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Brighton Beach Boxes - Melbourne, Australia

Located on Dendy Street Beach, the Brighton Beach Boxes are icons of Melbourne. The beach features 82 beach boxes in total, all of which are subject to strict heritage overlays. The boxes do not have any electricity or plumbing connected, remaining as they did over 100 years ago.

The boxes cannot be rented. The local council issues annual licenses to local residents, to allow them to use the boxes on council land. They are able to use the boxes for personal purposes only. Owners are able to differentiate their beach boxes, through the use of different coloured paints, but must seek approval from council before doing so.

ID #87666

Name: Ellie
Age: 20
Country: Australia

My name is Ellie, I’m 20 years old and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia with my boyfriend. My parents and friends all live in a different state, and the rest of my family live in Leicestershire, UK. I’d love to speak to someone I can relate to, as I don’t have many people around me.
My main interests are music (grunge and metal mainly, way too many bands to be specific, but I have SO many stories about my favourite concerts!), films (bit of a junkie, I love old horror films, and anything from the 90’s, or with Keanu Reeves in it), art, and I’m in love with Seattle. The 90’s are my favourite era, I adore everything about it and I base my entire aesthetic off of Seattle in the 90’s like my favourite bands. I love to draw, I draw mostly portraiture in graphite.

I have so much I’d love to be able to share with people, as my life seems to be full of people talking about my mental health issues, I’m not ashamed, I just wish people wanted to speak to me for me. I have borderline personality disorder, depression, and both social and general anxiety.

I’d love to write snail mail, but email or IM is absolutely fine. :)

Preferences: Preferably 18+, but maybe no older than 25. Only girls please, I’d feel slightly uncomfortable talking to a male and would have a hard time connecting.