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#AHBL8 Jared et Jensen Q/R Panel Dimanche
  • Jared raconte qu'il a frappé Jensen au visage pendant une scène dernièrement. C'est arrivé accidentellement pendant un entraînement.
  • Jared rejoue une des videos préférées de Jensen. Un joueur de foot qui tombe. Il perd une de ses chaussures et lance son fameux “I lost my shoe”. Jared a volé ses chaussettes sur le tournage. 
  • Family Business Beer. Actuellement 412 fûts produits. La brasserie devrait ouvrir cet été. 
  • Que penseraient Sam et Dean des tartes australiennes à la viande ? Jared récite le nombre Pi.
    Jensen : Dean se moque du type de tarte. 
  • Vous n'en avez jamais marre l'un de l'autre ?
    Jared : Depuis la saison 1.
    Jensen *moue* : Misha est arrivé au bon moment car cela nous a permis d'unir nos forces contre lui. 
  • S'il pouvait prendre quelque chose de la série ?
    Jared : Ruby.
    Jensen : Des chaussettes et l'impala.
    Jared piquerait 8 paires de chaussettes. 
  • Croient-ils au surnaturel ? Jensen : Oui, même si je ne n'y ai jamais été confronté. Des choses bizarres se sont produites dans ma maison, mais je me suis rappelé être le gars qui chasse les monstres à la télé :p 
    Jared parle d'astronomie et du nom des constellations. Une de ses expériences favorites a été de regarder les étoiles avec sa femme sur la plage. “Je ne suis pas un losechester" 
    Les garçons seraient partant pour une vraie enquête sur un phénomène paranormal. 
  • Fan : J'ai une question sur Baby. Jensen : lequel? Nous en avons 6.
  • Jared à Jensen : Est-ce que l'impala serait ton patronus ?
    Jensen : Tu veux dire Patron? La téquila ? 
  • Louden Swain et Jason Manns arrivent sur scène. Jared attrape une guitare, visiblement nerveux. Billy commence à jouer Free Fallin’ et Jensen se met à chanter. A la fin de la chanson toute la foule se lève. Jensen félicite Jared qui reçoit les bisous et des câlins du groupe. (video)


Okay so seeing as this has been made unavoidable I am going to address this Cory thing. You might not like it, you might not agree. I will let you make your own assumption regarding the whole thing, I am just here to report first hand, what I witnessed at Supanova Melbourne 

Okay so Cory’s Melbourne panel was shared with Mehcad Brooks (Jimmy from Supergirl). I am guessing they didn’t think Cory was a popular enough guest to have his own panel (which he was) but oh well, for the most part it was really fun. Now onto the question which was directed at Mehcad Brooks.

Question: What exactly happened between Kara and James and what are your thoughts on Sanders.

Brooks: At the end of season one we kissed but at the start of season two there was a little distance there. Here’s the thing, it’s a workplace relationship, that’s not awkward, uhh and it’s a friendship that became romantic. Sometimes these things fall apart, sometimes they do…

So that was the gist of it but during this time I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Cory. I mean he was the reason I travelled so far so of course I would soak up the chance to see him in person however during the time that Brooks spoke about workplace romances Cory was so unsettled.

As soon as the words “workplace relationship” were uttered Cory’s smile fell and his face took on this heartbreaking look. Some part of me wishes you could’ve seen it, but I’m glad you didn’t because it hurt, it still hurts. I can’t even find the words to describe it. Cory shifted in his seat and fidgeted with his fingers in the same manner that Ed does. He was so composed before this, so high spirited and then he just looked crushed.

Now I’m not here to tell you what this means. I know what it does to me and it is up to you to make your own assumptions but that look of Cory’s hasn’t left me for a second. When the panel ended and this moment was 10 minutes before that, Cory fled from stage as fast as he could with the smallest of waves. I immediately knew that last night wasn’t going to be an easy one for him and his insta story post just proved that to be true.

I hope this answers some questions. This was the only negative part of my day, there were tonnes of cute moments in the panel like Cory saying that he wants to be a dad in the sweetest voice. I will get to those later but this deserved a separate post. Feel free to discuss this with me if you like

some things that amy said during her panel at melbourne supanova re: poi

  • we get a lot of flashbacks in s5 but unfortunately nothing with root she seemed genuinely bummed she hasn’t ever gotten to do those kind of scenes and she said she basically wants to do a prequel show about root (like what better call saul is for breaking bad was her specific example)
  • she said if anyone thought the show was gonna get remotely normal again that’s not happening and it goes full sci fi 
  • she got asked what would happen if illyria and root were stuck in a room together and said that you would think illyria would win based off raw power but root has the machine on her side so it would be an interesting fight 
  • she reiterated that root’s struggle this season is very much between saving the machine or saving shaw and if saving either of them is worth having if she doesn’t have the other (also that this leads to tension and loyalties being tested), that mr. bearinstien was her favourite alias to play and that sarah is very violent and somtimes hurt her when they had fighting/physical scenes
  • she was asked about working with michael and said that maybe the saddest thing about the show ending is that she won’t get to work with him anymore and she said if she had to choose one actor to work with for the rest of her career she’d choose him
  • and when asked what the most challenging thing/scene she has ever had to do is she said she didn’t think she could answer without spoiling s5 of poi
Remembering Monty

It’s difficult to find words worthy of Monty Oum. They probably don’t exist, in fact. Maybe in German, where they have words for emotions other languages don’t know how to describe. That’s what I feel when I think about the profound impact knowing Monty has had on me: feelings beyond description.

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