Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like you to meet Jack Brinson…my 2013 #Prom Date. Jack is an amazing, intelligent, positive student at #Westlake HS in #ATL, who is committed to encouraging school sprit. Over the school year, Jack was persistent on twitter hitting me daily with the #MelanieForJacksPromDate campaign. After months of relentless tweets I finally responded and challenged him to provide legitimate reasons and peer support as to why I should even consider his request. Jack campaigned… Seriously. 968 signed petitions, letters of support from his family and school educators, and of course, my absolute standard of maintaining his 3.8 GPA throughout the year…. And he did. So, I kept my promise… I blocked the day on my calendar, flew to Atlanta…and here we are… Prom 2013. The lesson… You can achieve anything you set out to do… No matter how unrealistic or difficult the goal may seem. You’ll never know unless you try. Jack spoke this into existence and made me a believer as well. I hope you do too. Live your MF Life. Love. Xo

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