melbourne panels

some things that amy said during her panel at melbourne supanova re: poi

  • we get a lot of flashbacks in s5 but unfortunately nothing with root she seemed genuinely bummed she hasn’t ever gotten to do those kind of scenes and she said she basically wants to do a prequel show about root (like what better call saul is for breaking bad was her specific example)
  • she said if anyone thought the show was gonna get remotely normal again that’s not happening and it goes full sci fi 
  • she got asked what would happen if illyria and root were stuck in a room together and said that you would think illyria would win based off raw power but root has the machine on her side so it would be an interesting fight 
  • she reiterated that root’s struggle this season is very much between saving the machine or saving shaw and if saving either of them is worth having if she doesn’t have the other (also that this leads to tension and loyalties being tested), that mr. bearinstien was her favourite alias to play and that sarah is very violent and somtimes hurt her when they had fighting/physical scenes
  • she was asked about working with michael and said that maybe the saddest thing about the show ending is that she won’t get to work with him anymore and she said if she had to choose one actor to work with for the rest of her career she’d choose him
  • and when asked what the most challenging thing/scene she has ever had to do is she said she didn’t think she could answer without spoiling s5 of poi
Remembering Monty

It’s difficult to find words worthy of Monty Oum. They probably don’t exist, in fact. Maybe in German, where they have words for emotions other languages don’t know how to describe. That’s what I feel when I think about the profound impact knowing Monty has had on me: feelings beyond description.

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