melee fighter


Been waiting for another lady fight! :3 Those are some smooth animations!


So today i beat Hyper Light Drifter and I loved this game to bits ! I can’t wait to play it more and try to find everything.

And of course i started to think of some of my (and @shuuzaar‘s) ocs in this universe, so here’s Anank !

(the image is scaled to 150% here !)

I’ve been interested in Rouge’s VideoGame concept so I decided to create my melee fighter C.S.M 81

People usually call him 81, he is an ambivert and LOVES gatherings. Sadly he worries that he might scare people and remains reserved. He communicates by displaying words and emoticons on his face, 81 does get flustered easily due to his lack of interaction with others. 81 dashes and tears through enemies with his plasmatic arms, fragile but conflicts massive damage upon the enemy. Most of his attacks are fatal.

VG!81 by me
VG concept by @blogthegreatrouge

This an oc of mine I’ve been developing lately… She is a Dalish elf that was banished from the clan at a young age because she did not believed in the Ancient Gods and was a huge troublemaker.. Hence the missing Vallaslin.

Atriel is a rougue and archer, mostly self taught also a hell of a melee fighter cause she has a lot of inner rage.

Travels mostly by foot, half of the time she is a lucid Drunk, and the other half she works as a mercenary. 

She Joined the inquisition mostly because she was bored with her daily life.

New DR OCs

They are team SLOMA from branch 14 They will appear in Tanaka’s Monsters of Despair.

First, the leader of the team: Shizu. a big bearded man with short brown hair and green eyes. He also have a big scar on his left cheek. Good guy, smiling a lot
Then we have Lazaro. he is a bit shorter than Togami, has long spiky black hair and blue eyes, his face is empty of any kind of scars and looks like a hero of a fantasy game He’s bomber and melee fighter (almost as strong as Sakakura He always loves to joke around but can be very serious too
Then it’s Maya. She’s the sniper and rescuer. Not afraid of danger she has short blonde hair and a cute smile she also has purple eyes. She looks her age: mid twenties. And the many scars on her face and neck shows how trained and serious about her job she is. But even with her scars, she looks pretty. She’s very nice and loves to help
Then we have Akeb. The pilot. He’s very good with chopper armaments and a good aerial support He always wears his helmet and have a short beard Very optimistic
Finally we have Oscar. A strong soldier no specialist also medic. This man on the other hand looks done with life with all the bags under his eyes. He has silver hair, red eyes and a goatee. He always smokes but even if he looks like a bad guy, he really loves his team and would do anything to keep them alive.

I hope you guys will like them.


Happy Birthday to Axl Monahan! 

Some Info:

  • Rifle and Dual Axe Berserker
  • 29 years old
  • A Sergeant in The Vigil 
    • He promotes to Warmaster later
  • One of the deadliest melee fighters in The Vigil
  • Is currently in a relationship with Baer Mourningson, a Captain in The Vigil
    • Axl spent 3 years secretly harboring his feelings for Baer. The first 2 years could be described as a major crush, but by the 3rd year Axl was firmly in love with the norn and severely irritated by it.
  • Axl’s past is pretty dark and it keeps him from being able to fully enjoy his relationship with Baer
  • His best friend is a sylvari named Quinryn.
    • She is the only person who knows about his past so far. 
  • Can be extremely gruff but the soldiers respect him. 
  • His only nickname so far is Battleaxe (only Quin calls him this).
  • He and Quin occasionally go drinking together and he remembers why he shouldn’t go with her