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ID #87666

Name: Ellie
Age: 20
Country: Australia

My name is Ellie, I’m 20 years old and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia with my boyfriend. My parents and friends all live in a different state, and the rest of my family live in Leicestershire, UK. I’d love to speak to someone I can relate to, as I don’t have many people around me.
My main interests are music (grunge and metal mainly, way too many bands to be specific, but I have SO many stories about my favourite concerts!), films (bit of a junkie, I love old horror films, and anything from the 90’s, or with Keanu Reeves in it), art, and I’m in love with Seattle. The 90’s are my favourite era, I adore everything about it and I base my entire aesthetic off of Seattle in the 90’s like my favourite bands. I love to draw, I draw mostly portraiture in graphite.

I have so much I’d love to be able to share with people, as my life seems to be full of people talking about my mental health issues, I’m not ashamed, I just wish people wanted to speak to me for me. I have borderline personality disorder, depression, and both social and general anxiety.

I’d love to write snail mail, but email or IM is absolutely fine. :)

Preferences: Preferably 18+, but maybe no older than 25. Only girls please, I’d feel slightly uncomfortable talking to a male and would have a hard time connecting.