on top of her. With Jasper, as soon as Jasper crossed a line, Lapis intentionally manipulated her to turn the situation in Lapis’s advantage and punish Jasper for a transgression, which is not the behavior of someone who doesn’t think she can hold her own against Jasper. And we later see in Alone At Sea Lapis has no qualms taking Jasper out with a one-hit punch powerful enough to sink the ship.

We’ve also seen that Lapis had no qualms putting her back, with her gem, to Garnet and calmly, slowly walking away into the sea with Garnet rushing her, which tells us something important, I think: Lapis only tries to flee a close-range opponent if she’s not confident she can get water in the way and intercept them fast enough. In Jailbreak, Jasper was between Lapis and the ocean. In Same Old World, it seemed like Bismuth engaged Lapis in a dry area- very likely the Beta Kindergarten which is in the middle of the desert.

Fighting styles

In their line of work, combat is inevitable. Our heroes have made a great many enemies, and they need to fight them off on a worryingly regular basis. They can use a variety of weapons or, in the case of most of them, demonstrate a proficiency in close combat.

Artemis is… useless. He has no training that he gave a damn about, and he has been negatively compared to kittens in terms of strength. He can shoot, but no one has trusted him with a gun. He did once manage to hit someone existing in a completely different time frame, though, so he’s got that.

Holly is incredibly dangerous, armed with advanced weapons and often clad in strong armour. She can use any infantry weapon made by Fairies, from pistols to rocket launchers and even high-frequency magnetic blades. Her typical combat load out nowadays includes four guns: Two Neutrino pistols modified for improved performance and balanced for dual wielding, a pulse rifle capable of putting down intense storms of firepower, and a small hold out pistol strapped to her boot. She also carries an assortment of grenades and other explosives, including munitions for her rifle’s launcher. In CQC, she will bring out her buzz baton and move in for quick, impressive blows. She will dodge enemy attacks and deliver her own with any advantage she can take. Holly will utilise her wing pack to give her an edge in manoeuvrability, allowing her to boost around a room, gain a superior angle, or even throw herself at an opponent. This is also why she likes to use twin pistols, as they give her more freedom to move her arms in flight. An iconic image of Holly that has made the rounds on the Fairy internet shows her delivering a powerful knee to an enraged Demon’s face by way of wing pack boosting. The photo was taken from footage recorded by a LEP officer involved in the incident, and it had perfect framing to show the hit. It has since become known as ‘The Knee of Justice’, and it has been edited into many different memes and photos.

Butler is quite possibly the most dangerous Human alive. His sheer size, reach, and speed make it suicidal to face him in a straight fight, and that is before you get to the arsenal that he inevitably has on his person. Trained by the Blue Diamond bodyguard academy, Butler can operate and maintain every kind of man-portable weapon made by Humans, and if he encounters something his training didn’t cover, he can very quickly learn to use it regardless. His favourite weapon is a modified Sig Sauer 9mm pistol, chosen for a balance of size, firepower, accuracy, and recoil control. The gun is very dear to him, and he carries it even when it loses effectiveness against well-equipped foes. A multitude of other weapons can be found on Butler at any one time, although the loadout changes based on the mission parameters. In unarmed combat, he is extremely efficient, using exactly the right amount of force needed to put down his targets. Given his hulking stature, Butler’s speed is very disconcerting. He does have a hidden flair for the dramatic, however, if the situation demands it. He can make his attacks much more flashy and physically impressive, at the expense of efficiency, which is perfect for intimidation or distraction. Butler has combat experience from all over the planet, fighting every conceivable foe, from mercenaries in the Amazon to terrorists in the Balkans. He is a legend in the protection profession, and a ghost story to more than one isolated tribe. 

Juliet has much the same training as Butler, but she is far more dramatic in her style. This is a tendency that persisted through her Blue Diamond training, and it does lead her to unconventional and unexpected moves, utilising the environment itself as a weapon. She has extensive weapons training and has full knowledge of assault and defence tactics, but she forwent the finalisation of her regime to instead go independent, eventually becoming a high-profile wrestler under the alias ‘Jade Princess’. Her combat proficiency did not wither during her dramatised and fake-fight-filled wrestling career, and eventually she returned to the Fowls to help raise and protect Beckett and Myles. Many of her attacks are modified wrestling moves, designed to down and restrain targets with at least a modicum of style.

Trouble is of a heftier build than Holly, able to use his strength to his advantage. Having gone through the same training as her, he carries a similar range of weapons, preferring heavier equipment to her lightweight Recon weaponry. As the leader of Retrieval One, he utilised an assault rifle equipped with a wide aperture barrel, a configuration known as the ‘Sweeper’, thanks to its ability to clear rooms with only a few shots. Along with that, he has a penchant for carrying as many weapons as he deems necessary, which can be quite a large number. He once headed into the field with no less than five pistols on his person in a series of jury-rigged holsters. In close combat, he will use a buzz baton and standard LEP martial arts techniques, along with a few powerful charges in a style he calls “Crashin’ and Bashin’.”

Root carried a vintage model tri-barrel hand cannon of a blaster, designed for maximum power output with a water cooled assembly. This made it quite a heavy weapon for its size, but Root was able to wield it as if it was a much lighter gun, using its multiple firing modes for maximum effect. It could sequentially fire all three barrels for a high rate of fire or shoot a powerful blast from them all at once. It is common practice amongst veteran officers to use the older model weapons that they were first issued with, as they feel most familiar with them. This draws parallels to Human cops, as some older officers still carry the service revolvers that have long since been superseded by magazine fed varieties. In CQC, Root would fight in much the same way that Trouble does, barging into hostiles and not being afraid to fight dirty. 

The LEP’s single most highly skilled melee fighter may well be the officer known as Waratah Brownik, a tall and strong Elf with a preference for getting up close and personal. Her fighting style shifts as the situation demands, but usually it can be described as a mix between Holly’s agile dodging and quick strikes and Trouble’s powerful slams. Waratah can fight off multiple opponents with ease, redirecting their attacks into each other and tossing them around with throws and kicks. The use of the powered armour augmentation to standard LEP armour only enhances her speed and power. At range, she will use a Neutrino assault rifle, although its stock has seen a few faces in its time.

Foaly is not exactly capable in a fight, being only support staff. He can deploy droids and hack enemy systems, but is otherwise vulnerable. His wife, Caballine, is highly proficient in the Centaur martial art ‘Nine Sticks’, which uses every appendage of a Centaur’s body and a staff to cover every angle in a fight, which makes it well suited to defending against multiple aggressors. 

Mulch avoids combat where possible, as ideally he will be in and out before anyone notices. In the event of discovery in an area with no escape routes, though, he can use his arsenal of native Dwarf abilities, most notably his gigantic mouth. Amusingly, farts play an important role in his survival techniques, disorientating and straight up throwing enemies away.

Number One is the most powerful magic wielder on Earth. He has mastered techniques that take lifetimes to perfect and appears to be incapable of running out of magic, as his core recharges as fast as it can be depleted. He is a bit of a pacifist, due to experiences with other Demons, but he understands the value of self defence. This has led him to research and practice the art of magical combat, which has fallen out of favour as technology advances. Number One is able to fire off bolts of blue magical energy of varying potencies and effects. He can pierce armour, hit entire groups in one shot, cause burns, and stun targets. He is effectively a walking blaster cannon. He can also use magical telekinesis to manipulate objects and move enemies anywhere he wants, and he is able to project protective shield barriers of varying types. They can form a wall to block incoming fire from one direction or create a dome for every angle. Number One possesses enough control to even be able to wrap a shield around himself. One of his most useful abilities is to recharge another magic user’s supply through the use of ancient transferal techniques, keeping them in the fight for longer. He does not carry conventional weapons, having voiced his intentions to be a purely magical combatant.