melbourne hall

Vicbourne 1x03/1x05

I’d just like to point this out.

In 1x03, Brocket Hall, Victoria tells Melbourne he’s the only companion she could ever desire. He has to refuse her because he knows that they aren’t in a position to marry, though they are in love with each other. So he tells her that she must keep her heart intact for someone else and that he mates for life and everything.


You can just see how much he is suffering because of what he has to say and of course he knows that Victoria will suffer too.

So he takes her hands between his and tries not to hurt her with his words because he knows how fragile she is with her feelings. He tries to protect her once again.

Just in case this wasn’t heartbreaking enough, we have 1x05, An Ordinary Woman.

Victoria’s just married Albert and she is happy now, but she can’t completely forget her Lord M, so she calls him. And he is in so much pain I can’t even describe.

Do you see? Do you see his eyes staring into nothingness? He’s trying not to think about what he’s losing and to be happy for her

She tells him:


SHE TAKES HIS HANDS and now the situation is the opposite than in 1x03: it is Victoria who knows that he will suffer because of her and she is trying not to hurt him because she now knows how fragile HE is. 

He may seem strong and self-confident, but deep down he is actually much more fragile than she is.

And she is trying to protect him this time as he has always done for her.

last night at the 1975. matty told everyone to shut the fuck up while he was playing keyboard for ‘is there somebody who can watch you’,
and it was just dead quiet and this guy from like 2 rows behind me just stood up and screamed out 'I GOT LAID TODAY’ and matty just started slow clapping it out for him, and goes 'fucking legend’

I can’t process that this even happened😭😭😭 I put my hand on his shoulder he was looking right at me and I managed to say ‘tonight was fucking mental and I’ll see you in sydney’ he laughed and then we took photos, this shit feels so unreal and it’s amazing that just a quick encounter with him can make me so undeniably happy🌈🌈🌈


Matty Healy meeting a baby outside of Festival Hall, Melbourne - 15/1/2015

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