melbourne mexican


The people you find and the friends you make whilst travelling can have a wonderful ripple effect on the rest of your life. Case in point: Fred, who we met while dragging ourselves up Machu Picchu, lives in Melbourne. Fred invited us to a “small dinner party” at his place which resulted in us screeching Hey Jude into the very early hours, dancing our socks off and befriending wonderfully flamboyant Mexican men.

Melbourne is excellent. During our time there, we spent five solid evenings drinking, occasionally with our fellow Englishman, George; explored the city centre; watched impromptu standup as the Comedy Festival is currently on; spied on penguins and starfish; got our culture on at the galleries; drove around Mornington Peninsula with Ian’s friend, Shane (I had to remember very quickly how to drive a manual again); watched Australian football at the MCG; ate chocolate for breakfast (thank you, Katy!), lazed in the botanical gardens with their wild cockatoos and colourful parakeets and basically tried to prevent an inevitable hangover.

We’ve made it to Sydney having beat the brain rot. More to follow soon!

- Perri