So there’s this favorite fics meme going around! (OK, I’m a bit late to the party.) And melaniehoping tagged me but also *cheated* and hit a ton of my favorites. So go read her post, I’ll wait! (I also list my favorites from her post at the end of this one.)

So, eleven memorable fics, under the cut.

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melaniehoping asked:


(re: this post, asks are still open!)

1. First impression: Oh, gosh, when did we meet — I think I was initially introduced to you as isozyme’s friend, but then we started hanging out properly… I think my first impression was general coolness and that you had good opinions about things, and then I discovered that you were also super smart and funny.

2. Truth is: I am super glad I got to know you during college, and I wish we lived closer together! and/or that you visited Chicago, like, weekly, because time with me! I mean — because family is important!

3. How likely is it that u could convince me to do a crime: I feel like you are pretty high on the “most likely to convince me to do a crime” list. Slytherin combined with lawyerly persuasiveness…

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Well of course!

5. Best feature: You rock! Um, let’s see, one thing is that you’re super badass! Like, when it comes to excellent Slytherin traits, you’re determined and resilient and smart and hardcore (as well as, you know, fun), and it is super impressive.

6. What animal do u remind me of: Cat! I think Norwegian forest cats are perfect for you. 

7. Recommend u a book/movie: Hmm, you have been really good about taking my book suggestions/already have good taste and have read most things, so I’m not sure what you haven’t read… Ditto films (although, as with isozyme, I’m rooting for Zero Effect!). Have you read much Diana Wynne Jones? I can never remember. I think you might enjoy Dark Lord of Derkholm if you haven’t read it yet? 

8. If i could take u to a place on earth it would be: Back to Illinois, of course! But also. let’s see, well, London (piggybunny12 can join us also!) because I have not been and you could be my guide to good museums!