With just four more shopping days to go until Christmas we’ve got one more selection of gift ideas to get this season’s gift shopping over and done with.

For our last installment we thought we’d leave you with a selection of gifts for your more important people in your life, with a Christmas gifts coming in at $400 and over. Now that you’re all ready and your presents are all wrapped up all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy some well-earned time with your friends and family. 

From left to right we have:

Norse Projects Birk Sailor Jacket in Navy - $459
Parabellum Medicine Man Duffle Bag in Pumpkin - $2600
Yuketen Stripe Wool Tote in Black - $549
Yuketen Dress Chukka in Blue - $499
Yuketen 5 Eye Maine Guide Boot in Quatro - $639
Sunny Sports Fisherman Jacket in Black - $499
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