melbourne italy

the signs as cities

Aries: Florence, Italy || Naples, Italy || Verona, Italy || Marseilles, France

Taurus: Dublin, Ireland || Lucerne, Switzerland || Leipzig, Germany || St. Louis, Missouri

Gemini: London, England || San Francisco, California || Versailles, France || Melbourne, Australia

Cancer: Venice, Italy || Amsterdam, Netherlands || New York, United States || Algiers, Algeria  

Leo: Rome, Italy || Prague, Czech Republic || Damascus, Syria || Hollywood, California 

Virgo: Paris, France || Boston, Massachusetts || Heidelberg, Germany || Strasbourg, France 

Libra: Vienna, Austria || Copenhagen, Denmark || Charleston, West Virginia || Lisbon, Portugal 

Scorpio: Liverpool, England || New Orleans, Louisiana || Washington D.C., United States || New Castle, New York

Sagittarius: Budapest, Hungary || Cologne, Germany || Toledo, Spain || Acapulco, Mexico 

Capricorn: Oxford, England || Boston, Massachusetts || Brussels, Belgium || Chicago, Illinois || Montreal, Canada 

Aquarius: Stockholm, Sweden || Moscow, Russia || Buenos Aires, Argentina || Salzburg, Austria   

Pisces: Casablanca, Morocco || Alexandria, Egypt || Lisbon, Portugal || Seville, Spain || Dublin, Ireland 

((rights for the information goes to the only astrology book you’ll ever need))


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i lived on a cruise ship for 46 days from melbourne, australia to rome, italy. i was without wifi and data in the middle of the indian ocean so spent my evenings listening to clean, this love and wildest dreams while taking photos of the sunset. i came home feeling so cleansed and decided i needed to take better care of myself. i think i am finally clean.