the WOMEN IN COMICS FESTIVAL is this weekend! we have an amazing program lined up and we’re so heckin excited to share it with you! some of the awesome things we’re holding are a creators market both days, an amazing panel featuring hope larson, @savi-bunnyart, mandy ord and @girlrexdoor and a workshop run by @jesskittyparker

we can’t wait to see you there, it’s going to be the best everrrrrrr

I love pairing the spinach and cheese scrolls with a fresh vegetable salad at home. 😍

Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop
Ascot Vale - Melbourne - Australia

Tired. Sore. Messy hair. Late night alley way adventures in Melbourne. Been enjoying my days off with animal sanctuary visits, great food, a big sleep and people I love. I got so distracted that it is now waaaayyy past my bedtime given I am off to work again in a few hours 😴 no rest for the wicked!! ✌🏻️🍸🍴🐨
#melbourne #tired #nofilter #selfie

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