Okay. I want to talk about Cissy Meldrum for a minute.
Cissy Meldrum is a character in “You rang M'Lord”, a British comedy, and let me just say that she is ONE HELL OF AN AMAZING CHARACTER.
The show’s set in the late 20s. And here’s Good old Cissy:
-Openly Lesbian (well as openly as possible in the 1920s)
-Defying the strict Gender roles of the era
- Proving that no one has to conform to particular stereotypes- she enjoys wearing “Men’s Clothes” but she also enjoys wearing makeup and so she wears both because no one in hell is gonna tell her how to dress (and trust me, they TRY but do not succeed)
- Working in a birth control Clinic for women that provides contraception
-Working in a soup kitchen to provide free meals for the poor
-Being kind to the servants in the family manner and always being on their side, standing up for the mistreatment they get from the other members of the family
-Standing up against her classist and sexist family
-Openly feminist, fights for equality
-Runs for the worker’s party, gets kicked out her house because her father doesn’t want her helping the “lower classes” but she perseveres and ends up WINNING and being a member for parliament
- In one episode a man catcalls her and sexually harasses her by implying that she can use sex to pay for something. “i like Blondes.” He slurs. What does this amazing woman do? Punches him in the face!!!!
-Has a consistent girlfriend throughout the entire series
-When her bratty younger sister ruins the Maid’s dress she needs for a ball, Cissy gives her one of her sister’s best dresses
-Cissy also gives more of her dresses and hats to the Maid because she prefers men’s clothing and the Maid has very few clothes
-Cissy argues with her father when he wants to have her Grandmother and his mother in law declared not of sound mind just so he can have her money- doesn’t want her Grandmother abused like that
-Strong independent woman
-Pilots her own plane
-At the end of the series, she ends up saving pretty much everyone’s financial issues because she’s intelligent and strong and can keep her head in a crisis
Just basically… I can’t believe I haven’t raved about her because Cissy Meldrum is an absolutely amazing character and I love her a whole bunch

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Extraordinarily Rare & Historic Helfricht Engraved & Gold Inlaid Colt Single Action Army Revolver Presented to “Bad Good Guy” Robert D. Meldrum from the Tomboy Gold Mining Company of Telluride Colorado. Meldrum killed at least 14 men during his lifetime.

Háh! Álmomban elcsábítottam egy férfit. Mondjuk mivel szobalány voltam a Meldrum családban, a célszemély pedig Teddy úrfi, ezért némiképp lejtett a pálya

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The way she tells Meldrum the story of the two white Cadillacs and her and Lindsey just going "these people are strange" never fails to make me laugh 😂😂😂 I can totally see that happening.

It’s so adorable. I love how she lights up during some of those early days stories, actually. Also the irony of STEVIE calling *them* strange, though… 😍

Somnio: The Way We See It

Art Book Layout + Design

This project was presented to me by a diversely talented bunch, who organize themselves as TiPSY Press, a collaboration between four artists currently living in Edmonton; three poets and a printmaker. I thought, what a lovely party to play a part with. 

The three poets, Pushpa Acharya, Sharmila Pokharel, and Yukari Meldrum exchanged words with each other and Tiffany Adair, a wildly talented print maker and artist. In turn, they translated and interpreted each others work and created original pieces in response. What came out was a collection of 19 images, (primarily lithographs) and 42 poems that span the English, Nepali, and Japanese languages.

They needed help in bringing the pieces together in a cohesive and digestible way so it could be presented in book format. I had worked with Tiffany previously with the design of the UofA, 2014 Bachelor of Arts graduates catalogue and exhibition, Affinities,and was all in when she asked me if I wanted to be a part of their creation. So we chatted, worked out the details and scope, and got to work.

My main creative focus for this collection was to have my design disappear. Tiffany’s works are beautiful, and detailed, and intricate; simultaneously dreamy and harsh. Combined with the flow and aesthetic of the letter-forms, there was plenty of visual information to take in already and I didn’t want to distract or detract from this. Minimal titles and labeling, abandoning the serifs on the letter forms, plenty of white space, and the removal of any unnecessary flourish or ornamentation. What came out was something that we were all proud of and excited to be a part of. A 68-page art book that could be distributed and consumed by whomever gets their hands on it. Don’t you just love it when the ending is all squishy and happy?

If you would like to get your own copy of, or learn more about Somnio: The Way We See It, or TiPSY Press, check out their website at

And check out the artists websites at:

Tiffany Adair
Pushpa Acharya
Sharmila Pokharel
Yukari Meldrum


Many thanks all. This was a ball!

Loved catching up with Ben Gerrard who is playing Caroline Jenkins (a transgendered character) in the Molly Meldrum TV movie for channel 7 @foxtel @arenatv @rhomelbourne

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Speaking of mentionitis: have you seen the Molly Meldrum interview from 86? She mentions Lindsey A LOT. It was in Australia right before she went to rehab and she really seemed to be thinking of him at that point. She was in rough shape so it's touching to think that in one of her lowest moments, thoughts of Lindsey were a comfort to her. She really falls back on him sometimes. Sounds cheesy but I'm genuinely glad they have each other.

I have done, yep! It also now strikes me as VERY weird that I’ve known who Molly is (#aussiesrepresent) for soooo many more years than I’ve known about Stevie, lol. That ‘falling back on him’ is now just making me think of how fitting it was that she choose to cover Cry Wolf for her first album after he left the band……

Find yourself somebody new
To catch you when you fall
‘Cause I got just one thing to say to you
And, baby, that’s all…

When you cry wolf
Once too often
You cry wolf
No, I won’t come knockin’
You cry wolf
I won’t hear you…

And yes. She has said he’s her first phone call when shit happens, when people they love die. He’s her ‘oldest and dearest friend’, even though they’ll apparently never be friends, ahem. I have no doubt he was there for her when her parents died, and that he can be relied upon. And I’m sure she knows it. I think he gives her confidence and strength. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it within herself but I think he has that power, too. 


Does Bigfoot Live In The Mountains Surrounding Pocatello?

In 2012, a video was released depicting a large black figure on a cliff at West Fork Mink Creek south of Pocatello.

Though the black mass only appears for a few seconds, it was enough to grab the attention of many Bigfoot researchers.

“It was quite intriguing because they saw a figure that walked into the cover of the trees once it realized it was being watched,” said Dr. Jeff Meldrum, an Idaho State University professor and a noted Bigfoot researcher.

One of the witnesses took a photo of a footprint in the snow. Researchers noted that this print was very similar to one that was found in 1967 close to where the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film was shot. This film, some Bigfoot scholars claim, depicts Bigfoot walking in a wooded area in California. Others claim the film depicts a guy in an ape suit.

Source:  Idaho State Journal