melbourne laneway
Drawing a Cafe on my coffee cup in Degraves Street, Melbourne
This is how I draw most of my cups, sometimes there is coffee in them, sometimes there is not like this one, sometimes I forget there is coffee inside and I ...

Hope you like it guys… this one will be in the book too ;)


The Confetti band rock Melbourne Laneway

Tame Impala, playing their last shows of the Currents tour, deserved their fulsome send-off, and their protracted, ecstatic build and climax in Let it Happen felt like the most “festival” moment of the day.

Not sure who took these photos BUT how awesome is a little bit of confetti!!

Melbourne Gothic
  • “Now approaching Flagstaff station”. You thought the last station was Flagstaff, wasn’t it? Flagstaff station passes. “Now approaching Flagstaff station.”
  • You entered the laneways hours ago. You turn the corner, but there is only another laneway. In desperation you run into one of the restaurants, but there’s nothing in there. Only another laneway.
  • As you cross the West Gate, there’s a Pink Lake, but no one dares look at it. The lake doesn’t like that. Not one bit.
  • The Nylex clock flashes 99:99. Then it shows 99°. Then your car explodes, in slow motion. The trees, the buildings, the people, they burn slowly, agonizingly, horrendously, trapped in this moment.
  • Hidden somewhere deep in the Melbourne Laneways, is a café. The coffee here is beyond comparison. In this café, everyone is drinking the coffee, their lives are complete here, and no one ever notices that there is no exit in this café, because no one will ever want to leave, not when the vanilla slice is so divine.
  • At St Kilda Beach, you sit with your lover, enjoying your fish and chips. The seagulls hover on the wind nearby, begging for chips, and you laugh at their acrobatics and turn to your lover. But it’s not your lover. It’s a flock of seagulls, dressed in your lover’s clothes. And they are ravenous now.
  • There is a story, often repeated, of your friend who moved to the West of Melbourne. It’s often repeated, because while everyone tells the story, no one can ever remember the friend. It’s always told drunk, because no one ever remembers the story sober.
  • When travelling with Myki, remember to touch on, and touch off. Because no one likes a freeloader. Certainly not the trams. Certainly not the trains.
  • No one knows the secret of Crown Casino’s success. But I do. It will take your money, but that’s never enough. It’ll take your happiness, but that’s never enough. Gamble with your life, though? Crown always needs more life.