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@declieucafe in #sunny #gertrudestreet. I had an awesome #costarican #colombian #coffeeblend there once… Winner!

#cafe #coffee #fitzroy #melbournecoffee #melbourne #sketch #cafeonmycoffee #caffeine (at De Clieu)

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100 Days of Maya: Day 032

This little project has just gone path the one month point and I have been thinking about its future and the format of it. So a quick note that the next couple of days will be some W.I.P shots of a piece I am working on for school.

For those who are interested in a little ramble about the direction of this project find it below the keep reading section, as well as a couple more shots.

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I needed to sober up so I popped in this corner store for an espresso to find out I’m the only customer (quite likely all day), the owners are this cute elderly couple that move like a tumbleweed in a breeze and they gave me a free cake as they quibbled between themselves as to if I needed sugar and/or butter. delightful.


Journal Kitchen by Emilia Martinez