people from australian capital cities

sydney: loves either the beach or the opera house or both; probably a hipster; thinks sydney should have been the capital of australia

brisbane: lives at queen street mall; will fight anyone 2 uphold the honour of brisbane; will fight anyone in general

melbourne: “hi i’m from melb”; emo; thinks melbourne is hot in the summer

darwin: literally has to deal with crocodiles and 40°+ heat; in touch with nature or some shit

perth: likes rocks and politics (?); i’m still not entirely convinced western australia exists actually

adelaide: needs to shut up about adelaide being “australia’s shopping hub” or whatever shit fuck; probably wears scarves all year round; definitely a hipster

hobart: full of suffering; either loves or hates apples there is no inbetween; bitter

canberra: knows either too much or absolutely nothing about politics; definitely at least a bit pretentious; acts like they live in the art museum or some shit; never actually been to questacon

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Please can you post some of your favourite Matty outfits? Thanks jules, love ya Hun.

in no particular order!

sparkly jacket in auckland 2016-

leather jacket and glitter eye melbs 2016-

pink pants sydney 2016-

leather on leather head to toe saint laurent @ radio 1 2015-

double denim leicester 2015-

ugh shirt and blue jeans philly 2015-

just a boy acne hoodie, sweatpants and denim jacket, seattle 2015-

saint laurent dino jumper and creepers columbus 2015-

overalls in newcastle 2015-

moschino tee and hot pants 2015-

jwa stripe coat brighton 2015-

acne suit at reading 2014 iconic-

white on white matty christ 2014-

this leopard coat spotted once LA 2015 and never seen again-

bong night outfit 2015 because lol-

and slayer tee always because 2013 matty ♡♡♡

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mimi….you innocent flower… pure…,,,,,,,,also stop fucking kinkshaming me in my own house

Repression + resistance in Mexico: an eyewitness account

In 2014 43 students from a rural teacher training college in Ayotzinapa, in the Mexican countryside, were “disappeared” in an act involving the Mexican state, drug cartels and criminal organisations.

The case has highlighted the level of violence and impunity that prevails in the country. The movement that unfolded after their kidnapping has rocked the country.

Join Mexican student activist Omar Garcia and Australian Mexican campaigner Lourdes García Larqué for a discussion of these events of 2014 and the aftermath.

Not to be missed! get your tickets at

Omar Garcia: Omar is a Mexican student-teacher activist and survivor of the September 26 massacre and the forced disappearance of 43 students in Iguala, state of Guerrero. He will be speaking at Marxism 2016 on the military attack and disappearance of 43 Ayotzinapa students. The Rural Teachers Training College of Ayotzinapa, as well as other rural training schools, have been places for critical thinking and social struggle, therefore targeted by the state for decades.
Since the attacks, Omar Garcia has been campaign to bring justice to the victims, in light of ongoing threats and attempts to defame the students.

Lourdes García Larqué.: Lulu became active in the Mexican left as a participant in the historic 10-month student strike at the National Autonomous University in Mexico City in 1999-2000. Following the suppression of the strike she completed a Bachelor of Latin American Studies. She has been active in a range of Latin America solidarity campaigns, including for peace and justice in Colombia, and more recently as a founder of Australia in Action for Ayotzinapa. Lulu currently works as a teacher and she is a producer and presenter of the program Accent of Women on Melbourne community radio 3CR.

Getting healthier! Love my gym time!
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So the past two weeks have been…this.

Basically, after I got my offer from Sydney Uni for dentistry, I packed up everything, got an apartment in Sydney, bought furniture, signed up for gas/electricity/broadband, and moved out there from Melbourne last Tuesday. [Yes, this is the Cliff’s Notes version because reality was faarrrrr more complicated. It is HARD to move states. Really, really hard].

So I chilled in Sydney for a few days and then that Friday, after 5, I get a call from a Melbourne number. It’s from Melbourne University offering me a place for Doctor of Dental Surgery. This is completely ridiculous and unexpected because 1] I had already been rejected in November and 2] the DDS course in Melb is incredibly competitive as it’s the best in the nation+top 10 in the world. 

After staring for 5 minutes straight at the wall, I decide the logical thing to do is enrol in Melbourne Uni, rescind my Sydney Uni offer, pack up everything, break my lease, move my entire life back to Melbourne, suppress the stress.

The biggest problem is really that in coming back to Melbourne from Sydney, I came back 6 days late to the course. So I’m incredibly behind. Luckily so did about 10-15 other students who came the same time I did. (About 3 others were also in Sydney Uni dent haha).

The course itself: HAS BEEN INCREDIBLE!!! Yes, it’s difficult. We’ve already been thrown out of the comfort-zone of “theory” and into practical work. Yesterday we worked with simulators called MOOG’s in haptic labs for dental training. I didn’t do too well. Started off amazing then somehow messed up in the end as I couldn’t carve out what was needed in the simulation without hitting the ‘container’ walls. I definitely need to do something to improve my skill. I want to get great at this. All our lectures and prac work are in the Royal Dental Hospital, but our Haptics are in the Melbourne Clinic across the road. Kind of strange to dodge patients while you’re rushing to class. 

The other big thing is that I don’t know anyone :( I’ve talked to people on and off, and so many have come up and introduced themselves in the last week but I kind of wanted a “person” in the course that I could click with, study with, talk to easily. I’m telling myself it’s still too early but eh…we’ll see. It’s harder because I’m a big introvert too and prefer spending my lunch break chilling on campus, reading. I know a couple of people in 1st year med though so maybe I’ll see more of them.

I’ve survived the past week at Melbourne by drinking excessive caffeine, eating muesli bars as meals, pretending humans don’t need sleep, and at one point after a particularly bad day where I messed up, sitting alone in a cafe, staring at rain and thinking about failure and life and kebabs. (I was also hungry).