Being possibly the biggest profile in the world, - I guess Princess Diana matches you - you read all these amazing stories about Michael Jackson. I mean, I don’t know whether they’re true or not. You read that Michael Jackson’s a weirdo, you read that Michael Jackson’s bizarre, you read that he’s done this, he’s done that. Now, I know some of those stories are not true […] but how do you cope? How do you feel about all the stories that are written about you? - Molly Meldrum, 1996

The Skookum Cast

During a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization expedition to Skookum Meadows, Washington, a cast was taken of what is thought to be a partial body impression of Bigfoot. The cast was taken on September 22, 2000. 

The imprint measures 3.5 feet by 5 feet, and is thought to have been made by something that weighed about 400 pounds. Hair was also found in the cast, and 17 inch long footprints were found nearby. 

The casts were studied by Jeff Meldrum, an anthropologist from Idaho State University. He feels they match his hypothetical models of Bigfoot feet. Other Bigfoot enthusiasts also feel the casts are authentic, and are excellent pieces of evidence in the search for Sasquatch. 

“I have come to make you better,
I have come to take you away.”

Anon request: Stevie talking about her fans.

“For your own knowledge, if you ever think that you don’t matter, I want to tell you something. To me, you’re the only thing in the whole world that matters.” - US Festival, 1983.

“So this is like for me a very special time, because I feel wild, I’m very wild and so is my audience and there is that incredible … We are all in love, everybody’s in love and I feel it when I walk out on stage and they feel it… And its like, you know, it’s really deep and very much all consuming for me. I said a long time ago, I would not hedge. If I was going to be a writer I was going to write down the truth. I wasn’t going to name names and be unkind, but I was going to tell the truth. I don’t have any reason to not, and if I am going to write and I going to make these songs experiences that I know everyone of you have had, that when you have that experience and you hear that song, you’ll click into it and you will know exactly what I am talking about. And, those are the only people I care about, the people that understand that, if you read between my lines. No one knows unless you really look. That’s the people I write for, because someone needs to write about what is happening to all of us.” - MTV Interview, 1983.

“I would just like them to know how much I care about them. And to know that it’s not hard to give up the rest of my life for them because it’s what I want and I just want them to be happy and feel good. And I wanna enhance their life a little bit..” - MTV Interview, 1983.   

“I am in love with the people that I write songs for. My love is donated and dedicated completely to my audience. It’s very difficult for me to give. You know when I walk out on the stage it’s like that’s when I’m really me. When I walk home and go back into my hotel room, I don’t even want to talk about anything else, you know. In my heart, the love that I have for the people that I play for and write songs for, those kids that I jump off the stage and attack security… That they matter so much to me that’s it’s difficult for anything else to matter to me. I’m not willing to compromise. Anything that comes into my life is a compromise to me. I don’t even, I can’t go to the dentist or the doctor or anything because I have no time. So anything that comes into my life is a compromise, except my singing and my being there for rehearsal and my being there on Monday morning for that airplane and I am into the sea Tuesday night. You know that’s that Jim. That’s it. That’s the end. - Jim Ladd Interview, 1983.

“The people who listen to me sing, the kids in Australia, the kids in the United States, the kids in Europe, anybody… My friends, you, anybody who wants me to sit down and sing for them. That makes it worth it.” - The Meldrum Tapes Interview, 1986.

“When I look at the audience out there, it’s like I’m looking at my children.” - Record Mirror, May, 1989.

“Sometimes I’ll be sitting in an airport or someplace, waiting, absolutely exhausted, maybe I’m late for a rehearsal or something, and all I really want to do is be alone at home reading in a bubble bath. I’ll be just about to completely lose it when some shy person will carefully approach me and tell me about how much a certain song of mine helped them though a crisis or a time in their own life… That’s exactly what makes it all worth it. It’s all about love, and trust, and acceptance, and it is completely priceless.” 1994

“Well, you know, let’s see what is my relationship the fans? It’s everything, it is everything for me you know to know that people love my music, is like you know… It completes my life, it gives my life closure and makes me understand what all this has been for.“ - WMGK Radio, July, 1998

"Once I write a song that connects with people, they don’t ever forget that connection. So I think a lot of connections were made in the very, very beginning that made it last through now. Because those were such strong ties that were made then, that they just were never broken.” - VH1 Behind The Music, 1998.

“I just want to affect people, I just wanna get… And I get little notes and they’re all in my journals, you know, just like what you just said, a little note written on a paper that’s just signed “love, Amber”, and I never get to see Amber or talk with her in person but I have that little note that says “there were times in my life where I just thought I wasn’t gonna make it. It was dark; it was a dark place…” I think I get the things I’m supposed to get, of course I don’t get everything but I’ll go into my room and my assistant will have laid out like five or six things on my bed and I’ll sit there when I’m gone to bed, and I’ll sit there cross-legged and I’ll read these things. And then I’ll stick them into my journal so my journals are big anyway, but then they are like full because I have lots of things that I want to leave right where they were when I got them. I want them to be on September 19th, 2012. I wanna have them there always. I get the things I’m supposed to get and I talk to the people I’m supposed to talk to. That’s how I look at it. We are the chess pieces and somebody up there, the spirits are moving us all around and moving us together. And I’m not going away, I’m going to continue to write these poems for you as long as I can.” - Mill Valey Film Festival, October, 2012.

“I’m not married, I don’t have kids, I have a tiny little crazy dog who’s 14. I have my music that I love and what I do is I write stuff for you, that’s what I do.“ - Mill Valey Film Festival, October, 2012.

“We are not making this (In Your Dreams documentary) for us, we’re making this for you. (…) We are very, very aware as writers that you are going through the relationships that we are talking about, right along with us. It’s happening at this very moment to all of you here also, we understand that. You’re not a songwriter, we’ll write the songs for you. And we’re making you into songwriters and we’re making you experience your life also (through the songs) and that’s what a writer does. If this little movie does just a little bit of that, just reaches out and makes each one of you you sit at the desk with a pen, hopefully a pen and a piece of paper, this beautiful stationary, and writes down what happens to you and you’re doing what we are trying to do to make you do that.” - Hamptons Film Festival, October, 2012.

"We just bounce off of each other. I throw the dreams out there and you throw them back at me and that’s how we make this together. This is not anything that’s done by one person. It happens because we’re a team. And you are my team. You are. And I mean it.” - Canadian Premiere of In Your Dreams, April, 2013.

“You guys need music as much as I need to make music for you. I’m tired, but I’ll never be tired of this or of you.” - 24 Karat Gold Tour, 2016.

Okay. I want to talk about Cissy Meldrum for a minute.
Cissy Meldrum is a character in “You rang M'Lord”, a British comedy, and let me just say that she is ONE HELL OF AN AMAZING CHARACTER.
The show’s set in the late 20s. And here’s Good old Cissy:
-Openly Lesbian (well as openly as possible in the 1920s)
-Defying the strict Gender roles of the era
- Proving that no one has to conform to particular stereotypes- she enjoys wearing “Men’s Clothes” but she also enjoys wearing makeup and so she wears both because no one in hell is gonna tell her how to dress (and trust me, they TRY but do not succeed)
- Working in a birth control Clinic for women that provides contraception
-Working in a soup kitchen to provide free meals for the poor
-Being kind to the servants in the family manner and always being on their side, standing up for the mistreatment they get from the other members of the family
-Standing up against her classist and sexist family
-Openly feminist, fights for equality
-Runs for the worker’s party, gets kicked out her house because her father doesn’t want her helping the “lower classes” but she perseveres and ends up WINNING and being a member for parliament
- In one episode a man catcalls her and sexually harasses her by implying that she can use sex to pay for something. “i like Blondes.” He slurs. What does this amazing woman do? Punches him in the face!!!!
-Has a consistent girlfriend throughout the entire series
-When her bratty younger sister ruins the Maid’s dress she needs for a ball, Cissy gives her one of her sister’s best dresses
-Cissy also gives more of her dresses and hats to the Maid because she prefers men’s clothing and the Maid has very few clothes
-Cissy argues with her father when he wants to have her Grandmother and his mother in law declared not of sound mind just so he can have her money- doesn’t want her Grandmother abused like that
-Strong independent woman
-Pilots her own plane
-At the end of the series, she ends up saving pretty much everyone’s financial issues because she’s intelligent and strong and can keep her head in a crisis
Just basically… I can’t believe I haven’t raved about her because Cissy Meldrum is an absolutely amazing character and I love her a whole bunch

idk why i have a sudden interest in emma i came across the playback video and based off like the combined 27 seconds (probably) she was in the video i felt compelled to make an entire gifset for her, the video was colored so nicely i had to do it and it had to be of emma 

Violence warned over US dropping conflict minerals rule

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – Increased violence and corruption in central Africa could be the result of the recent decision by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission not to enforce a rule requiring American companies to report their use of conflict minerals, warn Congolese civic groups, rights groups and U.S. senators.

“The conflict minerals rule has played a critical role in reducing violence in mining areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” said U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, who recently signed a letter with five other Democratic senators urging the SEC to uphold the rule.

The conflict minerals reporting rule, part of the Dodd-Frank financial regulations law, has largely been successful in ensuring that minerals worth trillions of dollars don’t benefit armed rebel groups blamed for human rights abuses, a coalition of groups from Congo and southern Africa told the SEC in a series of public comments earlier this year. In an opposing view, some business groups in the U.S. dismissed the regulation as ineffective and an unnecessary burden.

In April, acting SEC chairman Michael Piwowar said his organization will no longer enforce the 2012 rule that requires companies to verify their products do not use tantalum, tin, gold or tungsten that have been mined or trafficked by armed groups in Congo and other central African countries. Although the SEC is independent from the Trump administration, Piwowar was designated as acting chairman by Trump, and the SEC’s action appears to be in line with the president’s view that the government should reduce regulations of company operations.

In addition to the SEC action, Republican legislation to roll back the Dodd-Frank law, expected to pass the House in coming weeks, would repeal the conflict minerals rule. The bill’s prospects in the Senate are unclear.

Armed rebels and criminal gangs have been funded for decades by the illicit trade in Congo’s minerals, estimated to be worth $24 trillion, according to the U.N. The minerals are essential ingredients in smart phones, laptops, tablets and other high-tech products.

Dropping the conflict minerals rule implicitly supports conflict in the Great Lakes region, Leonard Birere, president of the Coalition of Anti-Slavery Civil Society Organizations in Goma, Congo, told The Associated Press in an email.

“The activity of the armed groups in the mining sites had decreased substantially as well as their capacity for violence” due to the conflict minerals regulation, Birere said.

Some leading American companies also support the conflict minerals regulations. “Apple believes there is little doubt that there is a need to enhance gold trading due diligence,” the company wrote in its 2016 conflict minerals report to the SEC.

The SEC’s action risks rolling back efforts to “combat human rights abuses and potential cases of conflict financing,” Carly Oboth, a policy adviser at rights group Global Witness, told the AP.

Another activist group claims the SEC chairman does not have the authority to drop the conflict minerals reporting rule.

“One commissioner cannot remove the reporting requirement unilaterally. Companies are still legally required to file conflict minerals reports and disclose their due diligence,” said Sasha Lezhnev, associate director of policy at Enough Project. “We plan on issuing a new company rankings on conflict minerals this year, and one of the criteria will be whether companies submitted complete SEC reports disclosing their full tracing, auditing, and other due diligence steps on conflict minerals.”

Congolese groups have a nuanced understanding of the conflict minerals rule. When the regulation was introduced in 2012, many U.S. companies pulled out of Congo.

“All sectors of our economy were suffocated or very nearly ground to a halt,” wrote a group of 31 civic organizations in eastern Congo to the SEC. But eventually the rule helped to cut off funds for armed groups and reduce child labor in mines, according to the coalition, the Thematic Working Group on Mining and Natural Resources.

The crackdown on illicit mining succeeded in reducing opportunities for armed groups to exploit the illegal trading of minerals, according to a report last year by the U.N. panel of experts monitoring sanctions on Congo.

Eastern Congo has experienced insecurity for decades from a myriad of rebel groups. More than 16,000 U.N. peacekeepers are based in the Congo with one of the world’s most aggressive mandates to defeat militia groups.

The conflict minerals rule “undoubtedly contributes to reducing the rate of crime and human rights violations, including rape of women and exploitation of children in mining areas,” 41 Congo-based non-profit organizations related to natural resources wrote to the SEC . “All these efforts and progress will be destroyed if the U.S. government decides to contradict itself.”


Associated Press writers Marcy Gordon in Washington and Andrew Meldrum in Johannesburg contributed.

FIC REC So I just finished reading the last 3 chapters of Better Than Okay by @anogete and I think it’s ruined me… This fic is now in my top 10, probably even top 5 of WinterShock fics I’ve read. If by some miracle you’ve just spsnt the lsst 3 weeks in jail, or hell, or you just woke up from a coma and haven’t read it yet? In the immortal words of the eternal Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum, ‘do yourself a favour’, GO READ IT NOW!!!

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(Actual conversation. Note, this person had owned this cat for the last seven years.)

Me: Hi, this is *me* calling from the vet clinic. Molly’s fine, but I just wanted to clarify…you put Molly down as female. Did you know he’s a male?

Owner: What, sorry?

Me: Molly is a boy. Did you know?

Owner: But she’s my little girl! how can she be a boy?

Me: Ma'am, Molly has a penis.

Owner: Are you sure?

Me: Yes ma'am. Molly is definitely a boy.

Owner: Oh…Nobody’s ever mentioned this before.

Me: Well Molly is very fluffy. He’s still the same cat though.

Owner: But what will I do? Molly’s a girl’s name!

Me: Well… what about Molly Meldrum?

Owner: Oh yes, Molly Meldrum. Oh thank you doctor!


On the Trail of Bigfoot’: A 2012 documentary that focuses on the legend of the elusive cryptid.

This reality doc features brief interviews with Dr. John Bindernagel, Researcher John Green, and Professor Jeff Meldrum. Also included are witness testimonies, skeptic theories, and looks into the controversial ‘kill or no kill’ debate.

Run time: 50min 31sec

-The Pine Barrens Institute