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Roman Statue of Hygeia, Greek and Roman goddess of health, cleanliness and hygiene and daughter of the god of medicine

Benjamin Ward Richardson, Hygeia, a city of Health, 1876

Royal Melbourne Hospital Cancer Centre


Yesterday our lovely members went out and bought albums to donate to the Royal Children’s hospital of Melbourne.

Various studies have been conducted worldwide regarding the use of music as a therapeutic tool, and how it improves the quality of life of patients as well as their families. One such study was undertaken where it was concluded that; upon listening to music, the environment of the hospital became less threatening, and it gave the children and their families a way to interact with one another, without the stresses of the illness that their child is facing. Another study yielded results that suggested that music had a significantly positive effect on the physiological and psychological well-being of patients.

Taylor, our team would love it if you could maybe give us a personal message for those children who spend their lives in hospitals and we want to quote your words to them on the sticky notes in the photos above! This would mean the world to us and the hospital. We want to follow your path in giving back and spreading well wishing but we wanted you to be super involved in the personal messages!

What do you say? taylorswift


Ed Sheeran visits the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.2015